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Bri 🌱 Saved By Jesus And Oils  Just a girl building a team trying to help the world find happiness through essential oils. John 3:30🌱 Join the journey here:


We take this bad boy every day from now until next spring because AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT. Seriously though, with my husband and I working with so many people all the the time, it is so important to support our immune systems. ⠀


#sick #aintnobodygottimeforthat #health #healthybodies

It's October. Say whaaaaat.
I love fall and all, but man did it come fast this year. 🍁🍂🌾
🌱A little over a year ago, I said yes to a journey that I never imagined I would be on. I said yes to not only a MLM company, but to essential oils. I was always the one who made fun of them, talk about a taste of humble pie. Now it's funny because I can't imagine my life without this company, the income, and the products. 🌱Eric and I haven't been sick for the last year, we have more energy, and are constantly aware of what products do for our bodies. Who knew I was saying yes to such freedom? 🌱With all the germs coming with the fall and winter season, what a better time to start protecting yourself and taking care of your family than right now? I am so committed to educating and really helping families thrive in our private product group, that I have seen families change for the better! It is so incredible. I want that for literally every single person and family.
Right now, until Sunday at midnight, I am offering something huge. 🌱If you sign up for the premium starter kit, not only are you getting 11 oils, a diffuser of your choice, a killer member discount, and an exclusive Facebook education group, but I am personally letting you choose and of these products up to $25 value. This is well over a $300 value and the only thing that Young Living gives half off, so why not sweeten the deal?
Want in on this? Inbox, call, text, comment below, whatever works best for you! I will give you all the details on ordering and answer any questions you may be having! #fall #wellness #natural #healthy

Big things are happening over here with my team. We have some big goals and some really fun things going on next month! So excited to announce to our big oily family on October 1st. ⠀

This team and community have turned into family. They are seriously a dream to walk this journey with. Blessed is an understatement! #dreamteam #goals #community #essentialoils

I know I have recently talk about the benefits of Shutran oil for your man, but these it more in this fabulous line that I don't want you to miss out on! The concept of the "ditch and switch" is not only for you and the babies, but for your man too. ⠀

Shutran shave cream smells yummy just like the oil. It has that creamy texture which is perfect for the guys! This bad boy is made ingredients such as green tea, honey, organic sugar cane, naturally derived vitamin E complex, Tea Tree essential oil, and mango and cocoa butters leave your skin feeling soft and silky—a perfect shaving experience from beginning to end. It hydrates hair and skin for a close shave. Shutran shave cream is made without drying or irritating chemicals—just pure essential oils and botanicals and the Skin-conditioning ingredients provide a frictionless glide to help avoid razor nicks, skips, or dragging.⠀

This stuff is perfect for moisturizing the skin and the hair. If your man or YOU are sensitive to smells of aftershave then this is a perfect too. It's designed with essential oils to absorb easily into hair and give it a soft, natural-looking shine, Shutran Beard Oil is perfect for everyday use. It's formulated with pure ingredients such as apricot kernel oil and wolfberry seed oil, this beard oil will help keep your skin hydrated and leave your beard smelling great with the masculine scent of Shutran.⠀

How do you use your grooming products?⠀

#menshealth #shaveclub #wellgroomed #manly #skincare #skin

Calling all the dreamers:⠀

The good ol' American Dream. Go to college, get a good job, climb the ladder, get married, buy a house with a white picket fence, have kids, climb a little higher, retire, collect a pension and live happily ever after. Right?! Or at least that is what we were raised to believe, but this is not the case anymore and I am watching as this "dream" is not all it was cracked up to be. One of my oily friends said "If what we were making wasn't enough working for 40 years, why would it be enough when we live on 40% of it later?"🤔⠀

Here is the reality: ⠀
Education doesn't guarantee you a job, but it does guarantee debt. How many friends do you know that aren't even using their degree? On top of that, our jobs are anything but secure. Social security and medicare are pretty much nonexistent. The old way of doing things isn't working for our parents and friends, so why do we think it will work for us later?⠀

This video breaks all this down in VERY simple terms. Literally, it's spelled out for us. For real- Watch it, really take the time to understand it, and change your family's story forever. It sounds too good to be true right, but It has already changed ours. A little over a year of hard work in, and my paycheck haven't been less than $500 since last September. And I am just getting started. ⠀

Ryan is a retired CPA, he talks about the value of a Young Living business. He gives real numbers and actual data. If you're like me and super skeptical of it all before jumping in, I promise this is not me just telling you what you want to hear.⠀

video: https://buff.ly/2xyRZea⠀

He gives examples of residual income, such as Royalties, Social Security, ⠀
401(k), Income Property/Rentals, ⠀
etc… all the financial things. ⠀

and because I am talking income, ⠀

My team actually has an amazing mentorship beginning next week. Grab your kit with my team and I will get you plugged in and walk through it with you! ⠀

