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Set at the bottom of a mountain range in Glenworth Valley, an hour or so north of Sydney, it’s a true hideaway from all the usual panderings of civilisation, but exceeds the bush doof category by far. Their ethos focusses on connection, community and sustainability and it’s this that truly drives this entire experience home. What Lost Paradise has managed to create is something truly unique to the festival circuit here.
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The return of vintage fashion is a paradoxical trend.With ‘fast fashion’ brands and mass consumerism shifting the industry towards more commercial rather than artistic purposes, millennials have popularised vintage looks for its unique individuality. It’s where old meets new again. High waists, tall socks and mixed patterns have all become characteristic 2018 staples. With modern fashion encouraging experimentation, vintage culture is as romanticised as ever. Just look at any Snapchat filter. You’ll most likely be sporting wide-framed glasses – an accessory that was popular in the 60’s.And Sydney is no stranger to this fashion trip down memory lane.
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Facing giants of Greenland @tomklockerphoto

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The year 2018 was quite an incredible one for music in Cape Town. Audiences witnessed a fresh revival of the questionable indie scene, and the calibre of international acts that visited our shores sent shivers down our spines. Although the months preceding Rocking the Daisies (one of the biggest music festivals in Africa), we witnessed a counter culture develop and like an earthquake a divide formed among audiences. The fact that the counter culture bloomed from the techno crowd highlighted the significance of the techno scene in Cape Town. Article on

Unseen images for Kate Bellm new book coming out later this year.

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