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putting y’all on real quick 🤫🤫🤫

tbh I live for the day I don’t have to post a selfie and I can post some friggin full bodies but I rarely leave my house so it’s hard

“ SIRI PLAY OKRA FOR MY BLUEBERRY HEADASS” 💙💚 thank you @megs_147 n @arcticfoxhaircolor n @lashesbytb

happy late palentines day

I love you. RIP Bubbie❤️ it only makes sense that you’d be taken on the day of love since you always had more to give than anyone i know. I was waiting for your 100th birthday bc then we could’ve both legally enjoyed some wine together but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards this time... I know you wouldn’t approve but i’m still getting you tatted on me 😌💕

feels like an 8 bit beach kind of night 🧡🌝

i know, you know, we know; we can make the good shit keep happenin’ 🧡

you know she’s got the sauce... you know she’s saucyyyyyy

rather be with you(mechatok remix) // Sinead Harnett

life is perfect

‘cuz it’s you that I want for me 🧡🌊

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