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Save The Children UK  We believe every child deserves a future. We do whatever it takes for children, every day & in times of crisis.


Eman was at her relatives’ house in #Yemen when an airstrike hit the building. The blast killed her mother and at least five other women who had gathered to offer their condolences after the funeral of one their relatives. Eman survived after being trapped in a small space under the rubble, which shielded her from the debris. But her face was badly burned by the explosion, causing her eyes to swell severely.
Eman was dragged from the rubble with other casualties and taken to a hospital in Sana’a, where our team supported her treatment.
Eman’s burns healed and she returned to the village to live with her grandmother, Khadija, who is already taking care of four orphaned children. Whereas before she was an energetic and outgoing girl, she has now become fearful, withdrawn and wakes up screaming from nightmares. We're providing psychological support to Eman and other girls affected by the attack to help them overcome their traumatic experiences.
See the child. Not the war. Visit the link in our bio to help.
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Youssef was struck in the eye by a stray bullet outside his home in Aden, Yemen. His family fled the violence in Yemen and travelled by boat to Bosaso, Somalia, where they were hosted in a reception centre for refugees.

In his mum's words, "The conflict became worse and worse, there were missiles and bombs falling all around us, and one night my son was struck in the eye by a bullet. The only one with him was his sister, Maya, and she was screaming, 'A bullet! A bullet!'. We were all woken up by her screaming. As a mother, I was afraid for my children, so I took them and I left the country." As war rages, #Yemen's children are paying a terrible price. Visit the link in our bio to find out what you can do to help.
#yemencantwait #yemen #yemenwar #yemencivilwar #yemenchildren #yemenchild #war #savethechildren #savechildrenuk #savechildren #charity #ngo #notforprofit

Aws is only 2 – but he’s already been terribly scarred by the war in Yemen. Both of his parents were killed in an airstrike, and Aws was trapped in the rubble for hours. Now he’s living with relatives, but they’re struggling to look after him.
We're helping Aws come to terms with what he's been through, and giving his family the support he needs.
The war on children MUST end. Visit the link in our bio to stand with children.

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"I want a good life for my grandson. We need more food and water, and I want him to be educated." Baby Ismil is looked after by his grandmother Fatima*. Ismil was born in a makeshift settlement for displaced Rohingya people in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
In Fatima's words:
“Our village was torched and many relatives of mine were killed.”
“The road was very bad. It took 15 days to reach Bangladesh. Our legs swelled up as we went up mountains. It was either steep and rocky or watery. Many times we fell down.”
“My daughter was in her 8th month of pregnancy. She walked very slowly. Her legs were swollen.
“At the border, we were trapped for five days. My daughter was very sick from the journey. She had a fever and a headache. After we crossed into Bangladesh, we were able to enter a school. Three days later, my grandson was born at 2am.
“I helped my daughter. I cleaned the amniotic fluid. I cut the cord and tied it, then I cleaned the baby. He looks like his dad.
“I have delivered more than 250 babies so I felt comfortable doing this.
“He is a month old now. I help look after him and my daughter.” #rohingya #rohingyachildren #saverohingyachildren #rohingyacrisis #bangladesh #myanmar #savethechildren #savechildren #savechildrenuk #charity #ngo #notforprofit

Rohingya mother Bitani* stands in her makeshift tent in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh with her 18 month-old daughter. When this was taken, she was eight months pregnant and anxious about giving birth in the temporary settlement.
In her own words:
“We heard explosions and saw houses set on fire in Myanmar. Villages were raided, women raped and men taken away.
“We were forced to flee.”
“The journey took seven days. I couldn’t eat. We drank rainwater or unclean water on the ground.”
“I fell many times. We had to wade through mud up to our waists and swim through deep water.”
“We went from village to village. We hid in the mountains.
“I felt very unwell when we were walking. I didn’t want any food or drink, and I was vomiting. That’s when I realised I am pregnant.”
“When we got to the border, my child was hungry and wet. We had no food for two days. I thought my child would die and I would have no reason to stay alive. People helped us get across.”
“We have been here for three months now. We want to settle and educate our children.”
“We have no proper home. We have no money – and no cradle or clothes for the baby. We are so worried. I am afraid. I feel no happiness.” We're in Bangladesh doing all we can to help families like hers, thanks to your incredible support.
#rohingya #rohingyachildren #saverohingyachildren #rohingyacrisis #bangladesh #myanmar #savethechildren #savechildren #savechildrenuk #charity #ngo #notforprofit

Our new podcast, Anywhere But Home, is based on true stories of incredible children and families - and their journeys in search of safety.
Visit the link in our bio and listen now on #ApplePodcasts

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After a two-week journey without food, mum and baby wait at a transit camp in Bangladesh.
The baby was born malnourished.
Unimaginable crimes have been committed against Rohingya children in Myanmar. Visit the link in our bio and stand with them.
#rohingya #rohingyachildren #saverohingyachildren #rohingyacrisis #bangladesh #myanmar #savethechildren #savechildren #savechildrenuk #charitytuesday #charity #ngo #notforprofit

Refugee children, artists, trades & crafts people worked together to create these otherworldly images. They depict themes such as memories from the past, the reality of life in a refugee camp and dreams for the future. Storytelling sparks the imagination and gives us hope 🌟 #NationalStorytellingWeek #childrensart #refugeechildren
Artist @patrick_willocq made this possible back in 2016. With support from education organisation #Pearson, all the helpers, and most importantly the children based in Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania, which housed 40,000 Burundian refugee children. And Bekaa Valley Lebanon, home to 190,000 Syrian children seeking refuge.

“I have nightmares that they’re attacking me. I only think about what we left behind. All I can think is I want to go back to my home.” 12 year old Bosora* stands outside her makeshift tent in Cox’s Bazar district, Bangladesh. She fled Myanmar with her uncle’s family after her mother died and father was killed.
Thanks to your support, we're doing all we can to help children like her.
#rohingya #rohingyachildren #rohingyachild #bangladesh #coxsbazar #savethechildren #savechildren #savechildrenuk #charity #ngo #notforprofit

She is just 1 of the almost 1.4 million children we have helped in #Afghanistan.
She is the reason we are here.
We stand strong for children. #NotATarget

#Jalalabad #JalalabadAttack #savethechildren #savechildrenuk #humanitarian #humanitarianheroes #humanitarianaid

We'll continue to fight for children in the most dangerous places on earth. This is possible because of you.

#humanitarians #humanitarianheroes #humanitarianaid #savethechildren #savechildren #savechildrenuk

Megan: it's people like you who make all the difference to children around the world. Thank you so much for organising a family fun disco - you're a super supporter.
In light of the horrific attack this week on our humanitarian heroes, we're overwhelmed with the amazing support from people like you every day. Thank you.

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