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Sara Hopkins Ayala  I make things 👻: SayHop | ATL | biz contact: _________________________________________ 👇🏼Do makeup with me! 🐾 @lillyandchico

Went to the salmon capital of the world... bought popcorn 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Seeing the world with you is my favorite thing

Found a way to keep cool this summer. Took a helicopter to the top of a glacier and drank straight from the dang thing 🚁

Went to Seattle with my own McDreamy... I call him the McRib. And my sweet McRib snapped this McPhoto on the McFerry. This city rules

2018 American gothic

So fun to do a blind taste test alongside a Master Cicerone. #ad I honestly had no idea what I was tasting but the winner was very clearly @millerlite #knowyourbeer

The guy in the background made this video 😂🙌🏼. This was three years ago today when I was falling in love with Rib in France.

Heres a happy #tbt and Here’s today’s truth... I haven’t felt like the best version of myself for a while.
Not cheerful, silly, fun, hyper, attractive and certainly not instagrammable. Nothing. Just bleh. Total bleh.
I do have flashes of the old Sara that appear for a just moment but most of the time these days, I’m numb.
It’s amazing and confusing how it can feel like there is a thousand pound weight of pure nothingness on top of you. It doesn’t even make sense. -
I don’t like to complain. I’m not a complainer. I even kind of hate writing this caption cause it feels like I’m sorta whining. -
But I am writing it because being authentic across social media is important to me and I’ve somehow been able to build a career around just being myself. I’m not saying I just put my entire life online, but what I do show. Is very real and very me. -
It’s important to remember, Instagram shows the ideal moments of life, not the reality of day-to-day. -
I want to feel better and I’ve started making changes to get back to feeling like me. Thank you for hanging in there with me in the mean time. ❤️ P.S. hey girls, Nexplanon sucks and I’m pretty sure it got me to the point of writing this novel of a caption.... oh and +13lbs 😑 COOL

I got to be in the ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS!! And I cried. A LOT. 🤗Rib surprised me with #Hamilton tickets and I cried during the opening number cause I just couldn’t believe I was finally getting to watch the show I’ve listened to 1000 times. ————
I was honestly resigned to the idea that I’d probably....maybe get to see it 10 years from now when ticket prices weren’t INSANE but ol Roberto pulled a fast one on me 😅 Rib you’re the most thoughtful hubs I’ve ever had.

#tbt to this pic rib snapped of me on our honeymoon in Bali. This was moments before I found a dog and almost started crying because of how badly I missed @lillyandchico

Last year, May 20th was my fiancé’s birthday... but this year it’s my HUSBANDS BDAY. 😆 I love you more than I thought was humanly possible and every day it somehow gets better. I’m gonna do my best to let you know how special you are until we’re old senile then it’ll all be new again ❤️ happy Birthday Rib, Ribby, Rip, Rippy, Ripper, Flib, Flip, Flibbertein, Teen, Tina, Lava, Kava, etc.

Safest, happiest place in the world and a love unlike any I’ve ever known. This is home.

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