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savethechimps  Save the Chimps provides permanent sanctuary for the lifelong care of chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories, entertainment & the pet trade.

Daveeta decided to turn in early in preparation for the weekend! TGIF!! #savethechimps #sanctuarylife #chimpanzeesofinstagram #daveetathechimp

Today only, your generous gift to our Summer Match Campaign will be TRIPLED—to help fund the rebuilding of twenty year old climbing structures and meet the enrichment needs of our beloved residents! To donate follow link in bio. #savethechimps #chimpanzeesofinstagram #sanctuarylife

Doug's Island was painting for enrichment this afternoon and Alpha, JB, decided to take a break from his important duties as alpha chimp to paint. 🎨🐵#sanctuarylife #savethechimps #chimpanzeesofinstagram #alphachimp #jbthechimp

It's a beautiful, hot day at the Sanctuary today. Ricky, a member of Seve's family, is trying to get a better view. #sanctuarylife #savethechimps #chimpanzeesofinstagram #rickythechimp

We sadly bid a final farewell to the oldest chimpanzee residing at the Save the Chimps, beloved Mona. est. 1960–2017

Mona is believed to have been born in Africa in 1960. She was a resident of the Institute for Primate Studies in Oklahoma where she learned some American Sign Language. In 1982, Mona was sent to the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates in (LEMSIP) in New York State where she was confined to an indoor 5’ x 5’ x 7’ cage suspended above the ground.
In 1996, LEMSIP closed and Mona was sent to a third lab, New Iberia Primate Research Center in Louisiana. In 2000, Mona and her friends Stu, Andrea, and Ursula retired to the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) in Texas. WAO went bankrupt in 2011 and Save the Chimps stepped in to rescue Mona and ten other chimpanzees.
Like Linda, another resident who recently passed away, Mona was the leader of a small trio of feisty, older females. Ursula and Andrea followed Mona everywhere and were quick to help if anyone offended her.Mona was a real “hoot” from the time we first met her. She thrived in her new surroundings here at the Sanctuary and she enjoyed meeting other chimpanzees and exploring the beautiful island environment of climbing structures, grass, and trees. She only used sign language on rare occasions, but her favorite word to sign was “hug”.
Mona truly lived her life to the fullest and never missed a beat. She loved the excitement that a family of twenty three chimps brings. If there was a disagreement or a lovefest, Mona and her two best friends were sure to be in the middle of it—though Andrea and Ursula were probably less enthusiastic about getting into the fray. She loved all foods and had a particular fondness for juice. Her love of life was so infectious that staff members would visit her when they needed to be cheered up and Mona always delivered.
Mona showed no signs of slowing down as she climbed into her senior years. She died suddenly in her sleep atop a giant nest of blankets. We miss her smiling face and expressive eyes every single day. The beauty of her being is ever present. #savethechimps #monathechimp

Lisa Marie enjoys her flower treat. 🌸 #sanctuarylife #chimpanzeesofinstagram #savethechimps #lisamariethechimp

I was born on April 29, 1979 to my parents Debbie and Adam. My mother was a former circus chimp; my father’s origins are unknown, but he was a very large chimp who was used as a breeder male in the entertainment and pet trade in the 1970s. I was taken from my mother soon after birth and was raised by my human “owner.” I was a pet as well as an entertainer, and appeared in a TV movie entitled “The Wild and the Free.” Like all chimps, I became too strong to handle safely. I went from being a pampered pet to being banished in a barren cage.

My owners inevitably realized that I, and their two other pet chimps, Pepsi and September, needed a safe, secure permanent home. Save the Chimps rescued us in March 2002. We found it very challenging to live with other chimps – even each other.

At first I found it very difficult adjusting to living in a large chimpanzee family – which is true of many pet chimps. Save the Chimps was committed to helping me make the transition from the human world to the chimp world – while at the same time letting me set my own pace and limits. Thankfully, I found a friend and companion in Ron – a big, gentle chimp rescued from the Coulston Foundation, who sadly has since passed away. Then I had the opportunity to foster an infant chimpanzee, Melody, and am a loving mother to her. Over time, I became more sociable and my group grew and grew, and today I live with more than 20 other chimpanzees, including three former pet chimpanzees like myself.
#savethechimps #chimpanzeesofinstagram #sanctuarylife #aprilthechimp

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Another #thunderstorm in #florida at #savethechimps

It's not always sunny in Florida! As the rain heads our way most of the chimps head indoors to stay dry. Each Island has a building attached that they have access to day and night. #sanctuarylife

It’s finally here! The Save the Chimps 2017 Summer Auction is live online and underway.

Bid on one-of-a-kind items.

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Collaborative Primate Art— created by Save the Chimps residents and human artist Nathaniel Gold

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There is something for everyone. Bidding is open, so don’t miss your chance!

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The best part of all is that your winning bids directly benefit the nearly 250 chimpanzees residing at Save the Chimps! Thank you for your amazing support.

Have fun and let the bidding begin!
Remember. . . bidding begins July 7 and ends Sunday, July 16th at 9pm EST* *Items that receive bids in the last ten minutes of the auction will enter into Bid Wars. They will remain open until the item has not been bid on for ten minutes.

In loving memory of Linda... After all you had been through, Linda, you taught us the beauty of friendship, love, and forgiveness. You lived your days at the Sanctuary to their fullest and you will be missed dearly.
#savethechimps #lindathechimp

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