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Did an interview with @asweproceedsd_ last weekend in SD in the back of my favorite gym @houseofboxing. Much love to the Barragan family. Check @asweproceedsd_ profile for the full interview ✌🏽

Not number 1 yet but we made the list. Thank you for the love and support. Catch me live at @wattscave next Friday 6/30 in LA! #BandcampBestSellersList #NASTYCITY

The LA album release party was outta control, but I'm bringing it back to the 619 7/22 at SPACE BAR and I'm bringing along @zackeyforcefunk @eddyfunkster @diamondortizz @jo_sexxx @dj_justvictor and @mr.heavysdx1904_aka_boogieman. I'm also playing @wattscave on grape street in LA 6/30. See you there! P.S. #SSFR 2 ROBERTOS TACO SHOP ON HIGHLAND RN CAUSE EVEN WHEN I LOSE I WIIIIIN! 3519 EL CAJON BLVD

Shout out to all the heads who came up to me and said they been bumpin me since the OE days. Been holding it down foo. I ain't new to this I'm true to this! Forget all the beefs I'm bringing the love back to SD. Like Pun said "LETS UNITE THE CITY AND STEP TO THE WORLD AS A WEAPON". I'm talking about uniting REAL HEADS tho NOT LAMES, don't ever forget that #EAZYTOYZ #NASTYCITY

These dudes got my mind and body right when I was bloated and hurtin right before I moved to LA. I busted out 2 interviews today, one with proof of life radio and one with @asweproceedsd_. Shout out to all the good people of the 619. I love y'all. And I'm out with a kiss like this 💋 #NASTYCITY #OneMoreRoundStateOfMind

20K. We ain't even close to viral, but Ima keep dropping em til heads are. I got some shows coming up I will post about later on. Thanks for watching 👁👁 #619 #NASTYCITY #SAVIORSELF

Thank you guys for the love on the new project. What song should I shoot a video for next? #SAVIORSELF (Link In Bio)

Keep it G this summer like @n8noface in the new SAVIORSELF X @nightthafunksta "NASTY CITY" tees. Hit the link in my bio to cop and support independent underground hip hop. #NASTYCITY #JAPAN 🖤

"NASTY CITY" tees by @nightthafunksta are now up on the site. Each tee comes with a download of the new project and a NC sticker by @mrsticker1904. Hit the link in my bio and click the "GOODS" tab on the site. LIMITED EDITION JAPANESE EXCLUSIVE. Shout out to everyone getting the new project.

HAPPY 6/19! Here's the full #NASTYCITY record. Shout out to everybody involved. Cop it now for $6.19. Thank you for the support. Enjoy! (link in bio) Photo by @thescarygary

NASTY CITY drops tomorrow. I've been rapping since I was a in high school and always refused to bite current styles/trends. This is California and I will represent it to the fullest. I don't lip sync at my shows, I straight up give my heart to the crowd everytime I step on stage. We pressed all my instrumentals on a one off dub plate just for Friday night. Straight from the slums of west side National City to the city of Compton. Underground hip hop lives forever #SSFR Photo: @_bananaleafboy

Shout out to the heads in San Diego who said I wasn't gonna be shit in LA. I got mad love for you and wish you the best. 619 fo life ❤️

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