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Sasha Velour  House of Velour. Nightgowns. RuPaul’s Drag Race Press: Bookings:

“Well I thought my time was over but it’s only just begun”. 🔥🌥🌈 precious announcements about my solo show “Smoke and Mirrors” coming soon! Sign up to be the first to know (link in bio)

Photo @tannerabelofficial
Bodysuit @blackandwhitestriped
Mask @gabrielquirk
Headpiece @diegomontoya3d
Gloves @wingweftgloves

A “Vegas in Space”-inspired drag fantasy that I wore to host the @queerart screening of the 1991 queer Sci-Fi masterpiece this week!

Inspiration: #GingerQuest as Empress Nueva Gabor from “Vegas in Space” (a masterpiece by Doris Fish and Miss Phillip R Ford)
Photo @mettieostrowski
Hair @thedragdandy
Face @makeupforeverofficial
Jewelry styling @nancythegirl
(Crafted on top of a headpiece by @diegomontoya3d)

COVER GIRL, highly allergic to cats, but will risk it all for art. Pre-order this issue now from @alrightdarling_zine!
😽 @jaspercarrots
📸 @gregbailey86
Dress: @collectifbrighton
Hat: @diegomontoya3d
Interview: @misterjoeblack

*Reclines in FASHION. @gaytimesmag cover story, February 2019. 📸 @stevensanazco.
Creative direction by me (additional art direction @yannipena)
Styling @erikziemba
Coat @ronaldvanderkemp
Earrings @lauralombardi

*takes a small break from business to stare into the abyss*
@gaytimesmag February 2019. 📸 @stevensanazco. Shot in my apartment🌆☎️📙 Creative direction by me (additional art direction @yannipena)
Styling @erikziemba
Hooded gown @ronaldvanderkemp
Gloves @wingweftgloves
Phone @acmebrooklyn

AN AUDIENCE WITH THE KING (@vanya.velour), @gaytimesmag February 2019. 📸 @stevensanazco, shot in my apartment wearing @christopherjohnrogers (a dream come true, I’d been obsessed with this look since it debuted💖❤️) Creative direction by me (additional art direction @yannipena)
Styling @erikziemba
Dress and Hat @christopherjohnrogers
Earrings @chrishabana
Gloves @wingweftgloves
Chair @acmebrooklyn

DEVILED EGGS, @gaytimesmag February 2019. 📸 @stevensanazco, shot in my apartment wearing @viktorandrolf🥚🍰🕯 Creative direction by me (additional art direction @yannipena)
Styling @erikziemba
Jacket and dress @viktorandrolf
Earrings @chrishabana
Gloves @amato_newyork
Props @acmebrooklyn @johnny.velour @dreammboi (the deviled eggs!)

SHE’S A COVER GIRL! For @gaytimesmag February 2019 📸 @stevensanazco, shot in my kitchen!💨💐 For the interview, I had the honor of speaking with a writer and thinker I really admire, @alokvmenon (edited by @samdamshenas)
creative direction by me (additional art direction @yannipena)
Styling @erikziemba.
Jacket @junjieantwerp
Pants @florencedlee
Jewelry @johnhardyjewelry
Hair @marcoswigs
Props @johnny.velour @dreammboi

A very magical bitch 💨🔮#smokeandmirrors #moretruethanreal
🎨House of Velour
Sign up for show updates at link in bio💖

“And now, for her final illusion: Sasha Velour saws herself in half!” Smoke & Mirrors is a 90-minute lipsync spectacular, my first one-woman show, and a concept YEARS in the making 💕🏁🏠🌈I’m so proud of our entire house to have pulled off this ambitious and detailed show in our Australia and New Zealand debut, and I can’t wait for you all to come see it! Head to the link in my bio to sign up so you can receive first notice about NYC, US, and international tour dates! 📸 @tannerabelofficial; 🎨 House of Velour; Wig: @thedragdandy

Upside down, across the world, making my dreams come true at #smokeandmirrors 🏁🎪💎💨 Only 1 date left of the @itdpresents tour in Auckland! Please leave me a comment below if you came to see one of the first 6 shows in Australia!!! #smokeandmirrors promo photo by @tannerabelofficial, art directed by me!

Come see me escape betrayal and heartache at my new live spectacular #smokeandmirrors ⚔️⛓💨🔥 Seriously so proud of this show, and grateful for the incredible audiences in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney!! Over 3,000 people have seen the show so far!!! Can’t wait to share it with everyone this year (more soon😍). Photo by @tannerabelofficial, based on a drawing by me!

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