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#SATGCHALLENGES  FREE 30 DAY CHALLENGE GROUP A community full of support, encouragement, love and positivity. Daily challenges posted EVERYONE WELCOME❤️❤️

Hey guys. I made the decision to deactivate this account. As much as it sucks to do this, it is a lot of work to keep up with this page mostly by myself now. @honey_bfit has been helping me by suggesting challenges, but it is becoming too much. I really want to thank all of you who have been here to follow this page from the very beginning or even joined us any time after that. You’ve all been amazing and I truly enjoyed doing this with all of you. If you want to follow me, I’m @kkgoestoonederland .. that’s my permanent fitness page. I will miss posting here, but life is just so busy for all of us. It is impossible to keep up with it. Thank you again for being a part of this page. I’ll miss doing this as a daily routine! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Let’s challenge ourselves today!! Pick 3-4 exercises that you’ve NEVER tried and do them!! Make that heart rate work. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you do this, please share what you tried!! #satgchallenge #challenge #change

Sorry for the late post!! Busy Monday. Choose 2 circuits & repeat twice!! Thank google for this one 😂😂 let’s slay the day if you haven’t/aren’t already!! #challenge #change #satgchallenges

It’s the freakin weekend fam!! Just don’t let it become your weak-end!! Made it through week 2. Who’s ready for the 3rd and final week this month?! 3 weeks on, one week off.. let’s do this!! Throw a challenge at me, I wanna know what you want us to post!! Have a great one!!

Rainy day here in NY!! Second half of yesterday’s submission by @honey_bfit .. get through today fam.. the weekend is here!! We got this!! #itsgrindtime #challengerestweekend #iknowyouvebeenwaitingforit #challengeyourself

@kkgoestoonederland Checking in for Thursday’s challenge!!! @honey_bfit gave me a whole list of different stuff to do, broken up between today and tomorrow!! Today is my personal rest day, I hope y’all enjoyed this weeks worth of challenges!! Only two more days to get through and it’s the weekend!!! Let’s grind!! #satgchallenges #letsgetit #grindtime

Sorry for the late post! Instagram was being a 🤬🤬.. Happpyyyy HUMMMPPPP DAAAYYYYYY.. halfway through the second week of the new year!! Keep chasing those goals!! Stay strong. Mentally, physically. 🤘🏻🤙😍 #satgchallenges #change #newyearsresolution #keepatit #chasingdreams #fitness

HAPPY TUESDAY!!! Hope you got your week started off right with a challenge or a trip to the gym.. second week of the new year. Keep those goals in mind and never lose sight!! Grind on, #fitfam .. feel free to tag us in your workouts or message us with ideas!! Feature Friday is still around!! #challenge #satgchallenge #change #pushyourself #noexcuses #grindon

It’s MONSLAYYYYYY.. let’s get it this week fam!! Set the tone for the week, get that workout in. No matter how much time it is or what it is!! Get. It. Done. Have a great week everyone!! We got this!! #satgchallenges #letsgetit #challenge #change #getsome

Rise and grind fam!! Happy Saturday!! Usually the weekends are active rest days, but being that we missed Monday.. here is a challenge for ya!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Let’s get these goals!! 🤙🤘🏻🔥 #satgchallenges #challengeyourself #push #youcandoit #nevergiveup

Happy FriYAY fam!!! Sorry for the late post!! Here it is!! Saturday challenge coming at ya tomorrowwww.. who wants to dish it out?!? Just shoot us a message 😜🔥😃 #satgchallenges #fitness #letsgetsome

Happy Thursday fam!! This challenge is brought to you by @honey_bfit .. if you’re not following her DO IT!! One more day until the weekend!! Being that we missed a day this week, who’s up for a Saturday challenge to make up for Monday?!? Comment and let us know!! Enjoy your sweat ladies & gents!! 😜😜 #satgchallenges #challenge #changeisgood #nevergiveup

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