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Kristen René  SATX 📍 Just a sad potter with good intentions, sometimes I write poetry too ; )

seeing my last name on a tomb stone is so surreal one day I too will come to pass and my name will be my legacy

art cred: @phoolkari

art cred: @phoolkari

art cred: @phoolkari

My chest hurts, what is this feeling ?
This red in my cheeks
This teary eyed madness
This pit in my stomach

I peer outside my window and I see myself
This obtuse being
Whos only purpose is to consume space
I gaze upon my thick thighs and my curvaceous hips and i am disgusted .
. - [ K]

im such a grimey human being k m s

I've been feeling so alone since the year started I've been having to deal with hard times alone and sometimes I feel like people are against me and I cant rely on anyone but I dont ever wanna close myself off again..I dont ever want to be bitter and cold again but lately i've been having such a hard time coping with things am I the problem? or do I just have the wrong friends/ support system

apparently i got blockdd by orlando brown lol

I really want a tattoo

just got done having an anxiety attack and crying my eyes out wassup w yall 👀

wrap up kids

Is it conspiracy or are we in too deep
the water is murky with the blood spilled from the hands of our oppressors
and how it flows like water
how its rivers run deep and its well never dries
there is blood in the streets
the kids don't sleep at night
when the monsters aren't under their bed but falling from the sky
the kids don't sleep at night. .
👁Grapes of wrath 👁

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