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Sazzy Falak  Wife, Mother, Actor, TV Anchor, Fashionpreneur, Certified Fitness Instructor. Paranormal Talents - #sazfash

Mommas day out 💜 #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

One with the handsome couple 💜 Love you guys! #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta #oncloudwilliamss

Wedding tings 💜 #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

Brunch with these bunch 🥐🥗 Hey, that rhymes! #lame 🤣 #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

Size does matter 😜 #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

Spent Sunday afternoon shopping for little knickknacks and stuff for family and friends back home. Thanks Aunty Kim for being so awesome and taking me to all these amazing shops! #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

When they told me the dress colour theme for family was champagne colour, I went on a look out for a new dress. However, due to time constraint, plus i just couldn’t seem to find the perfect dress in the perfect shade, I ended up deciding on this old dress. It’s gorgeous but since I’ve worn it so many times, I wanted to get a new one. So it was this dress in the end. No regrets tho. It was after all, the perfect shade 😁#sazfash #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

She’s the life of every party and never fails to cook a mean nasi lemak dish. She laughs hard and loves even harder. But the beauty of her strength lies in the way she shows her mad love for you. Thank you for making sure I’m happy here and fulfilling my constant need for sambal in a country only known for ketchup. Love you Mummy / Mak Ngah / Nenek Glam (to Imaan and Tiara😜) #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

Makcik and flower girl sebelum ceremony #sazzytravels #sazzytravelsatlanta

I remember when you were this cute little baby that I would carry around. You had the biggest eyes and the sweetest smile. At that time you were the baby in our little group of cousins. You were always so rajin and always loved to help. When I watched you dance the first dance with Ryan last night, I cried, because you looked so happy and I was so happy for you. I’m so happy that I got to be here for your special day Aza. Love you always, Kakak

I’ve always had the utmost respect for our sportsmen and sportswomen. It takes a high level of discipline in achieving what they have for our country. The @golgincu2 squad wishes them and everyone Selamat Hari Sukan Negara! Tak sabar untuk korang saksikan the movie. Tak lama lagi guys! #golgincu2 #harisukannegara

Sneak peek of what’s going to happen in @golgincu2. Gear up guys! #comingsoon #golgincu2

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