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Bri 🌱 YL Silver  Just a girl building a team trying to help the world find happiness through essential oils. John 3:30🌱 Join the journey here:

This place is magical.
Once I gather my emotions and thoughts, I’ll share more. ❤️❤️ #youngliving #ylconvention #happiness #myjob

Popped this bad boy in my Guacamole last week and I have become low key obsessed with it ever since. ⠀

#obsessed #youngliving #happiness #readyforsummer

This past March, I attended Young Living’s Beauty School in Dallas and received this beauty! This is a blend of a bunch of exotic oils to enhance, beautify, and pamper the skin. I had to snatch up several of them because I was instantly hooked and they are exclusive to Beauty goers only. All the heart eyes.⠀

We are giving one away in our exclusive members group over on Facebook to one lucky Member who is taking advantage of the rewards program! ⠀


This community is life. If you haven’t joined yet, you’re missing out! If you want more info, comment below with your email and I will send you the deets. I have a special deal for my friends who join by the end of the week! #fomo #theessentialplacelife #beauty #selfcare

Bright sun and spring weather this morning= happy Bri. ⠀

Is anyone else like that? I honestly can’t be the only one who suffers so hard from the winter blues. My heart gets tired and heavy by the time winter is ending (or trying too), and then some good weather comes just in time to tell me “you are loved”. ⠀

Last night, my dog “ran away”. I want to use that term lightly because he is an adventurer, just like his mom. He always returns home after he misses us, I just worry that our neighbors won’t be happy or he will cross a road. We were walking around the woods behind our house and I wasn’t even mad that it was happening because it was so nice out! Don’t worry, we found him hanging out at our neighbors who were giving him treats. He was loving life. I mean, I can blame him- exploring and treats?! Who wouldn’t be happy!

#youngliving #happy #adventure #greatpyrenees

Happy Earth Day, Friends! 🌎⠀

If you have been interested in starting your wellness journey, there is no better day than today! Comment below with your email for more info on special gifts that come to all new members today only! ⠀

#earthday #youngliving #wellness #theessentialplacelife

Room spray: saving pet parents one couch at a time. ⠀

8 oz Glass spray bottle:⠀
+fill 3/4 of the way with distilled water⠀
+15 drops purification⠀
+15 drops citrus fresh⠀
+splash of witch hazel⠀

And boom. A spray that is actually good for you and does the trick. #furmom #essentialoils #youngliving

Y’all. This cream is everything. Whether you carry your tension in your shoulders like me or are running around after children every day like my gym-teacher-husband, you need this. #youngliving #essential #favoritethings

My favorite thing is taking my oils on the go. #support #youngliving #travel #rollers

The oils that changes the everything. ⠀

Isn’t it funny how I thought I would only use lavender when I got started? Now we can all have a good laugh because that was just so naive. I use every one of these, every. Single. Day. ⠀

#youngliving #essentialoils #gamechanger

Yalllllllll. •

So I know I say my team is wild all.the.time., but it’s true. •

We are doing a 3 day special where you get 2 Diffuser’s instead of one with our starter kits and 2 extra oils for only $29 more. YUPP, we are all diffuser snobs and have one and every room and want you to as well. An extra diffuser that is normally $83.88, for only $29. 13 oils, 2 Diffuser’s, a stellar team with resources for only $189 •

Don’t worry, if you’re already on my team- we didn’t forget about you! We want you to have the dew drop diffuser plus tangerine and peppermint for 15% o f f. Because we love ya! ❤️ Interested. Comment below or inbox me for details!

#youngliving #wellness #healthy #diffuser

You know what y’all?! Today is payday, so for me that means a little self care. I got my nails done, ate at my favorite spot, and did a little shopping. It’s weird that spending money on things that took care of me seemed so selfish and unnecessary. The more I grow up, I feel like I am not myself if I don’t budget it in. I am so thankful for this business for freeing my heart from financial binds. And that’s some real talk. I want this freedom for everyone. YUPP, that means even you. My team has so many resources to help every single person get here, it has actually become a driving force to help others. Check out this wild Income disclosure: Interested? Let’s chat!

#youngliving #selfcare #loveyourself #bossbabe

We have SO MANY new friends here, so I figured I’d take a minute to introduce myself. ⠀

I’m Bri, BFish, brizzy, honestly I have so many nicknames. That’s me in the left, doing my thing. I am a Jesus lover, wife, fur momma, OH licensed cosmetologist, Makeup Professional, wellness guru, an advocate for people being the best versions of themselves, and many more rolls. I love traveling with my hottie of a husband, eating at the coolest little restaurant, and laughing until it hurts. ⠀

I honestly never in a million years thought I would be in an MLM, let alone a wellness one, but here I am- doing my thing. When Jesus calls you to walk on water, you do it because big things are coming. This passion and business is my water. I don’t have a college degree in wellness, or one at all, but I do have a Passion for helping people look and feel their best through products that are going to uplift and support. ⠀

I am so glad you’re here and I can not wait to hang with you more! ⠀

#introductions #youngliving #Cosmetology #instablogger #theessentialplacelife

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