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Savannah Rachelle🌿  Friendly lil' pacifist, optimist & nomadic minimalist Personality of a parakeet Writes a lot about how she feels


Apathy is power but also confusion that breaks your teeth when it starts to wear off

I want silence in my head again

Overdramatic but underwhelming

This is a picture from a couple days ago, because I'm sitting on a porch drinking black coffee and having a staring contest with a black cat and I think it's funny that I look nothing like this picture right now, but hey that's just Instagram, am I right?

Lil' Spitfire

Thinking about going back to the east coast to conduct a sting operation to free all the carriage horses from asphalt and exhaust 😶

pretty on the outside // Church of Saint Mary of the Angels, Los Angeles

I have a severe case of dog fever, and @litttlecatrose's isn't helping 🤤

I'm not scared of spiders, sharks, clowns or anything of that nature, really. Sure, I'll jump when spooked or startled, but none of that keeps me up at night. What really gets me, what makes my blood turn sour and hair stand on end is the concept of time. Thinking about it makes me want to gag, to cry and pout and hide under my covers like a child. Time ages, changes, takes and breaks. I'm afraid of losing time with my loved ones, I'm afraid of time aging me, I'm terrified of the future. I'm petrified when I think about wasting time, almost to a point of immobilizing anxiety, which in turn actually wastes my time. It's cyclical and it's freaking scary!! It's scary that humanity shares these horrible pasts and we don't learn from anything! I'll be horrified when I find the first grey hair on my head, and petrified of thinking about all the time and youth I had but did nothing with. Why can't it stop?? I can have these cathartic, exquisite moments of pure bliss, where I want to freeze time and lounge in them forever, but time always takes them away from us, leaving them in the past to collect dust. This is the shit that keeps me up at night, the true haunting of my existence. Clowns can go to hell lol

Animals are our little patches of sunlight✨

Are we ever truly free?

Simple, careless, comfortable [learning that not everything fits into the boxes I make in my mind to organize the mess a little better]

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