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Savannah Abrishamchian  Different likes different.


You wish you were my +1.

Orange you gonna comment this photo?

"Since day one," they said.

Julianna Paulena Savannah Rodriguez Venezuela Dominguez.

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I know you posted first, but it gave me the feels so thought everybody should know you're my best friend. Thanks for waking up before sunrise to watch the clouds and waves unfold with me and for letting me put flowers in your hair and for crouching in alley ways with me late at night to have deep conversations and for getting in fender benders in the In N Out drive thru because we laugh too hard and for always having a cozy bed for me to crash in and for always being down to buy more Parliaments and for always showing up when the haters pound on my parade. Can't wait to run the world with you one day. LA misses you.

All I need in this life of sin... #sorryyoncé

I call this one The Ex-Girlfriend You're Still in Love With.

Oh, every night I ask myself.

I used to be afraid of the ocean. I used to be afraid of diving into any sort of unknown. It was only a few years ago that I decided "no" and "cannot" are not in my vocabulary.
Today, my whole world came to celebrate me. They screamed for me at the top of their lungs. They cried until it stained their faces. They hugged me as tight as you hug someone when you say goodbye or see you later. The kind of hug that wraps a ribbon around your whole body. The kind of hug someone gives you when they think you are going so far--as far as outer space. They airplaned, trained, and automobiled all the way for me and my glory. This day and my smile would have not been as bright and gold without them. I used to be afraid of the ocean, but I have never been afraid of heights. To conclude my surreal joy for this one fine day, I will leave you with a poem. This one is for San Diego:
life lives on the rocks
in the igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic
my metamorphosis
my erosion
smooth or
a sprinkle
my lagoon
salt water stretch
separator of sea
you will find me
on the
edges of the universe
reaching and reaching
and reaching
for the center

This that I got, I got, I got, I got. #findmeatspotify

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