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savannah brown  author of a poetry collection called GRAFFITI & a YA novel called THE TRUTH ABOUT KEEPING SECRETS, coming march 7 with @penguinrhuk. preorder:

breaking hearts 💔 (not really i love bert very much) happy v day!!!

TTAKS is out in less than a month!!! like...three weeks. it’s crazy. i remember posting the announcement around this time last year and we were all like A YEAR!! THAT’S SO FAR AWAY!! and now it’s here. ah the relentless marching of time 🤪

anyways. it’s still available for preorder! there’s a link to amazon in my bio. swipe for a couple of nice reviews if you need some persuading - there’s also a highlight on my profile with a link to the first chapter. i’ll be posting a vid of me reading it soon!

ty for all your kind messages - whether you’ve already read an early copy or are just excited for it to come out, i’m so grateful. 🍂📚🍂

i have LONG SLOTH HANDS!!! they are incredibly helpful for clinging onto branches and eating leaves!!!

my cat’s name: ladybug
what we call her: bug, buggy, bugaboo, electric bugaloo, missy moo moo(?), pretty girl, sweetie girl, small, stink, little gal, bugoolet(?)

frog 🐸 (yes i flipped the pic so u could read)

turned in the first draft of book 2 yesterday. giving myself a week to read and socialize and be a human again and then start work on something entirely different - and then TTAKS comes out! it’s all happening!

snow!! snow in london!!! (said in the spirit of ‘troll in the dungeon’ (not even that into harry potter (i should calm down)))

was being really pathetic and mopey this morning so i did my makeup and!!! does this bitch look like she has time to be a whiny little baby!!!! 👏 no!!!! 👏 though she should close her mouth bc bugs might fly in

my shiny child is out in five weeks

tbh i’ve been really nervous about the release not in like a ‘ha ha i just can’t wait’ way but more of like a ‘i feel like vomiting when i think about it’ way. trying to calm down and enjoy the ride. also got a suit for my launch so that will be fun. deep fckn breaths

me + door x


i miss my stupid cat lol (this sort of makes it seem like bug is dead she’s NOT just livin it up in our flat while we’re away. throwing all kinds of cat parties i’m sure)

the smiley one was out of focus so have this VERY SERIOUS CHRISTMAS PIC

for real, hope you all have happy and healthy and safe chrimbos if u celebrate. v glad to have bert here with me. now GOODNIGHT santa is coming 🎄

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