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SAY HELLO PODCAST  "To Inform, inspire and motivate women around the world" available on iTunes 💛

Happy Mothers Day! Today's episode is with Professional Snowboarder @kimmyfasani who at the time was pregnant with her first child and just a days from her due date. During her pregnancy Kimmy made it clear that her being pregnant doesn’t mean she’s retiring and her sponsors made it public that they will continue to support and sponsor Kimmy. Now this might seem obvious but it’s actually the greatest stereotype women in sport have to deal with… but Kimmy and her sponsors shook things up and started a conversation, a conversation that was long over due. Say Hello to Kimmy Fasani LINK IN BIO

you go girl #internationalwomensday 💛

Cheers 🥂 to Monday, we're ready.

The popular girl from Ohio who loved to dance didn’t get the support you think she would when moving out to LA. Everyone except her family thought she was insane, and yes it was a risk a BIG risk but if there is anything we learned from the women on this show is that we all go against the grain and that’s okay!

Everyone said she’d fail but she’s found herself on tour with Camp Rock, dancing at the Super Bowl and Choreographing for @ddlovato Say Hello to Dani Vitale // @danivitale

If you grew up in Canada in the early 2000s chances are you know who Aliya Jasmine is you've probably seen her on MTV as a VJ, on the red carpet for E NEWS, She's interview athletes, she hosted her own shows, she hosted many shows. I grew up watching AJ and always thinking to myself how stunning and entertaining she was never realizing then the challenges she had to face to get to where she was especially being a women of color on TV. Say Hello to @aliyajasmine

I know exactly the woman I want to be and a lot of that comes from the few conversations I've had with my @sayhellopodcast guests. Thank you for becoming the best therapy to my growing heart and curiosity. I hope in 2018 that I can share more stories of incredible ladies, prove that we're not crazy or alone we're just kicking ass, challenging the status quo. Next episode Jan4! #happynewyear #girlboss

Hey Ladies! Love snow? Looking for an adventure? Say Hello to Beyond the Boundaries @btbounds women snowboard camps and tours! Check out the link in my bio to see how you can snowboard in Japan this winter!!

Need some Moday Motivation? @shalaneflanagan is the first American woman to win the NYC Marathon in 40 years. But it didn't happen over night she worked her butt off for YEARS!!! What are you going to do to kick start your week on the right foot?

She's a Dermatologist, an Educator, a Researcher and she travels the world to talk about Skin... she's proof you can be successful and still be a great Mom. Say Hello to Dr. Kathleen Suozzi // @ksuozz

She was told she'd never be a President of a company because she thinks too much like a man, fast forward she's now the President and CEO of @dclskincare They were wrong about her never becoming a president but without a doubt she thinks differently. Say Hello to Cherry Robinson// @cherryarobinson.
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Why is our happily married host @lilaleks on the dating app Bumble? LINK IN BIO

On Thursday 9am EST Say Hello to @cherryarobinson President of @dclskincare

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