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Savana Ray  Frolic ↠ Fashion ↠ Adventure ↠ Wifey Denver, Co My spirit animal is a deer. 👻 savana_ray @savanarayphotography

It’s very windy out and I hate it.

Say nope to dope.

Can it be summer yet?

It’s my birthday. I was really scared to turn 28, I’m basically almost 30. I feel like maybe I should have more accomplished or be somewhere else in my life....but honestly, I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’m married to my perfect human, I’m doing what I love and creating a business, I have the two cutest kitties in the whole world and I have my family supporting me in everything I do. So I guess 28 isn’t so bad. Also the Titanic sunk today and I have a ghost from the titanic probably haunting me. Okay bye!

I’m not at Coachella this year. So I didn’t get to see yodeling Walmart boy 😭

Someday we will live in the Pacific Northwest, and we will live happily ever after there.

These are my favorite pants.

I’m really not as moody as I always look guys. I’m actually just silly all the time.

Frolic frolic prance prance 🐇

I love bread.

Just trying to balance on top of a mountain without falling and dying. Aka life

Just hanging out.
Photography @nicole_marcelli

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