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Sawaayraah. ❤  | ღ ONLY Kratika Sengar Dheer matters | KSian since 2012 | No combination of few letters can describe my immense love for her ღ | ❤🐰

because she's one of the most beautiful & kindest souls ever. Down-to-earth, humble, hard-working & exceptionally talented are a few of her innumerable qualities. An inspiration for many, with a heart of diamond. Not to forget, undeniably sexy 🔥 @itsmekratika

I'm really very sorry @stuteee_ for being so late but its better late than never ! I know it's an horrible edit. 😩 So where should I start from? 💭 I didn't even knew you are such a great human! 😂💛 We just causally started talking and look now we are here! 😍 I'm so happy to be a part of your life or say you are so lucky to be a part of my life 😂! You've been such an amazing person and you never fail to get a smile on my silly face! ❤

Thank you so much for always helping me in my bad times as well as good times! Thank you for letting me know where I'm wrong and where I should improve myself! Thank you for being such an amazing friend always Or rather I should say an amazing frandu! 🙊 I love you. ❤ I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic birthday! 💃

P.S. @itsmekratika please do wish her ❤

An actor's expression lies in her eyes, not in her abdomen." ~ @itsmekratika

What an awesome actor you are. Your eyes & facial expressions can communicate virtually every subtle nuance of emotion. 😍

My ball of cuteness. 😍 How can you watch Kratika and do not eat kiss a kid with a gun? You really deserve a reward for your ability to complement this childlike face without eating it @itsmekratika how !! 🔥

@itsmekratika as an actor and as a person has always made us proud. we stan her, love her, respect her for who and what she is. not for a character, show, or a ship or etcetera. She makes us happy, she motivates us and inspires us. just her, always and forever! 😍😍😍

@itsmekratika who is playing Tanuja is brilliant in her character, she charms us thoroughly with her endearingly sincere act. You just love her for what she does on screen without restoring to any unnecessary antics. 😍❤

She is something beautiful, soothing and irresistibly satisfying. 😍

there is something imperial about her. so absolutely commanding yet fascinating and beautiful with her presence. @itsmekratika Haven't ever seen sucha charm on television! How beautifully you portray every character 😘

@itsmekratika a good looking actor, naughty and down to earth, proves a rare talent! Any show in which he plays is a real show because she gives charm to all the characters she performs! It has a special charm that simply attracts you! Impeccably, surprises us every time! 😍❤

@itsmekratika - "hum pak (pakistan) se hain." 😭❤ this woman has this aesthetic charm that exudes warmth all the way 😍😘

awawwwww, how could you not love @itsmekratika - She makes the cutest facial expressions, bless her 😍 She is complete package of look, acting talent, friendly nature & that's how she is loved & adroed by all. You are beyond words. Your beautiful nature makes me love & respect you even more.So proud to be your fan. Love you forever ❤

I stan the perfect idol ever, like I love the way @itsmekratika is her infectious self around any & everyone and that makes her who she is, A STAR! 😍 #Ishqbaaaz #Kasam

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