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While shooting #YAYO @sdtacoking and I created this move called The Lime Toss AKA "TLT" at this underground bar in Tokyo lol. I feel like it represents cutting out unnecessary bullshit in your life. This one goes out to NATE DOGG! A huge influence to my style. I hope I am doing the west justice. #SAVIORSELF

#NASTYCITY is now live on @spotify!

Thanks for the love on the new video! Link in bio if you ain't peeped it yet. Shot by @ericdcasas produced by @eddyfunkster #YAYO #619WORLDWIDE #SSFR 🇯🇵

Stylin' & Profilin' #RespectThePose #TBT

Good morning world, for those who have been asking #NASTYCITY is now on Apple Music. Search: "SAVIORSELF NASTY CITY". Enjoy!


Much love to the heads who have shared my new video so far. Partying in Japan with @sdtacoking @ericdcasas & @mylowshoots619 while filming was mad fun. Link in bio to peep. Go drop a comment on the YouTube. Thank you! 🎥: @ericdcasas 🎹: @eddyfunkster #YAYO #SAVIORSELF #619WORLDWIDE #BARSOVERFUNK

Premiere Pr Pr Pr Premiere! New video YAYO is up NOW. Shot in Japan by @ericdcasas. Big shout out to @saludsd for making this vision come to life! We shot this joint in a couple hours on some party boy shit bar hopping thru the streets. Share this with your homies. Produced by @eddyfunkster off the #NASTYCITY album. Bars Over Funk. 619 WORLDWIDE 🇯🇵. If you hear me say YAYO! #NASTYRECORDS #SAVIORSELF Link In Bio ❤️

EVERY race has its fair share of lames and real ones. I don't do racism, I just weed lames of all colors out of my life and keep the real ones in. #RACISTAGAINSTLAMES #FUCKRACISM #SSFR #THEANTILAMEMOVEMENT

Here are some stills of the new video premiering tomorrow at noon. Big shout out to @saludsd for making this happen. It's been a dream of mine to rap in Japan since I first started. That dream has been fulfilled. 🎥: @ericdcasas #YAYO

Shout out to @mr.heavysdx1904_aka_boogieman for breaking my record at the @funkfreaks party. #SSFR #YAYO

While out in Japan we shot a rap video guerilla style and its dropping Monday. Ima be rocking this track live at @lavueltabarriologan fest on the 26th roll thru! Produced by @eddyfunkster // Video by @ericdcasas P.S. Ill be at the @funkfreaks party tonight in riverside with a couple 7" of YAYO/SIGNS on me #SSFR #SAVIORSELF #NC2JAPAN 😎

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