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Late post from last weeks #shuuemuramy’s #RD163 event. Red is the colour of this season hence why I was donning @doublewoot_fashion’s cheongsam and wearing #rd163 satin red on my lips 💋
📸 : @allisamazing

Looking into the weekend like “Where the food at?” 😂
Also, the girls are attending the Leader’s Path Bootcamp at @hankidz_leadership and the house feels really quiet without them 😭 Can’t wait to see them tomorrow!

With my Esah @aishahjennifer 💜

"Shout-out to all the Mummies (and ladies) out there, this one is for you- .
How many of you are familiar with these problems, especially after having kids:
1) Leaking pee when you sneeze, cough or laugh
2) Sudden urge to pee
3) Uncontrollable vaginal fart
4) Lower back pain
5) Spare tyre on your lower belly
6) Sexual dissatisfaction
I was recently introduced to a place in Bangsar called Vibrance, they specialise in addressing women's pelvic issues, like urine leaking, improve sexual health, strengthen internally, etc. I decided to give it a try cause we can be physically healthy on the outside, but what about the inside?
Long story short, the problems women experience above are due to your pelvic floor muscles being weak and needs help! I never knew. Pelvic floor ni muscles, it supports organs in the pelvic area ie bladder, uterus and all. And these problems arise when our pelvic floor muscle is weak.
I did a Full Pelvic Assessment(FPA) there to check my pelvic health a few weeks ago, and it’s so worth it! The women's pelvic health physiotherapist is very professional and patient. I didn't even know that these problems could be cured.
If you have this, don't be shy to admit your issue, yg penting seek advices from experts. Make an appointment, they can help you cure it. Take care of your pelvic health for yourself, not anybody else #myvibrance

Made it just in time for the food at Farah and Haris’s wedding last Saturday night after a hectic day. Such a lovely wedding and met so many amazing people. Congratulations to the handsome newlyweds 💜💜💜💜
Haven’t seen Ella in a while so I hugged her tight tight. Also, I didn’t know her husband can sing!! Too much talent in one couple laaaa 😆😆😆 Love!

This is a face of total joy! It doesn’t take much for me to come to your event. Just tell me there’s super delicious food, and plenty of it.. I’m there!
@aidenpicnic food tasting galore with heaps of his Sambal Queen on top. Sedap gila weyyhhhh!

Look Sayang, I’m nearly as tall as you!
@loewe @doublewoot_fashion #loeweMY #fjbluxemy

In the blink of an eye, it’s 2019! As a businesswoman, the learning never stops and I believe that it is important for me, as well as my staff to keep moving forward. One of the ways we do this is by seeking knowledge in all areas and learning new skills, particularly when it comes to our command of English. It was definitely fun to learn and improve on our reading, listening, speaking and writing through Cambridge Assessment English qualifications and tests. I suggest all employers to take the time and learn together as a team. I also personally think that we should have more e-learning platforms for businesses and learners alike to encourage better language skills. For more information, please visit

#cambridgeenglish #learnenglish #learnenglishwithme #english #englishexam

Rang in the new year with family and family friends, and had way loads of fun! Here are some photos with my gorgeous Aunties and fun Uncles, my parents and also friends!

My #2018bestnine is filled with celebrations of love. May 2019 bring more love and success to everyone of us 💜 #saz2018bestnine

Out and about running errands with my @loewe Gate Top Handle bag. Don’t be fooled, I can stuff a lot of shizz in there it’s crazy!
#loeweMY #fjbluxemy

Can’t never get enough of @doublewoot_fashion jumpsuits 💜 #sazfash #ootd

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