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🏎Austin🏁  Recently decided to convert my IG into my C7 IG, left a few things up but it'll mainly be about the build now😈🚀 🚧Under Construction🚧 CT🏡


That sweet sound thoooo😍

He loves rides in the vette😍🐶

Why not have both?😈

100% my daughter... one day, adorable😍

Back when I had that ugly grill though... first thing to go, then my Michelin letters one by one😂

Life goals☺️

🔺♦️All red everything♦️🔺

We want more, we want more😈

She gotta fatty😳🍑

When I first meet you and shake your hand, every attribute and aspect about you is at 0.

It can't be more or less given I know nothing about you yet, regardless of what I may have heard or not I take nothing into account since people love to talk shit through envy and insecurities of their own.

But from the very moment on, YOU shape my perspective and feeling towards you. That 0 can progress positively or negatively.

I don't care your race, religion, gender, size, wealth. It all means nothing to me. I don't care if you bench 500lbs and drive a lambo. If you're heart isn't as big as your wallet and your physique then none of that matters.

You're reputation means everything and that goes far past vanity and money. No one is more in control of YOUR reputation than YOU. -💥✌️

Lmao this is too badass not to repost😳😈🏁

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