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Savannah Lynx  Singer/Songwriter, Miss Swimsuit USA Int'l, Star of BET’s “F In Fabulous,” @fitnessgurls Athlete,Muscle Beach Bikini Champ, Lynx Club Founder

Watching this jasmine blossom bloom each and everyday is such a gift. I am so blessed and humbled to share childhood memories, laughs, successes, failures, milestones, and Malbec with this woman. From graduating NYU in basically under three seconds, getting her pilot and real estate licenses, cooking duck worthy of a Michelin star restaurant, finding her creative expression in her paintings, supporting her favorite bands, and always being up to date with the latest noteworthy novel, this fiery Phoenix is just as talented and inspiring as she is a loyal friend. I love you Phoebe 💕 you hold the dearest of places in my heart

Coming to a theater near you... 🎼🎬🎹 #lynxmode choreography by my beautiful and talented Scorpio sister @yaminahlegohn

KeWL gUrL ✌🏼

Goodnight from my sweet 16 fat baby kitty Capri Noel and her mommy 🤗💕 #bestfwends #kitty #ragdoll

Blindy and Jimmy sharing a romantic moment at sunset 🐎🌅🍁🍂 #rescuehorses #farmlife #animallover

My thinking face 🧐
Wearing this cute and comfy active wear set by @lascanaofficial @lascanausa
Photographed by @creativecupfilms


🦔🦔🦔🦔 (this porcupine has nothing to do with this pic but felt worth including because it’s a porcupine emoji- am I the only one who knows about this incredible development in iPhone software??) #miami #beach #porcupineemoji

I used to hate the way my legs looked. Since I can remember, I’ve had insanely muscular calves- earning me the nickname “man calves” growing up 😿. I pretty much only wore heels or bell bottoms because I thought my legs looked super stumpy in flat shoes, and skinny jeans accentuated my leg muscles (and 9/10 times didn’t fit me). At that point in my life, it wasn’t just my legs that I was self conscious about. You wouldn’t catch me dead in public without a full face of makeup and perfectly curled hair. That’s because I didn’t love myself the way I do now.
I love my strong legs. I am grateful for them as they carry me on my 10+ mile runs through cities across the world. I love that they are unique to me. They’re different- and that’s ok. Actually, my calves have been largely responsible for my fitness modeling and competitive successes. Now a days, I love having the confidence to wear trainers and a pony tail and feel just as good as if I were wearing a gown. It’s kinda cool for me to post this photo because the Savannah I used to be wouldn’t. I’m evolving every day, constantly overcoming personal obstacles and setting new goals. Who knew that what I used to consider my biggest flaw is actually one of my best assets? #selflove #selfacceptance #zen #freshface #peace
Photographed by the wonderfully talented and kind @harrylhgfx
Hair by my beloved @iamjetonfashion @jfnextjourney
Location provided by @hermosamodern

Beware of distractions 🌩
Hair @iamjetonfashion
Photographed by @davidyangimages
Location provided by @hermosamodern
Talented team with lots of heart 💕 always a pleasure seeing my beloved Jeton!! @jfnextjourney

Walked up to @billyinspo with this hair and when I walked away he literally said “idk who that crazy chick is but I think she thinks she’s with us.” Incognito apparently worked too well 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ a huge thank you to @arsenic and @kowatches for a super yummy she-she dinner last night at @estrellasunset. Fun fact: I was eating the steak bone and it flew out of my hand and hit the waiter. Nobody noticed. #incognito #invisible #superhuman #thoughtistoodout #actuallyblendedin #cananybodyseeme #hello #wigwam

If you find yourself at the bottom of the mountain, climb it ✨

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