#businessopportunity #workfromhome #relationships #americandream #thedream

All things DIY are my jam. Home makeover DIYS, gift DIYS, beauty DIYS, natural cleaning DIYS, decor DIYS, all the things. ⠀

Today, I made these all natural bad boys. Here is the recipe:⠀
🌱3T Beeswax⠀ 🌱2T Coconut Oil⠀ 🌱1T Shea Butter⠀ 🌱20 empty lip balm containers ⠀ 🌱10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil for a little plump⠀ 🌱10 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil for a little extra help with the sugar cravings. ⠀

You can change up the oils and make it your own! ⠀

#diy #lips #lipbalm #makeup #natural


But seriously. I'm going to be honest for a second and say, I used to think they were these made up things. That women cast blame too easy on “hormones.” All the while, I was a raging lunatic, who felt out of control just about the same time every month. Um weird🤔⠀

Hormones are real people! Webmd defines it best: “Hormones! From PMS to menopause, these messengers of womanhood can affect your mood, your weight, your food cravings - even your desire for sex. For many women, it's smooth sailing, but for others, it's a shipwreck at every turn of the hormonal bend.” Can anyone relate or is it just me???? Let's just say this – it has not been smooth sailing emotionally for so much of my adulthood (and my mother would probably chime in for much of my teen years either). This hormonal struggle resulted in difficult emotions to say the least. ⠀

Progessence Plus has naturally occurring progesterone from wild yam extract, as well as many other amazing (and emotionally grounding) essential oils. I will say this – if I'm not using my Progessence Plus regularly, it is clear to all who know me. All I have to do is apply it on my inner forearms and ankles every day. Dr. Edie Wadsworth has offered a lot of information on this subject, and she explained that we live in an estrogen dominant world. This is why Progessence Plus helps! Now, I'm not going to get all scientific on you this morning, but I will say this – after using Progessence Plus, after applying it straight to my face, in less than a week my hormonal acne disappeared; and overall in less than 2 weeks, I was feeling more stable than I had in a long time. #Winning #hormones #beauty #skincare #skin

After traveling last week, I felt just a little blah. I immediately started lathering all things thieves and added honey and copaiba to some tea to drink before bed. I feel like a million bucks. ⠀

This little Bottle has so much power because of its antibacterial properties. BYE GERMS. #germs #wellness #essentialoils #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Heading home from a Color Education class. Not only did I learn so much, but it restored my faith in the integrity of my profession. ⠀

Under the 1938 Food, Drug, & Cosmetics Acts, Health and beauty products are "self regulated". A now 62 billion dollar industry gets to decide for itself if their products are safe. And who is their Guinea pig? You. And me. And your kids. Everyone who doesn't know any better. ⠀

When we know better, we must demand better and do better. So happy to offer services to my clients that they can feel good about for both hair and makeup. #oya #youngliving #oyacolor #savvyminerals #beauty

The toxic free life if the life for me! Putting products on my hardwoods freaks me out. I don't want to ruin them and I also don't want to be walking on straight chemicals all day. Nope. Do you have babies crawling around on your floor? Ever worry about what they are rolling around in?🙅🏼 Just one more way to protect that skin. Here's one of my favorite DIYs for ya! ⠀


1 gallon hot water⠀
½ cup olive oil⠀
¼ cup Thieves cleaner⠀
3-5 drops Orange EO or Pine EO⠀

Add the above together in a bucket. Using a soft cleaning cloth, soak the cloth into the water, ring excess water, and wash a small 4x4 section of floor. Immediately wipe dry with a soft cloth and move to the next section of flooring.⠀

What are YOUR Hardwood floor cleaner recipes?⠀

#clean #naturalcleaning #chemicalfreehome #HealthyLiving #naturalliving

I have never been a coffee drinker, ever. Love the smell, hate the taste. BUT that doesn't mean that midday slump doesn't show up at 3pm. Gotta love it. ⠀

I'm not about the energy drink game, or at least the gas station ones. All the sugar, gitters, and that crash.. Ugh. Can't. ⠀

So this is my muse. Getting ready to head to Youth group tonight, I swear these kids keep me young. Chugging this down first, that's for sure! 👌🏻🙌🏻⠀

#energy #coffee #stayyoung #foreveryoung

After a couple days of traveling, I am feeling a little stuffed up. ⠀

Using all thing thieves until this breaks. ⠀

#healthy #wellness #aintgottimeforthat #overit

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