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I’m about to blow your mind. You ready?
Do you know how tablescapes aren’t the most practical idea?! Well now you can have your cake and eat it too! This table tray saves me and makes the most impractical decor, practical. You’re welcome.
Photo credit: @mrs.southernstyle ;)

Without further ado. Here it is my dining room all decked out for Fall! What do you think, I branched out from traditional orange tones. Does it still look Fall?!

You guys!!! LOOK I used color! I am so dang proud of myself.

I don’t think it’s possible to oversell this “table runner tray”. It makes the most impractical tablescape completely practical... Stay tuned, I’m working on fall decor and soon you will see it in action!
I feel like I can confidently say that basically everyone is going to want one! You are in luck I have full build plans on the site! #linkinbio

Check it out, I decorated the shop for Fall!
I kid, I kid!!! I’m actually working on plans for a new assembly table and I am brainstorming tool storage.
Also, I think I may have some deeply rooted hoarding issues.
Anyone else have borderline embarrassing collections? I have a weakness for tools (obviously) throw pillows, cloth napkins, and faux foliage. Random huh? What about you ??

BUILD THIS !! Truth: I have not even started decorating for fall, but it is on my to-do list!! Probably closer to the middle-endish, but it’s on there!
In the meantime here is a throw back to last year. FYI I use this DIY crate for all my seasonal decor. Want one for yourself? I’ve got a full tutorial on my site. #linkinbio

I don’t want to oversell it, but this is probably going to be the prettiest shop you will ever see. Stay tuned because I have more shop builds coming at ya soon!

I’m gonna level with you guys... I’ve pretty much taken the last three weeks off to play with my kids and visiting family.
I have not picked up a project and have nothing new to share...but then I realized it’s been forever since I’ve shown you around. SO... let me show you some finished projects in their intended habitat.
Love the coffee table? The bookcase? The jug crate?
I’ve got plans for a of them on the site! (Search “Carboy Crate”, “farmhouse shelf”, “farmhouse coffee table” on the site.) #linkinbio

Remember back before I was confident in my furniture building abilities and I loved a good furniture makeover challenge?
I swear it took WAY more energy than it would have to build it from scratch, but I worked with what I had. I started to learn basics by repurposing furniture and everything snowballed from there. #ItsAProcess #HadToStartSomewhere

While I prefer standing behind a drill, I’m often found sitting in front of a computer. As a blogger I spend a lot of time writing, editing, and researching!!! (While I readily admit, it’s usually closer to midnight, laying in bed, in paint stained yoga pants... but hey lots of new faces around here, so best foot forward.) Like any consumer I try and do my homework before I dive into a project. If you’ve been following along you know I just remodeled my laundry room. Well a lot of research was apart of it, today I’m sharing why I opted for out @electroluxus on @homedepot blog today. #linkinbio

Today on the blog I’m showing how I created a plug-in lamp from a sconce, by utilizing a @philipshue Dimmer Kit, it eliminates a lot of hassle on a tight budget! Bonus: You have instant dimming power! @homedepot #smarthomecampaign #ad

Ok here it is, in all its finished glory! The final images of the completed laundry room! Thanks so much for following along.
@electroluxus @homedepot #sponsored

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