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I absolutely LOVE @prideofgypsies Aquaman, and come on, how cool would it be to see a more classic take on his suit in the DCEU? Are you excited for the Aquaman solo movie?

Ultimate Hawkeye I created for’s Ultimate MCU concept. This is a universe meant to exist in the wider MCU multiverse, with darker takes on the characters we’ve already seen in the current 616 MCU.

@jonnybernthal’s Punisher with an updated suit! I’d love to see him get a new suit in the future!

Thunderbolts Punisher would be amazing to see in the MCU? Do you think we’ll ever see a thunderbolts storyline in the MCU?

I want to tell you a story... *ding ding* the McDonald door opens four men walk through the door one after another they pile in @Barrett.Digital @SpdrMnkyXXIII @SavageComics @BritEdit they walk up to the counter as the worker exclaims “what would you guys like to eat”
They replied “a four way combo meal, Thunderbolts style” As they smirk at the camera
So happy to work with all my boys for the first time together!
Would you be interested in an MCU thunderbolts film?

@dylansprayberry would make a fantastic superboy and no one can convince me otherwise. When do you think we’ll see Kon in the DCEU?

I’m still immensely disappointed that we were robbed of @nathanfillion’s cameo as Simon Williams/Wonder Man in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but I’m staying hopeful that we’ll see him in a future MCU film! When do you think we’ll see Wonder Man in the MCU?

Day #4 of artist week with some more incredibly talented artists! @puckheroesart @krakenarts @raichu.copper @jackson_caspersz @adam_sean_arts @rikwilkinsonartist

Robin version of my last @brandon.spink Damian Wayne post. Tell me he isn’t perfect for the role! (Swipe for a better look at the suit)

Day 2 of artist week with some of favorite artists who have helped me along the way. @spdrmnkyxxiii @britedit @christ_ave41 @trickarrowdesigns

Starting off #ArtistWeek by posting some of my favorite artworks from one of my favorite artists, and the creator of artist week,! #StandWithArtist

Damian Wayne’s Redbird outfit is one of my favorite suits he’s donned in the comics, and it would be a fantastic direction for the DCEU to take the character, especially of @brandon.spink is playing him!

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