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Sasparilla Brusselsprout  I am a worldly, stylish, hip, happening Boston. This is my worldly,stylish, hip, happening life. My real friends call me Little Baby Shrimpleton.

Sasparilla Brussels Sprout would have had her 6th birthday today. She is so very loved and so very missed.

I originally created Sasparilla's account as a way to document her life, and have a place to organize my favorite photos of her, trying to capture her personality with goofy captions. I never believed she would gain a following as large as the one she has. The Boston Terrier community within Instagram showed me that I'm not the only weirdo who loves their dog, and loves photographing their dog, as much as I do. During our time on here, we cultivated relationships with literal strangers, and grew to love dogs that we never met. The camaraderie, love, and support that I have seen from her account is an amazing example of the kindness of strangers, and the positive power that social media can wield.
Thank you to all of those who have shown concern, asked for updates, and given support since her neurological issues first began. I have to believe that the positivity garnered from all of the hope, well wishes, prayer, and positive thoughts, helped contribute to her ability to pacify her disease, return to her wonderful self and enjoy life, symptom free, for several months.

To those that liked and commented on her last post: I am at a loss to express how much that has meant to me. I never could have imagined the outpouring of support, kindness, and condolences from people (and their dogs), most of whom I've never met. Thank you.
To all of Sasparilla's followers, both old and new: I hope you enjoyed her account at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed making it.
Until a more elegant solution is found, Sasparilla's Instagram account will remain and a part of her can continue to live on through her posts.

Sasparilla started showing signs of improvement. Unfortunately, her disease had spread. Last Monday night, I found Sasparilla, seizing, on the floor. An incredible friend drove us to the vet as fast as possible. The ride there was an experience I wish I could forget. She seized the entire 50+ minute drive. When we left, they were still having some trouble getting control of her condition. They were able to get a handle on things early Tuesday morning.
I am normally pretty grounded in rational thought and scientific explanation, but I remember the distinct feeling that Sasparilla left her body at a specific moment, during the frantic and interminable drive to the vet. Like most people who aren't ready to let the things they love go, I clung to denial and hope, pretty desperately. On Tuesday, I chose to taper off the seizure medication, hoping that she would improve with aggressive therapy.

The one thing I have never questioned is the level of care given to her at her veterinary hospital. She received only the best medical care, and seemed to be adored by everyone. Despite this, by Wednesday, I knew that her condition had already made the choice for me, regarding her treatment. Yet, having seen her battle and overcome obstacles that no life should ever face, I still hoped for a miracle. On Thursday, she was treated for comfort until I could make it to the vet.
The dog I was greeted with was not the Sasparilla Brussels Sprout that I (and a great number of people) knew and loved. Which is, perhaps, the greatest tragedy of this. My sister and I were only able to say goodbye to the body that housed the thing that gave her life. Her little person, her spirit, her character...it was gone.
Sasparilla was, and offered, so much more than her body was made for. This is a huge loss, but I know it is not my loss, alone. In a recent email, a friend wrote, "I don’t think any dog possesses the ability that Sasparilla had to make people just fall in love with her the moment they met her.... She just had a way of making people feel special." Sasparilla Brussels Sprout was an extraordinary little life.

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The love of my life and best homie, Sasparilla Brussels Sprout has had a hell of a time over the last 5 months, starting with her neurological issues, from inflammatory disease. After an incredible response to her medication and recovery it seemed like she was going to be ok. Then a linear foreign body perforated her intestine, requiring an emergency surgery while she was still immunocompromised from the medication that treated her encephalitis. With a scar that covers most of her belly, and intestines that are now several inches shorter, she recovered pretty miraculously, astounding her vets.
Now, several weeks post-surgery, it seems that her neurological issues are back, and with a vengeance. She is not in pain, but there are moments when she has no control of her body, and becomes a prisoner of it. Watching that is pretty terrifying.
It is an incredible cruelty to watch, helplessly, as someone/something you love deteriorates.
Her neurologist seems pretty confident that with a bit more medication and time that Sasparilla will be back to her snorty, smelly, wonderful self in a few weeks, and that her symptoms are recurring because of her emergency surgery, which forced her to stop taking one of her medications so that she could heal properly. I am inclined to believe him. Even now, at the worst she's ever been, her spirits are high enough that she wants to play fetch despite the fact that she can hardly stand.
In the past few months, my 12lb dog has made a successful career out of defying the odds through badassery and sheer will. She has a lot more life to live, and has more love to give than any dog ever could. If anyone can beat this, it's Sasparilla Brussels Sprout.

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I think Zoolander put it best when he said, "Im ridiculously good looking."

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It's a little hard to see behind this thing, sometimes. I guess fashion does have its downsides.

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Today, I was taking a walk when a car slowed down and a woman yelled from her window, "Oh, the shame!" Almost immediately after, a man stopped my human and me, and said, "Don't blow away, little doggy!" Clearly, neither of these people understand high fashion.

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After a terrible week involving emergency surgery to remove something that got tangled in my intestines, as well as removing several inches of my intestines (intestines that I valued, by the way), I am now on the mend- and looking fabulous, by way of this fetching Elizabethan collar. If only everyone could recover as glamorously as I do.

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As a dog entrepreneur, I care deeply about expanding my brand. I am currently developing classes to teach my fellow dogs the masterful art of elegant and irresistible begging- an art that I have clearly perfected.

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When I silently judge your questionable fashion choices, I might look at you like this.

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