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Tiger Lion Leopard Jaguar  An account dedicated to raising awareness for the various species of big cats and occasionally other animals

Future kings and queens 👑👑 #Repost @sachin_rai_photography
We spent some considerable time with these one month old cubs last year in Ndutu, Tanzania on the tour

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That weekend feeling 🙃 #Repost @africanimals
This beautiful lion has done some mud bathing. Now he has some relaxing to do before the females bring home the food. What a life! 📸 Great photo by @marlondutoit

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#Repost @lisatorajaqueline
Coming in for the bite ❌‼️ .
Watch till the end ! 😃 .
Love how she gets ready with her paws on the ground 🙌🏼⚡️ .

This is a wild female , I have actually seen her grow up since she was a cub (with her wild mother) so therefor we can be quite close and she dears coming up and taking the food right from me ☺️ .
Still impressive girl though.
She is planned to be released into a protected reserve later this year 💖

😔 #Repost @dp4k.m_reincarnated
Sound Up🔈🔈
Voodoo is a rescue animal, an African spotted leopard that came to Cedar Cove at 5 months old.
Voodoo was purchased at three months of age by a private couple from a breeder with the intention of making him a house pet and playmate to two full grown rottweiler dogs.

He was declawed on all paws but still overpowered his purchasers and was too rough and aggressive to keep, at which point he was brought to William Pottorff at the Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary.
Declawing is equivalent of cutting off the ends of your fingers. It's a cruel practice that lead to long term problems.

One of the most agile of all feline species, their compact, powerful form, allows leopard to be graceful climbers either pursuing prey into the trees, taking fresh prey upwards where they can dine in safety, or silently lying in wait to ambush unsuspecting prey below. Feats impossible without claws.
Rescue animals like Voodoo that have been socialised (and declawed) at some point will never be candidates for rehabilitation and release into the wild.
Thanks to selfish people who abuse these beautiful animals, their lives are now left in the hands of animal protectors to care for them.

This is obviously not typical leopard behaviour. Years of trust and bonding will not eliminate the threats all wild carnivores represent and this respect must be present at all times.
Video by Cedar Cove Tiger Park
Caption by DP4K.M
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#Repost @wonderousnature
A MUST read and share!
From @lobbyforlions
Fun fact friday’s! Lionesses are one of the best wildlife mothers out there. They are fierce, ferocious and protective. Don’t mess with mumma lion!! Don’t be fooled by people telling you that cubs were rejected by their mum. It very rarely happens so how can it be possible that every cub in captivity in South Africa (and any other place around the world) that you can ‘pet or play’ with has been rejected by its mother. Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution. Say no to cub petting!

Las leonas son una de las mejores madres de vida salvaje que hay. Son feroces y protectoras. No te metas con una mamá leona!

No te dejés engañar por las personas que dicen que los cachorros fueron rechazados por su madre. Muy rara vez sucede, entonces ¿cómo puede ser posible que cada cachorro en cautiverio en Sudáfrica (y en cualquier otro lugar del mundo) con el que se puede 'acariciar o jugar' haya sido rechazado por su madre? No seas parte del problema, Sé parte de la solucion.

Photo by @alisonleerubie_photography
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I cannot believe South Africa raised the quota from 800 to 1500 for the lion bone trade! Money and corruption are bringing lions to extinction! It’s disgusting what they are doing to them! 😡 #Repost @davidwhelanphotography
Hooray, it's the weekend.
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#Repost @dp4k.m_reincarnated
@Regrann from @wwfsg - #WWFEXPOSÉ: The most trafficked animal in Southeast Asia is the tiger - commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and even as decorative pieces. We went undercover to discover tigers are bred are kept in enclosed cages: (link in bio) #stopthetrade 📷:©️ Adam Oswell / WWF

Clash of titans 😓 #Repost @natgeo_arbc
" نمر دخيل يتردد على أم فارس في حين غياب زوجها ، وعندما لا يرى منها ترحيبا ، يتركها ويعود " .
@natgeo_arbc '📛 '
أذكــار '' سبحان الله💡
)) لايك ينشر المقطع 🎬🎥
فولو للحساب من فضلك 🍃

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#Repost @four_paws_international 💢BREAKING NEWS!: Ruthless Tiger Trade in the EU Uncovered! 💢
Our ongoing research and recent police raids in the Czech Republic show that tiger trade 🐯 is not only an issue in Asia: The lucrative commercial trade with a highly endangered species and their parts is happening right in the centre of Europe 🇪🇺 as well!

Check out the details and sign our petition (link in @four_paws_international bio)

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How well do you know your big/ medium sized cats?

Can you guess all 9?

I'll update the caption with the correct answers in 24 hours ✌

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#Repost @dp4k.m_reincarnated
🙏🏼 My apologies for the poor quality video.
(Swipe ⬅️ left for parts 2,3)
Born in 1976, he arrived in the country at the age of two, as a gift from Germany to Kabul, the capital city.
At the end of the Soviet occupation in 1989, Afghanistan entered a period of civil war that lasted until 1992.
Kabul plunged into chaos: its zoo was in the middle of the battlefield. It was bombed several times and lost its nursing station.
In 1995, a soldier entered the lion’s enclosure to show his bravery, and struck ‘Chucha’, Marjan’s lioness.
Starving, Marjan attacked and killed him.
The following day, the soldier’s brother, seeking revenge, threw a grenade at Marjan’s face. Marjan lost his sight, his hearing, and part of his jaw.
The soldier’s brother was murdered a week later.
In 1996, the Taliban invaded Kabul and left the zoo abandoned. The zoo’s employees, who no longer received a salary, begged for money to feed the animals. But many of them died and some were even killed and eaten by the starving population.
Twenty-six years earlier, the zoo that was home to 417 animals, but in 1998 only 19 were still alive, including the two lions.
People regularly threw stones at them.
When the Americans took over Kabul in November 2001, after six weeks of bombings, Marjan was Afghanistan’s last lion. That’s when the world discovered his story. He received veterinary care for the first time in years.
Unfortunately he died several weeks later, in January 2002. And was immortalised in bronze as a symbol of Kabul’s suffering. A statue in his honour was erected inside the zoo.
Via BrutNature
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How gorgeous is this cat 🤩#Repost @sachin_rai_photography
We saw two cubs walking around a tree, occasionally looking up at the tree. It was only when this tigress called Noor, came out of the carpet of leaves is when we figured she was up there. She soon descended from the tree using her tail to wrap around the large tree trunk to balance her descend. #tiger #tigers #royalbengaltiger #ranthambhore #descend #tree #climbing #india #indian #forest #wild #wildlife #wildlifeonearth #wildlifephotography #photography #toehold #toeholdtours #toeholdmoment #toeholdphototravel #earthcapture

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