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SasuSaku | 70K🔒  ♡ Edιтѕ + vιdeoѕ + ғanarтѕ + ғacтѕ 💭Tнe one wнo ғιlled нιѕ lonely eхιѕтence wιтн an eмoтιon called love waѕ Saĸυra ~K.Mamashi #Uchihafamily #SSS 💝

My OTP🔥💕😍👌
Credit to the artist🌸

Credit to the artist🌸

Obito is a hero😭😍👌
Got facts from @narutofacts_ 🔥
🎬Naruto shippuden eps. 472

These arts are so good😍😍
Which one is your favorite?

Which one?🌸😸
🎬Naruto shippuden eps. 311
Naruto chibi eps. 46

Uzumaki🍜 or Uchiha👀?
Credit to the artist🌸

🎬Naruto shippuden eps. 67

Credit to the artist🌸

Uzumaki family🍥Old or new?🍜

Aww😍Sasuke is so cute😊

Aww💕I love Saino😍💛
🎬Naruto shippuden eps. 54,493

Do you think that Sasuke could kill Kakashi in that time?💕
🎬Naruto shippuden eps. 214

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