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Save Our Seekers  👕100% of profit from our merch going to support people seeking asylum & refugee initiatives. 📲fb/twitter: @SaveOurSeekers

We need fearless leaders as such. 💔
Urgent requests to evacuate and safely resettle all children on #Nauru personally delivered to the hands of the current government.
Post credits to @asrc1 @drkerrynwentworth #thankyou

PSSST... Pass it on! 😉
Totes something to try again and again and again... check them out @tamilfeasts

#VOTE ✏️✅
Post credits to @footscraylovesyou 😉

Passing on the torch to the next generation...

Thanks to the wonderful students @ivanhoegrammarschool we were able to deliver a generous donation of literature books, scrap/note/colouring books, pens, pencils, various stationery and reusable drink bottles to the amazing team @rmcc_au who do really great work with refugee, and migrant children in our community. We love what you do and it was a pleasure to meet some of your team today @alicjaw18 and @rmcc_au 😉
Special #Thankyou to Miss Falia and her amazing students @ivanhoegrammarschool for the coordination of the much needed donations. #inspirational 💖

Wow! What a morning! Thanks to some really amazing and generous people, we got to deliver a whole load of much needed resources to two wonderful causes who do great work within our community @westwelcomewagon and @asrc1

The donations came from the awesome Year 7 students @ivanhoegrammarschool and two other separate individuals @ziggaziggy @bloomingaudrey who provided the following items to disadvantaged refugee/asylum seeking families and individuals in Melbourne.

- Stationery
- Toiletries - Feminine hygiene products
- Linen - Towels
- Tissues/toilet paper and wet wipes
- Baby clothing •

Thank you to everyone involved, especially the beautiful teacher Miss Falia @ivanhoegrammarschool for coordinating such a BIG donation drive! So much support and generosity 😍

It just doesn’t make any sense. Why?
News articles and pictures credits to @sbs_australia

A Feast Amongst Friends.

Thank you to the gorgeous crew @tamilfeasts for a beautiful dinner last night... you never cease to amaze us.... killer food, killer chai ☕️ •
Go check it out people, trust us, you won’t regret it 😉

#vegan #vegetarian friendly 👌🏻

Acknowledge, but do not lose faith.

There are these nonsensical billboards popping up around many amazing multicultural suburbs in #Melbourne , such as #Coburg #Preston and now #Footscray ... it’s sad to be a witness to this during your daily commute, especially in a place you may call home.

My dear brothers and sisters, please do all you can to not avoid these conversations, instead ensure our little one’s feel safe, reassured and understand that there are just as many (if not more) soldiers who will stand by them and their future here, than those ignorant minds who wish to oppose and exclude.
Help the eyes of our young ones see past these barriers, and instead look towards a community which welcomes all contributions. It is possible.

Repost credits to @timwattsmp 😉

You Are Welcome Here.

Warmer times are here in #melbourne ... and one of the most perfect local spots to share a beautiful #meal with #friends is @tamilfeasts ... •

When you arrive, do so with an #openmind , and be prepared to receive with fully open palms. My brothers and sisters, I guarantee you will gain during this dining experience. Meanwhile, your shared riches will support a wonderfully #unique #community cause.

Please take the time to check this crew out #noregrets 😉🙏


Sometimes I pause and absorb the energy which can only be experienced in unique and wonderful places like #Footscray and wonder what society would’ve missed out on if our community had not #welcomed the earlier #migrant settlers... imagine that. Wouldn’t it have been a loss for us all?

Have you allowed your eyes and tastebuds to feast on the many delights in this neck of the woods? Dare to venture? 🤗

WOW, We Did It!

It has been a phenomenal several months, and what an honour it has been to be in partnership with the wonderful and dedicated crew @pianoproject_au

We are so pleased to announce we have collectively managed to raise $700 AU to help contribute to the amazing work @pianoproject_au do with young immigrant children in our community.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our customers whom have generously purchased an SOS product during this campaign. All 100% of the profit from your purchase has been successfully delivered to @pianoproject_au (received here by Georgina, August 2018). •

If you are not familiar with what @pianoproject_au is all about, please take a minute to check them out via all the regular social channels. Also available here - Website:

We also highly recommend you follow their additional massive project @temporubato_au which is going to be one of the most unique and exciting projects found in #Melbourne. So stay tuned!

Thank you again for all your loyal support, and watch this space, because we are now on the hunt for the next partnership. Due to be announced soon! 😉

A colleague shared this with me recently, and for some reason, it has really struck me.
Perhaps it’s the image of nostalgia, generosity and compassion all merged into one. Regardless, its relevance is timely, during this climate when much innocence is being discarded under our watch. A loss so great and unrealised... #bringthemhere #childrenseekingasylum

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