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  Hi! I Love the Beautiful/Unique & the thrill of the HUNT & FIND!Love updating/decorating my 1880's Victorian. Join me..let's have fun!

She's UP!! Happy Friday my friends!! Hope your day has been as good and BRIGHT (sorry for the bad pun!πŸ˜–) as mine is with my 38 light gold gilt chandelier! Being waiting quite awhile to get her up... but here she is in all her 38 light and crystal glory!! I LOVE her! The picture doesn't do it justice...but the warm glow radiating from the gold ceiling is gorgeous...especially in the evening!! I keep turning the dimmer up and down like a dork...but I just can't help myself! Swipe to the last picture...and you can see what a HUGE change this is from my previous light! Hope everyone has a great evening and a wonderful weekend!!πŸ’™πŸ’™

HAPPY EASTER and Happy Passover!! I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed day! Love you all!!πŸ’™

Just about up!! We've had a few delays and it's been waaaay too long...but my chandeliers are going up!!YAY!!! I originally purchased this for my dining room...but moved it to my entranceway. It's hard to tell in this pic...but there is a window right there...& it really sparkles!!! βœ¨πŸ’«βœ¨I LOVE shiny and sparkly about you?? Happy Black Friday everyone!!!

Staffie Pups anyone? Lots of these beauties... Imari...& other gorgeous finds at Scott's Market in Atlanta this weekend! And...finally some nice weather! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!πŸ’™

Found this beautiful vase yesterday. It's not marked and don't think the crazing is from real age...but loved the pattern and the gold bamboo around the top...and don't have anything like of course I just had to have it!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and enjoys their Sunday evening!! πŸ’™πŸ’™

HELP!!! Finally found a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree and bought it. Don't know why...I kill faux orchids! Soooo need help from anyone....everyone...who can give me some direction. Any tips on repotting? Should I put it in eastern window that gets good morning sun...or south window where it would get mid afternoon sun? Any and all other tips would be most appreciated!! Thank you!!

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is thawing out and having a great weekend! Just found these channel back Zebra chairs for my living room!! Soooo excited...I love them!!! I have been looking for some different and distinctive chairs...and I think these more than meet that criteria!! Can't wait to finally have everything done and in place!! Be warm everyone and enjoy the day!!πŸ’™πŸ’™

HUGE pair of pretty scary hand carved wood Foos at Scott's Market this weekend. Happy Monday everyone!πŸ’™

Nearly finished!! Can't believe I just said that...but the long haul is nearly over! It's not completely finished...but overall I LOVE it!! It's light... bright...and bold!! Soooo different from the dark outdated wood cabinets...humongous & gross stained gray sink...and ugly brown slate tiles on the floor and backsplash! (Swipe for before picture) Hopefully will find a chandelier and a couple of rug's to complete the new look soon! And..of course...dying to get all my art and blue and white in place. But..for right now...just enjoying looking at it ...not having plastic up all over the place...and no noise or dust filling the air!!Hope y'all have had a good Thursday! Happy Friday!!πŸ’™πŸ’™

Progress!! Work was delayed for several days due to the unbelievable snow we got here the other day...but the cabinets are now good and dry...and all the plastic is down!! I'm loving them...and can't wait till they're finally finished!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday!! Stay warm and safe!!πŸ’™πŸ’™

Loving the first coat of blue on my cabinets!cabinets! Lots of progress in not done by New Year as I hoped! Repairs to the original floor set us back quite a bit...both on timeline and budget! cabinet pulls are on back order! Anyone know a good hardware source? Anyway...starting again Tuesday and forging ahead!! Hopefully finished pretty soon!! YAY!! What projects do y'all hope to finish in 2018?? Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stay safe!!

Ohhh nooo!!! Well...guess this is what you have to be prepared for when you're dealing with a 135 year old house! When they finally got through the 7 layers of misc. flooring piled on through the years...this is what we found! Gaping holes...covered by plywood so we or our fur baby wouldn't fall through...missing planks and/or planks so damaged they'll have to be removed and replaced before sub floor can be put down. UGH!! BIG hit to the pocket book and schedule!! Gotta tell you...remodeling of an old house is NOT for the faint hearted! Still waiting for a GOOD surprise( could use some buried treasure!!). Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

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