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Margot  Sassy 1yrd old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lady.Not impressed easily.Soulful eyes.Loves cuddles💕 My mama is @bijuleni📍Toronto

When I was a tiny little 4 month old beauty. My pawtiful furiend @sundaeswitholivia.shasta tagged me in the #fivefactschallenge so here it goes. 1.My real official name is Birchrun Miss Merry Margot but mom really wanted to give me the name Margot Le Misérable like the movie because I always look so sad.
2.When mom brought me home I kept eating my poop for 3 days.Mom was horrified and thought she had failed as a parent.
3. My tummy is really sensitive and all I can eat is gastro food, raw veggies/fruits, peanut butter and dried salmon fillet.oh and deer antlers.
4.I have many nicknames because of my sassy personality:Wiggle butt,Gugu,Margie, booboo, Liza (Minneli), sassy sass.
5.If I don't get my way or my pawrents are annoying me with too much cuddles and I want none of it, I huff and puff, I then proceed to give them the dirtiest look ever followed by putting my face between my grinch feet then a little grunt noise. @hverdagspragten @violetthecavalier @emma_of_moorlands Would love to learn some fun facts about you.

I randomly open my mouth and hope mama throws a treat in there 🍖🥓 #tot

Favourite activity of the day: Being a fluffy couch potato 🛋🥔

Monday mornings...Snooze on repeat 💤💤 #morningvibes #gobacktobed

My grinch feet make the perfect pillow.

Waiting for my afternoon snack like...

Mama says I look like a roomba.Pretty sure she just compared me to a vacuum.

My chauffeur called in sick today so I gotta drive myself places.Having a very BMW day. Bitch-Moan-Whine 🚙🙅🏻☝🏽

Guuuys!I wanna hold paws too 🐾

My face when mama said my moustache is out of control and I look more like a Marco🙋🏻‍♂️ than a Margot🙋🏻

Waiting for the torture of my life to commence.Hair brushing time😱#messyhairdontcare

World's shortest horror story. When your pawrents lure you in the corner telling you treats will follow then you look up expecting a nice fat pork treat and you get hit by Rose Petals!!That's right! Rose petals! Pawrents, you lie! This is not American Beauty!! 🥀🥀 (dramatic sound effects on)

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