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  Hi! I Love the Beautiful/Unique & the thrill of the HUNT & FIND!Love updating/decorating my 1880's Victorian. Join me..let's have fun!

Happy Thursday everyone!! I won these gorgeous Fitz and Floyd white and gold charger plates at an online auction. I was thrilled with the price I got them for...till I found out that the shipping for these 16 plates cost nearly TWO TIMES what I paid for them!! Good thing I L💛VE them..but I’ll definitely be more careful in the future!!🤨😖🤑🤪Has this ever happened to you??

Need some 🌞in your life?? I know everyone is sick of all the here’s some chairs that will give you some 🌞 matter how dreary it is outside!! Here’s to better weather!!

A little blue and white with my abstract art on my kitchen fireplace mantle. Not sure I like this art piece as well as the other...but fun to switch it up! Happy Wednesday everyone! 💙💙

Have you ever passed on something and then can’t stop thinking about it?? It has been weeks...but this mirror is still on my mind! Soooo...don’t y’all think that means I should get it???

FINALLY ...after searching for nearly a year...found a light I L💙VE for my kitchen island! I was looking for something different...and think this fits the bill!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Happy Saturday!!💙💙

Chairs for all the “royalty” in your life!! All the kings...queens...princes...etc., (if only in their mind!!) could have their own special appointed chairs!! YOU know who you/they are!🤫😬😅Hope everyone had a great 4th and a wonderful weekend!!💙

Moth?? Went outside to water my fig tree...and found this guy on my plant! Think it is a moth...but whatever this was HUGE!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!💙💙

How awesome is this chair? She’s all laquered up and dressed in Zebra!! If she only had a partner...Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!💙

Ghost or not??? I'll let y'all be the judge!! This picture was taken by an appraiser back in 2013 when we were buying our house...which was built in the 1800's. Workmen told us they heard noises...thought they saw things and felt uneasy in this part of the house...but we didn't pay much attention to it.We've attributed any creaks and noises to that of a 100+ yo house. Recently tho...I was deleting some pictures and came across. I had never noticed it before...but in the right hand corner there is a white "figure". My friends and I have looked very closely...and we can "see" a head and hands. What do y'all think this is? What do you see? Would love to hear any experiences y'all have had and if you think this is a ghost or not!! Thanks!!

Going to be a chore for my hubby to get this BIG boy up these stairs...but going to be sooooo worth it! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!💙💙

She's UP!! Happy Friday my friends!! Hope your day has been as good and BRIGHT (sorry for the bad pun!😖) as mine is with my 38 light gold gilt chandelier! Being waiting quite awhile to get her up... but here she is in all her 38 light and crystal glory!! I LOVE her! The picture doesn't do it justice...but the warm glow radiating from the gold ceiling is gorgeous...especially in the evening!! I keep turning the dimmer up and down like a dork...but I just can't help myself! Swipe to the last picture...and you can see what a HUGE change this is from my previous light! Hope everyone has a great evening and a wonderful weekend!!💙💙

HAPPY EASTER and Happy Passover!! I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed day! Love you all!!💙

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