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Bradley Carter  Fabricator of anything and everything. I build and repair anything for automotive applications. Owner of Savage Fabrication, located in Oakdale, CA.

.1875" mild steel from a different point of view.

Just enjoying the camp fire and accelerating at a insane rate trying not to blow the tires off.

Few manifold welds, the bevel is truly key to getting solid pen without running so hot you kill bead appearance. And a few practice passes on .250" tubing that was left over from a job. Cast mild steel pipe cools much slower then a36 mild steel plate,tubing, etc... I have found that the settings, technique, and prep are extremely important when welding on a cast steel to be able to still get satisfactory penetration into the root as well as maintain some bead aesthetics. Tricky stuff but it makes it that much more challenging to figure out.

The most gnarly piece of purge gear I have to date. I am very thankful for the tools from @prlmotorsports @justinlinder_lps and @streetorstripconcept they make my job safer, accurate, and increase the end quality of the finished product.

Click little video of welding up parts for the cummins Shorty headers. Having some fun on this warm Friday.

A few .250" bushing brackets headed out today. For link mounts.

Hx60 turbine housing outlet flange's cool stuff in the works

Outside frame overlays weld photos

Inside frame overplayed. Formed for strength, fit up, and cut to clear the factory frame dimple die hole

Outside frame overlay on a frame shortening job. Took a extenders cab long bed second gen 12v and turned it into a short bed version. There is ainside plate as well that is pretty neat.

Heat shield protecting the pcm and wire harness so the hood stack setup can be daily'ed bolts in where the factory intake filter box used to be.

Hx35 62/60/12 ported with a 25mm internal gate going together. Headed to its new owner tomorrow.

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