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Sas Petherick 🍁  Coach + Mentor + Teacher + Writer helping you cultivate self-belief ➳ Write Yourself Home one day workshop in Bristol 13th May:

I've collected quite a few crystals over the years - I use them as talismans to remind me of an intention.
This beauty is a hunk of amazonite - sometimes called the Stone of Truth. It's said to hold the qualities of self-belief, integrity, courage and it's associated with both the river and the women warriors of the same name.
Amazonite is also about integrating separate parts of the self.
It's a satisfyingly heavy bugger.
For me, this stone holds the intention of my new coaching programme. This is all about cultivating self-belief, understanding the roots of self-doubt, and overcoming the Big P's: perfectionism, procrastination, passivity and paralysis.
This has been forming in notebooks for the last year but I'm feeling ready to bring this baby into the world! Coming to you in May πŸ’›βœ¨
#thebeliefmap #selfdoubt

sending love to all the motherless daughters and the childless nurturers out there - today can be a tender one. do something that makes your heart sing πŸ’›

#mothersday #motherlessdaughters #childfreebychoice

It's a chilly start but the sun is out. we are off the the garden centre for more (probably suicidal) succulents πŸ™„ then Mr P will be checking the bees while I Springify my clothes.
Happy weekend instapals! What are you up to? πŸ’›

sometimes, the best thing to do is curl up in your favourite chair πŸ’›
#badgerdogma #readingchair #selfcare

Thrilled that the London Write Yourself Home workshop just SOLD OUT! That's two out of two 😜
There are still tickets available for the last workshop this side of summer on Saturday 13th of May at the fabulous @theforgebristol
We'll spend the day helping you create a sense of home with you, and how to carry this into your life, work & relationships. Come find your people - there will be cake! πŸ’›
(link in profile)

in ten weeks, everything changes. trying to break it to them gently... #bodhibearinbound

I don't know about you lovely 'grammars, but I'm happy for Q1 to be over. Lots of woe inside my brain space.
Now Spring is here and I feel a bit more optimistic and excited.
Yesterday was the Spring equinox and I smudged the house with the strongest ever sage that WOULD NOT GO OUT. Which made the furs run into the garden and left me with a massive headache.
#paganfail #furfail #equinox #spring

preparing to be interviewed for a podcast and this one is snoring loudly on the rug behind me #soprofesh #ibetmarieforleodoesnthavetheseproblems

Perfectionism is an impossible lie that has its tentacles wound into our sense of worth.
We might have found that being praised for something felt SO GOOD, we believed that if we did things perfectly, if WE were perfect, we could experience that all the time.
We might have been intimidated by parents who drove us to do better, bigger, more.
But the risk of falling short means we wait, procrastinate, judge ourselves and envy others. Or we are in a constant state of forward motion - always in pursuit of the goal.
Either way - we aren't here, now, in the muck and gold of life. We live in the tyranny of who we 'should' be.
We are each of us, a body of work - a collection of experiences, ideas, instagram posts, relationships, memories - and there is always time to make more. No one thing defines us.

sorting through some pics from yesterday while we are on the 864 hour long drive home because we've run out of things to talk about. And wine gums. #marriage

we wandered along the few miles of Holywell Beach in the blustery rain looking for pretty shells, drove through gothic level mist to Port Issac, had a long lunch involving much fresh crab and salty chips, then home for a movie with pooped out dogs #bloodyexcellentsaturday #sleptlikeababy #checkoutthatseagull

breakfast belly laughs discussing pooh-based puppy issues, marriage, why Mr P should watch Game of Thrones and reminiscing about 80s TV back home (anyone else remember Henderson Kids?) #goodpalsgoodtimes

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