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@derektheler as Mr. Immortal. Easily my favorite casting from the New Warriors tv show. Are you gonna be watching the show?

@mintmilana as the MCU’s Squirrel Girl in @marvel’s New Warriors tv show. Are you gonna watch the show?

@themoywonder as Microbe in @marvel’s New Warriors! Are you excited for the show?

@katecomer as Debrii in @marvel’s New Warriors tv show. Are you excited for the show?

@jeremytardy as Night Thrasher. It was recently confirmed he would be playing the character in @marvel’s #NewWarriors tv show. (P.S. I am planning to do the majority, if not all of the characters confirmed for the New Warriors show, so stay tuned.) Are you excited for the show?

@calumworthy as Speedball. A few days ago it was announced he would be playing Speedball in @marvel’s New Warriors tv show. Are you excited for the show?

@jwshippjr as a future version of Barry Allen. As soon as I saw the design for Old Man Barry Allen in the tease for The Flash #26 I instantly thought of JWS.

Cam Gigandet as DCEU Captain Cold. (Swipe for alt with @Eminem) I would absolutely LOVE to see Captain Cold and the rest of the Rogues appear in The Flash solo film. What flash villains do you want to see in the future of the DCEU?

#Blezra! Ezra Miller would’ve absolutely ROCKED the iconic blonde Barry Allen look. He already looks so much like New 52 Barry, the hair would’ve made him damn near perfect. What do you want Flash’s second suit to look like in Justice League?

Collabed with @mr.wilfy to create X Force Wolverine and Deadpool! Do you think it’s possible to see @thehughjackman appear in one of the future Deadpool movies alongside @vancityreynolds?

@ansonmount with an ANAD inspired Black Bolt suit. Regardless of what you think of the TV show suit, I don’t think anyone can deny the ANAD suit would be perfect for live action. Do you think it’s still possible we could see him wear a suit like this?

Reworked my Miles Morales artwork when I heard he officially exists somewhere in the MCU, this time using @therealcalebmclaughlin. Who do you want to play Miles in the MCU?

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