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Steven Elder  📶🎋♒️

1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ more sleeps in this here ol' apartment. We move to our new house on lot 9️⃣8️⃣ this Thursday at 9️⃣ in the morn.
Oh, why did we buy a 3️⃣-story house? Oh wait, that's right, who cares! I'm going to be reclining in a lounge chair, sipping sparkling water, and exclaiming in my Thurston Howell voice, "Oh mover boy, carry that credenza to the 2️⃣nd floor and place it carefully next to my exceedingly extensive and expensive wine collection. Come now, chop chop!" 😂📶🏡🙏🏻🏜🚚📦 #atleastigettotakethedayofffromwork #itsgoingtobe90degreesonthursday #movegeddon #moveintoaroomlikesummerbreezeatnoontime #idontreallyhaveawinecollection #buttherewillbeplentyofwhining #seewhatididthere?

1️⃣ My most valuable gifts.
2️⃣ My most treasured blessing.
3️⃣ The best thing that's ever been mine. 💗♒️🙏🏻📶🍀🌌 #mychitlins #lookatherhair 👱🏻‍♀️#lookatthoseguns 🔫🔫#beautyandthebeastly #theyvegotasmilethathealsme
#howdidigetsolucky #backinblack 🖤

Until she gets better, I got her.
Step. 📶💪🏻♒️👊🏻📶🙏🏻♒️👍🏻
#always #hereandholding #hereiambreakingintoacoldhotsweat #always #shesthebravestgirliknow #whatbaldspot? #icountthisasmyworkoutfortheday #didialreadysayalways?

This girl.
This beautiful girl.
She graduated from Cosmetology school tonight.
She excelled. She exceeded.
Her classmates nicknamed her “The Book” and “Spellcheck.”
She overcame. She persisted. She prevailed.
And I am so so so proud of her.
I wish I had more time to tell her how proud of her I am.
More time to expound on just how much I like her and love her.
More time to gush over her that she’s doing great.
More time to clarify that I wish we spent more time together and that I will always be her safe place to fall.
But sometimes it feels like there’s 41 circumstances that prevent us from being together and talking.
But I hope my baby knows that I am ALWAYS here for her.
I hope she know she can turn towards me during breakdowns, during anger, during disappointments… and I will hold her and break her fall.
You heal me, Alexis Erica, even without knowing it.
You make me better.
Congratulations baby! I am beyond proud of you! 💗📶🎈👩🏼‍🎓♒️💇🏼💗

Wednesday, 6am: I have 89 emails in my inbox from students and parents wanting a schedule change. Good thing I'm SO in love with my job 💗💗
Wednesday, 1pm: my step-daughter will see a pelvic specialist at Loma Linda. I'm so grateful we get to plan doctor's appointments instead of a funeral 🙏🏻
Thursday, 9am: going to our new home orientation until 11:30am 🏠
Thursday, 11:30am: go back to work and hide from all students and parents 🙈
Thursday, 6:30pm: my daughter graduates from Citrus College's Cosmetology program. I'm SO proud of her 💇🏼🎓🙌🏻
Friday, 1pm: my step-daughter sees a spine specialist at Loma Linda 🏥👨🏼‍🔬
Friday, 7pm: Seahawks play the Vikings 💚🏈💙
Phew... busy week! 📶🎋♒️ #justbreathe #imexcitedforwhatthisweekwillbring #ihavesomuchtobegratefulfor #newheartbeatinsideofme #inhalecalm #exhalechaos #onebreathonesteponedayatatime

My step-daughter was riding in a Jeep on Saturday in Big Bear that was in an accident and rolled onto its roof.
She lost some teeth, needed her lip stitched up, and fractured her pelvis. But considering the 100,620,089 other horrible outcomes that could've happened, we are feeling pretty f**king grateful today. 🙏🏻♒️🙏🏻📶🙏🏻🎋🙏🏻 #ihavetocarryherupanddownthestairs #wewillgetyourhillbillytoothfixed #youredoinggreat

And you’re beautiful!!! Remember: put your own oxygen mask on first or you won’t be able to help anyone else out. #wisewords #easyas123 #youredoinggreat 🙏🏻♒️🎋📶🏜🙌🏻

Happy 8/8/17 y'all! Today is GratiTuesday and I'm grateful the Seahawks first pre-season game is this Sunday! 💚🙏🏻💙 Did you know the Seahawks logo is based off of a real transformation mask made by the regional Kwakwaka’wakw tribe? 👹 I Googled that 💩.
And did you know that I'm all in, all in for life? By this point, I hope so! #allin #forlife #gohawks #sososograteful #getbackup #newseasonnewlife #teammateswholoveeachother #thisseasonisgoingtobewaytoomuchfun 💚🎋🏈♒️👊🏻📶💙

One of my amazing kids earned a 3.5 gpa and made the Dean's List, and my other amazing child earned a 3.8 and made the President's List. I am sooooooooooooooooo proud of them I could burst! 🙌🏻📶👊🏻🏆👍🏻#yourethemoonyouretheskyyoretheappleofmyeye 🌖🌌🍎

#whatyouareiswhatyoubreathe 📶🙏🏻♒️🔄🎋🌌

This is my attitude toward:
1. The weather today for being 89° instead of 98° (slightly cooler than Satan's bunghole ☀️☄️
2. Getting to pack up all our belongings, carrying them downstairs, shoving them in a truck, and driving them across town sometime in the next 3 weeks 📦🚚
3. For another school year starting, this one with the campus under construction, no phones, no internet, and going to the bathroom for the next 2-3 years in porta pottys. At least they're executive porta pottys, like on an airplane 😂👷🏻 #GOOD 🙌🏻👍🏻#andnowwereflyingthroughthestars ✈️🌌#inanexecutiveportapotty 🚽♒️ #ifeellikearockstar 😎🎸#howcoulditbeanybetterthanthis 🤔❓ #youmaynowmoveaboutthecabin 📶🚶🏻#ifthesearetheworstofmyproblemsthenivegotitGOOD 👊🏻👌🏻

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