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Tiger Lion Leopard Jaguar  An account dedicated to raising awareness for the various species of big cats and occasionally other animals


I.SEE.EVERYTHING 🖤💚 #Repost @shaazjung
Novembers have always been kind to me. The winter winds had an edge to them as the twilight hour twinkled longer than the other months. I’m often greeted by the nights faithful but little did I expect two moonlit eyes to be watching over me from the nearest branch only a few meters away. What a magical world. .
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A phenomenal experience. I saw this mother teach her cub how to mark a tree on a recent trip to Tadoba (TATR). It was just amazing to watch the little cub imitate its mothers

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They are watching us.. they are counting on us to save them 🙏🏻 #Repost @mz_images
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Please help if you can 🙏🏻 #Repost @donnamaria1961
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Firstly thank you to everyone who has been donating to the fundraising link at ➡️@a_lallie_ bio to help these starving animals. Please donate if you can. Thank you.
Update - I’m in contact with an amazing lady who lives near the zoo in #Maracaibo who has reached out to a great NGO in the area who are keen to help administer a tailored feeding plan to the malnourished big cats. They are in contact with the Director of the State-run #Zulia Zoo so a meeting should take place this week to get the required permissions for us to help. You can swipe across for our latest conversations. I should have more news to share soon once I hear back. I’m also aware that @funprodea are gathering food and supplies from locals to deliver to the zoo so if successful, we could also collaborate with them.
Sadly there is a hyperinflation crisis going on in #Venezuela right now where both people and animals are starving. Animals in all of the zoos are hungry. In #Barinas, @proanimalsvzl have spent months feeding abandoned caged animals in botanical gardens. In #Caracas at a zoo where emaciated #RupertaTheElephant resides, 50 animals have starved to death. What we are seeing with this latest footage of starving animals in #zoológicodelzulia in the State of Maracaibo who I am fundraising for is yet another example of the severity of the food crisis that’s happening in Venezuela.
Sending money to feed these animals is a short term solution that will keep them alive but given the crisis where people can barely feed themselves, their only hope for being truly saved is eventual relocation. The end goal should be to move them to a reputable sanctuary outside of Venezuela so please keep contacting and tagging all of the genuine rescues you know of to help.
Caption @a_lallie_ #a_lallie_
Video from @maduradas
🎥 LDanieri

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I hope you’re not bored with tiger photos. This is Bunjai (Indrahs’ Mum) having a drink.

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Happy 3rd Birthday to the Leeds pride! This is Moyas Special Story-
At the age of 18months old we saw that Moya was starting to have some difficulty walking. His back legs were starting to get weak and giving way under him. This was 💔 to see. We consulted the vet, who diagnosed that this was a condition caused due to an unusual dietary deficiency. We realised we had to mimic the wild as much as possible for him so that he could ‘eat’ himself better. Luckily as we are a game farm, we were able to start feeding him game meat only, rather than cattle, specifically the liver and intestines of wildebeest and springbok. Lions instinctively know what they ‘need’ to fix themselves and he was no exception. This took 12 months of constant observation and consistency of his special diet along with additional vitamins to aid his recovery. We can now tell you he has been fully recovered for 6 months now and has grown into the most magnificent 3 year old Prince! We have moved him and his 2 sisters into a new lion camp with a more uneven ground surface to help him re-strengthen his back legs. There is a lot more that goes into looking after lions than most people realise! Our mission is to love, protect and preserve the lions in our care. The love part is very easy!! But the protecting and preserving is where we need your help....financing places like ours is a massive undertaking. If you believe in us and can help then please do. We want to enrich the lives of our white and tawny lion prides as much as possible and we can only do this with your financial help. To support us click www.gofundme.com/8wyz2xt8. The lions thank you. ❤️🦁❤️

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You care to make a monetary contribution this is the source 👉🏼@funprodea 👈🏼
They have managed to get an appointment with the zoo to negotiate weekly visit to feed the animals. Will keep you up to date on the outcome of the meeting. In the meantime there is a Wishlist for medical supplies and food on their page. Read below!!! #thankyou #venezuela
Rp @mariaconchita_a
Via @funprodea ・・・ @funprodea (@get_repost)
・・・LEAN, COMPARTAN! #zulia
Ayer me concedieron una CITA en el #Zoo con el fin de realizar algunos DONATIVOS para los #animales. Recuerden q esto lo realizamos por el bienestar animal mientras ellos canalizan la problemática existente en el mismo. Nosotros TENEMOS algunos insumos de alimento concentrado y medicamentos q donaremos, dejaré una lista para aquellos q deseen realizar su APORTE, el cual se realizará un #video al momento de la entrega de los mismos. Pomada Matagusanos EQ 335. Polvo cicatrizante.
Enrofloxacina en tabletas o inyección. Oxitetraciclina LA. Desparasitantes (albendazol, fenbendazol). Doramectina, ivermectina. Vacuna para aves "Newlarine".
Anestésico Ketamina (se ha hecho muy difícil conseguirlo). Alimento concentrado: para herbívoros, aves, caninos. Nuestro NÚMERO DE CONTACTO 04146443811. #ayudazoo #zoológicodelzulia #soszoologicozulia necesitamos colaboración de todas aquellas personas q puedan aportar algún insumo. #Venezueladuele #Venezuela @four_paws_international @worldwideveterinaryservice

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For the first time in more than 100 years, a #mountainlion has officially been found in #Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources confirmed the presence of a cougar in Bath Township, Clinton County.

A photo of the cougar was captured by a Haslett resident near the Rose Lake Wildlife Area on June 21. After a field investigation, the MDNR confirmed that the animal was indeed a cougar, also commonly referred to as a mountain lion.

In a statement, MDNR wildlife specialist Kevin Swanson said, "Even with this verification, questions remain, especially regarding the origins of the animal. There is no way for us to know if this animal is a dispersing transient from a western state, like cougars that have been genetically tested from the Upper Peninsula, or if this cat was released locally." More from the MDNR press release: bit.ly/M070717
Source: Michigan Radio

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(Swipe ⬅️ left for part 2)
Meet India's Dr Dolittle who runs an orphanage for rescued wild animals.
"I feel very lucky to have these animals in my life."
Via BBC Earth

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The Poltergeist

At first he was no more than a chill in the air, a shimmer of mist, diffuse. He appeared there, shadow like black velvet with eyes of emerald and the smile of a predator. For a moment all was silent, it wasn't a tale of fiction. He came, he saw, he conquered.

Nikon D500 + Nikon 200-500 | ISO 8000, 1/25th, f5.6, -1.33 EV, 370mm

Photographer :@dsrujana

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