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feelin good ☼
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I promise this is the end of the rainbow. Love well. Live free. Thanks for letting me be me.

h̶u̴₥₳₦ ❧

Now seems like as good a time as ever... For many years, I made the best choice for me and excluded my sexual orientation from all social media.
But then I felt fake.
I'm this self-righteous Christian on Facebook, but my close friends know me as a person who loves God but just can't seem to get it right. And I'm sick of seeing that person online. So I made a YouTube channel. And it's me. Transparent at 360 degrees.
I hope you guys will watch over time and engage with questions to see why LGBTQIA+ people feel lesser and why queer people of faith feel like they need to hide. I'm excited to vocalize the need for change in our churches and our communities.
Check my link in the bio to watch my first video.

12 photos down. Thanks for following along. Happy Pride 🌈

Check out the final product ⇾ @savydunlevy Project inspired by @positivime #pride #pridemonth #rainbow #concert #concertphotos #showyourpride #lgbtpride #lgbt #lgbtpost #lgbtq

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