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USA’s Ray Williams (@OptimusPrime_334) wins his fifth consecutive @theIPF World super heavyweight title at the World Powerlifting Championships in Canada. Ray set a new World Record in the deadlift with 398.5kg (879lb) – a weight selected to secure him the award of Best Lifter across all weight classes (by 0.27 points) for the second year running.
Ray’s lifts were a 442.5kg (976lb) squat for the gold medal, a bench press of 242.5kg (535lb) for a bronze medal, and the record breaking 398.5kg deadlift for gold in the lift, giving him a total of 1083.5kg (2389lb). #SBDPowerlifting

Congratulations to the host nation of the @theIPF World Championships as Canada’s Erik Willis (@ErikWillis) wins the 120kg (265lb) class to take the world title.

Erik squatted 317.5kg (700lb), benched 230kg (507lb) for a silver medal and pulled a 352.5kg (777lb) deadlift to take the gold medal and win the overall title with a 900kg (1985lb) total on bodyweight to the delight of the home crowd.

A 5x National Champion, this was Erik’s second World Championship appearance. His first was in 2016 in Texas, where he finished fourth and won a bronze medal in the deadlift with a 345kg (761lb) pull.

Congratulations to Ireland’s Barry Pigott (@SmallFatDonkey) who set a new World Record in the 105kg (231lb) class bench press at the @theIPF World Championships. Barry watched American’s Bryce Lewis (225.5kg/497lb) and Garrett Blevins (226kg/498lb) nudge up the record before he took to the platform and pressed 226.5kg (499lb) to take the World Record and gold in the bench press.


USA’s Bonica Brown (@BubblyPowerlifter) wins her fifth consecutive 84+kg (185+lb) World title at the @theIPF World Championships in Canada. Bonica set four new World Records and took home all four gold medals on offer, finishing a massive 74kg (164lb) ahead of her competitors.
Bonica increased her own World Records in the squat (273kg/602lb), bench press (151.5kg/334lb) and total (671.5kg/1481lb), and took back the deadlift World Record from fellow America LeeAnn Hewitt with a 247kg (545lb) pull.


An 8/9 day for Junior lifter Daniella Melo (@DaniellaMelo) who won her first @theIPF Open World Championship title in the 84kg (185lb) class. Daniella won the 2017 World Junior Championships and is still a Junior lifter but was selected to represent the USA team in the Open class this year.
Daniella’s impressive day resulted in new World Junior Records in the squat (213kg/470lb), bench press (127.5kg/281lb), deadlift (230.5kg/508lb) and total 571kg (1259lb). Her squat, deadlift and total were also new Open World Records – the only record she does not hold now is the Open bench press record which stands at 136.5kg (301lb). She took gold medals in all lifts apart from bench where she won a silver medal.

America’s LS McClain (@lsmcclain) retains his World title after winning the 93kg (205lb) class at the @theIPF World Championships in Canada. On his way to winning the title LS squatted 282.5kg (632lb) for a bronze medal, benched 217.5kg (480lb) for a gold medal and a new Masters 1 World Record, and pulled a 320kg (705lb) deadlift for an 820kg (1808) total.


Congratulations to New Zealand’s Brett Gibbs (@bg_waiweight) on winning the @theIPF World title in the 83kg (183lb) class. On his way to winning, Brett set new World Records in the squat with 299kg (659lb) & total with 830.5kg (1831lb). The squat World Record had already been increased to 298.5kg (658lb) by America’s Russel Orhii moments before Brett came out & raised it to 299kg on his final attempt.

Brett took gold in the squat, silver in the bench (214kg/471lb) after another World Record battle, this time with Great Britain’s Owen Hubbard, & silver in the deadlift (317.5kg/700lb). This was Brett's 5 consecutive World Championships. He was 2014 World Junior Champion, 2015 World Champion, & finished 2nd in 2016 & 2017.


It was ‘battle of the bench’ in the 83kg (183lb) class at @theIPF World Championships as Great Britain’s Owen Hubbard (@ohubb) & New Zealand's Brett Gibbs (@bg_waiweight) broke the World Record an incredible 4 times!
Brett raised the record to 209kg (460lb), & Owen increased it to 209.5kg (461lb). In the 3rd round Brett pushed the record to 214kg (471lb) only for Owen to set a new World Record of 214.5kg (472lb). Owen took gold in this lift & went 9/9 to win overall bronze in a very competitive weight class. Owen already held the European bench record (205kg/452lb) which he set in the 2015 World Championships, Finland, where he was crowned World Junior Champion. 

Brazil’s Ana Rosa Castellain (@anarosacastellain), stands with her successful second squat of 195kg (430lb) at the @theIPF 2018 World Powerlifting Championships, which secured her the gold medal in the lift and helped to give her the World title in the 72kg (159lb) class. This was Ana’s second World title, but her first in the 72kg (159lb) class as her first World title was won in 2016 in the 84kg (185lb) class.
As well as her gold squat medal, Ana also won gold in the bench press (130kg/287lb) and silver in the deadlift (200kg/441lb) giving her a 525kg (1158lb) total.


The squat World Record was broken an incredible three times by two lifters in the 74kg (163lb) class at the @theIPF World Championships. Japan’s Yoshihiro Higa (@yoshihiro.270) raised his own record from 270kg (596lb) to 272.5kg (600lb) on his second attempt. In the third round America’s Taylor Atwood (@t_atwood) increased the record to 275.5kg (607lb). He was immediately followed by Yoshihiro who came straight out and reclaimed the record as his own with 276kg (608.5lb). Taylor went on to win the class, setting a new World Record total with 758kg (1,671lb), and Yoshihiro took the overall bronze with 701kg (1,546lb). #SBDPowerlifting

Canadian lifter Maria Htee (@maria_htee) stands up with her second squat of 183.5kg (404.6lb) to set a new World Record in the 63kg (139lb) class. Maria attempted to increase her record to 185 (414lb) but unfortunately this was not a successful lift.

Maria took gold in the squat, silver in the bench press with 107.5kg (237lb) and won the overall bronze at the @theIPF World Championships in Canada. This was Maria’s first World Championships in the 63kg class; her previous World Championships were in the 57kg (126lb) class where she won overall silver (2017) and bronze (2015). #SBDPowerlifting

USA’s Jennifer Thompson (@jenthompson132) set a new World Record in the bench press on her way to winning her fourth World title in the 63kg (139lb) class at the 2018 @the IPF World Championships in Canada. Known for her impressive benching, Jen took gold in the lift and increased her current World Record of 142kg (313lb), set earlier this year at the Arnold Sports Festival, to 142.5kg (314lb). Jen also took the silver medal in the deadlift with 202.5kg (446lb) and totalled 492.5kg (1086lb). #SBDPowerlifting

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