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Stephanie Wascher  ICU nurse - In love with fitness 💪 God first - family second - then everything else 💋 #fitgirl #I♥️weights Snapchat - stephann1215

Baby shower fun with my beautiful family today ❤️ How did I get blessed with the most beautiful niece in the entire world? Love her to pieces!! 😍 #meltsmyheart #family #familyiseverything #babyshower @taralynn0922

Years ago I used to think lowering my calories consistently and doing cardio was the answer but then I learned you have to stop worrying about putting food in your body. Food is fuel!! It is what your body needs to build a better, stronger version of yourself. Let me tell you what I've learned about cutting calories for so long:
1. The longer you stay in a low calorie deficit the slower your metabolism will become.
2. Low calorie diets start burning muscle and not fat. A calorie deficit can work great for a short period of time but your body will start to burn muscle and not fat because your body thinks it's actually starting to starve. & since fat is a longer lasting source of energy for your body it will actually start to hold onto fat instead of burn it.
3. You are more likely to quit on a low calorie diet. Cutting calories for a long time isn't fun. Your energy levels are low and workouts are more difficult. You start getting more cravings.
I'm not a nutritionist but this is what I've learned about the body with my healthy lifestyle. Food is fuel that your body needs!! It's not about how much you're putting in most of the time - it's about what foods you're putting in your body. I'm telling you flexible dieting is the best way to stay consistent and actually live a healthy lifestyle. You get your body to a point where you can have cheat meals, days, hell even weekends and it doesn't ruin a thing! You get to have a healthy body, a healthy relationship with food, never diet, & you have SO much more energy and zest for life. Always remember healthy isn't a destination - it's a way of life. Don't deprive your body of the nutrients it needs! Fuel it right and get to work 💪 Happy Thursday #fitfam ❤️

This is still one of my favorite things I've ever read - I LOVE seeing new people at the gym starting their fitness journey and working hard. To everyone who doesn't want to go to the gym because of feeling awkward - DO NOT feel that way! Every single one of us in the gym had a starting point so get in there and just begin!! I and so many other gym lovers are more than willing to help and teach if someone needs guidance - remember no one is better than anyone at the gym - we are all there for the same reason❤️#starttoday #soworthit #gymmotivation #igfit #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation

Take me back to last night at this exact time when I was on Fourth Street in Louisville with my bestie instead of laying down for work in the morning :( Such a fun weekend & so many great memories made. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their weekend - make LOTS of memories & smile often - that's exactly what my weekend consisted of ❤️ #selfie #photooftheday #fotd #instapic #louisville #fourthstreet #girlsweekend #fitgirlsdressuptoo #fitfam #igfit

This picture right here ❤️ I love this girl to the moon & back! What a fun girls trip but far too quick! You know it's a good trip when you get home and have burns on your arms from the mechanical bull & cant walk from working out - I don't know which was harder - the night out or the gym sesh 😂 But when you find a friend who can do both you keep them! It's so rare to find true great friendships & I'm so grateful for ours. We are so much alike it's scary. I think we got asked if we were sisters about 10 different times this weekend. Yes we are sisters at heart ❤️ love you @awebb412 & cant wait for our many fun adventures in the next few months. P.s. So glad you Drew & I are a family again 😂 xoxo #bestfriend #fitsisters #truefriendship #neverendingfriendship #girlsroadtrip

Had such a fun time at Katy Hearn Gym in New Albany, Indiana with my bestie ❤️ What a fun experience! So many unique fun machines & lots of booty gains made with my fit sister 💪 we will definitely be back for another great workout! #fitsisters #girlsweekend #girlswholift #katyhearngym ##fitness #newalbany #summer2017 @awebb412 @bombshellsportswear

Fourth Street - Downtown Louisville with my bestie ❤️ Girls nights are the best #besties #louisville #girlsweekend #summer2017 #kentucky @awebb412

Pool day with my bestie yesterday - soaking up the sunshine - trying to keep this tan from vacation! I LOVE the way I'm feeling right now & LOVE where I'm at ❤️ Enjoying life & this fun summer. Body fat percentage? I have no idea. Body weight? No clue. How I feel? Amazing & healthy. Don't focus so much on the number. Focus on how your body is feeling. Last summer I was so focused on the number and I didn't enjoy life as much & now I ensure I still enjoy life. Yes I'm conscious of what I put in my body & I LOVE the gym but I'm not training for a competition. It's important to stay consistent and on track for your health yes but it's also important to live life fully. I promise that not one meal will ruin your summer body. Actually an entire weekend won't either. If you are consistent with taking care of your body it will NOT change overnight. I promise you! TGIF IG - Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! #fit #fitspo #fitness #fitfam #nofilter

When your niece & nephew want to send you a message ❤️ oh how I miss them!! These videos melt my heart - I only had a tear or two 😂 I love you guys with all of my heart & more. Can't wait to see you again soon 😘 Aunt Petty loves & misses you too! #family #familyiseverything #niece #nephew #godbabies #love

My favorite thing in the entire world is being your Aunt Petty - you three bring more joy to my life than you can ever imagine. I love you SO much #niece #nephews #godbabies #summervacation2017 #family #love #myworld

God could not have given me better parents. I am blessed beyond belief when it comes to family ❤️ #momanddad #blessed #family #summervacation2017

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