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Savory & Sweet Truck  Savory & Sweet Food Trucks Knoxville and at a festival near you. Our focus is serving fresh, local, deliciousness.We are Driven to Create Great Food.

Have you tried the #humdinger at @frussiesdeli ? A new #vegan sandwich with house hummus, grilled veggies & LTO in a fresh pita. Wow it's #delish ๐Ÿ˜€

#Repost @865life
Hey #Knoxville, are you hungry? Thirsty? Been eyeing some 865LIFE gear? Come on out to @riversports tonight (Tuesday) from 6-8pm at their Sutherland location for Pint Night. We will be set up selling shirts, hats, stickers & more and @hexagonbrew and @savoryandsweettruck will provide the beer ๐Ÿปand food. 10% of sales will benefit AMBC- @ambcknox @thenorthface and @yakimaracks will also be set up. This is the #865life!

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