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Savage Thrills  Routine is the Enemy of Creativity creative + digital @konsuagency

“Amidst the chaos of a live show, I wanted to find that sense of grace, I wanted people to experience what it was like being there; the sweat, the noise, being pushed against each other.” Article on our website.

Forgotten memories @lorenzoscudiero

@hockeydadband exclusive photo for @savagethrills by @ryleyclarke. The music that Hockey Dad has developed amplifies just how popular they have become. This year has been the biggest years and it’s amazing to have seen them grow. Selling out shows isn’t the only thing that has kept this band going strong, with recent signings with American record label Kanine, sponsors like @volcom So what better way to open up the night than bring your Wollongong mates along, Totty... article and photos on our website.

Life has become dull as of late for the warrior WSL fans. The Surf Ranch is being touted as the most boring contest to watch (in recent history) and rightly so. Surfers around the world rejoice in the fact even though the Dream Tour is fast becoming a cash grab at the viewer’s expense. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Away from the contest scene, @john_john_florence released one of the most mind-blowing video edits. Article and video on our website


New York @difre

Boasting a track with 60+ million streams on Spotify, and on the back of an album/Australian tour announcement, indie-rock stars @parcelsmusic deliver on the disco vibes they’ve been quoted as aiming for with ‘Lightenup’. With a guitar/bass duo that keeps your foot tapping and a double synth-line adding that extra charm, ‘Lightenup’ is infectious, a track worthy of a cheeky dance on a Friday night out, or maybe simply from the safety of your lounge room. Article on our website. Pic @jeanraclet

Sunset awards @thebrookedavis

Byron Based Jewellery label, @piratesdreaming creates sharp and exhilarating pieces for the exiled and the outsiders in all of us. We caught up with founder/creative director, Adelaide Friday, to talk about work, play and the inspiration that drives this incredible brand. Article on our website

Meanwhile in Tahiti @damien_poullenot

Tenderness @freepeople

If this is the first you’ve heard of @thesenewsouthwhaless , then you’re in for a treat. Donning black tape over their nipples, starring in their own mockumentary show on Comedy Central, and currently touring all over Europe, the quartet’s music perfectly encapsulates their on-stage persona; quirky, abrasive, but most of all, unabashed fun. Article on our website.

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