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Sawaayraah. ❤  | ღ ONLY Kratika Sengar Dheer matters | KSian since 2012 | No combination of few letters can describe my immense love for her ღ | ❤🐰

Cuteness starts & ends on @itsmekratika ❤ its a pure bliss to watch her onscreen. She comes as soney pe suhaga with her expressions! I wish she stay happy forever! 😍

I cannot even describe how beautiful she is. How can one even find imperfections in you @itsmekratika You are perfectly PERFECT 💜 even if I spend all my life trying to praise than also I wouldn't be able to do that. Your beauty is undefined 😍

She is a Diva. She is a goddess. Her beauty cannot be described. Her features cannot be compared. Her talent is countless. Her acting is excellent. She rules on every platform she performs. She is queen of this industry. She is @itsmekratika ❤

A smile is the best dress a girl can ever wear ❤ If I was the world's most richest person I would spend all my money on getting a smile like @itsmekratika but unfortunately she is the most unique person with the best personality 😍 nothing of hers beautiful face & soul can be purchased. She is a star, you can only get her shine not her! 😘

She is one actor who makes my heart restless when she cries, I can't see her in pain even though I know she is acting. She makes it look so real, I feel a lump in my throat and find it hard to even speak @itsmekratika you have given a new meaning to acting 🙌🏻 Seeing you on my screen just brightens up my day and I feel so happy like I have got everything in the world. My love for you knows no boundaries. 😍

"She doesn't ask for much, she isn't hard to please and honestly, honesty is all that she needs.." @itsmekratika 💘

The innocence on her face is so adorable. She looks so fascinating without even trying. Her angelic face with all the attributes of a beautiful person. ❤ @itsmekratika is a pure soul from inside & outside both. 😍

"Your confidence is your best filter" - @itsmekratika

Indeed, she is full of all the chaos firmly handing the peace. She is a pure smile but she got that devil genes if you dare broke her is a mixture of blossoms with spikes, rainbow with hurricane. 😍

Can someone arrest her because she just kill a million of hearts with her beauty 🤧😍 @itsmekratika Can you please share your beauty secret? I mean how can a human look so pretty all the freaking time..

She is a woman of wonder, a mystery that will forever remain unsolved, with simple needs and deep desires. You will never fully untravel her, therefore you should take the time in getting to know each of the layers that run wildly beneath her wings. @itsmekratika 💚

#TanShi VM on Darmiyaan OST 😍 @itsmekratika @sharadmalhotra009
VC - @slaykratikaslay I changed the song 🙈

Be crazy enough to know you can do anything in life. 💚 @itsmekratika

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