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Late night tea time.

When I get the waist trimmer down to the LAST ZIPPER SETTING and it STAYS THERE without unzipping while I work out. Had to try it...it was second to last yesterday. I’m about to go ham. *ugly cry* #fitnessfirst #amazonfitness #workfit365 #backtothegymnasio

Aaaaaaaand it’s back! Now through Feb 19th...$10 per referral. I made over $200 the last 2 times this app promo was happening...third times the charm? Lol hit me for the link and details to get started! It really IS as easy as it looks!

Had to get back in here. Not a lot of time left! #nodayzoff #fitnessfirst #morningmayhem

AND ITS BACK!!!!!! #thefreeexperience hosted by none other than Mr. Uptown @vafree757 himself!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

I got my own personal action figure. And I get to make him laugh like this forever lol. ❤️ @shotbyshay1 #rarehubbysiting @p2smuve 🤗

Fancy shit. Overseas boat life out for the day style. Word to @max_cardi.

Another dope ass Puma cop from Ross!!!! I’m hype!!!! Less than $80 for both. I love em.

#757 you’re up first! Get captured in #ShiinoEffect Feb 3rd & 4th. See more work by Altered Shiino at (https://shiinophotography.wixsite.com/mysite). Contact @altershiino or myself to secure your slot ASAP!

When you should be sleep but you ain’t. 😒

I. LOVE. THESE. When you sell something you absolutely have to have. @elitist_eyewear


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