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lauren ashley bishop  i'm a comedian from arkansas. i live in LA. but i comede all over. my son is @seniordirtyharry

wow brazilians here are cheap on tuesdays i hope the washer is cute

haha saw this guy hiking yesterday he was so out of shape race you to the top buddy lol jk you loser

holy shit i found a place where there is no political news you guys gotta try it

lucinda was starting to regret eating through the entire 3 day weekend

some motherfucker hurt my son's leg at the dog park. don't send thoughts & prayers for him. send thoughts & prayers for me not to fuck up his owner. (totally had to google prayers to make sure i spelled that weird shit right)

my next musical, "the next four years" (this is such a specific joke if 4 of you get it i'll be happy)

uh oh looks like the sorting hat got drunk last night

otis didn't understand why some dogs kept their tongues in their mouths. didn't they realize how dumb they looked? how embarrassing for their owners.

i'd never screamed in a pet store before until i walked in this morning to find this new addition at the front door

took me like 15 hours of looking (i have a lot of dog photos on my phone) but I found the found the most uncomfortably appropriate photo of my dog to say happy valentine's day appropriately

the news is too hard for me right now but i still needed to find a way to #resist so here is a puppy in a mixing bowl #puppyresisting

valentine's day is a hard day for some people so instead i invite you to celebrate a more important holiday, my mom's birthday