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AJ Sawatzky  I used to have a beard. I still do, but I used to, too

Why pluck one string... what good is just one note?
Oh, one string sounds fine, I guess... but we were once 'one notes'
Why pluck one string when you can strum the guitar?
Strum the guitar! #beautyinthebaseline

But this ain't a race to win, it's a run to finish
And as long as I got breath in my lungs to finish it
The enemy isn't the flesh and blood thugs and cynics
We're fighting fear and pride for the love that's within us #beautyinthebaseline

Just in case need an emergency date this place is loaded with mannequins

Break it down, the poor struggle with needs
The rich struggle with greed, this camel struggle to squeeze
Through the eye of a needle, some eyes struggle to see
But we all struggle for freedom
Instead of freeing each other by letting ourselves be
Yeah, and it never ends
We only feel better when we feel like we’re better than
Clever men and our violence
Silence is when we shoot from the lip too quiet
Then we talk non-violence and stay silent when it suits
Really, it’s all violence at the root
The same James Wilks in the booth, but tyrants aren’t tyrants in the group
Who started the shooting? Who knows?
We were all just born inside of this truth
Taught to shoot as youth, taught as just humans being human
But the truth is the truth is bulletproof
Remember to remember -Shad

A little pre work studio time. Ready for bisque and glazing soon

Back to lurking around in the studio

Some days are harder than others to understand we are worth more than the sum of our inequities. A sentiment no one understands better than the hang in there cat.

If I come without a thing, then I come with all I need.

Merry Christmas friend and foe #🎅

So this is really my internship come to fruition. I started helping out with this piece back in March and now was able to help install it in its new home. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come from In Plain Sight Art and I'm thankful I get to be a part of it.

"I wanna be a machine. I want to be wanted, to be useful"