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SASH FROM MCR  When was the last time you let His grace be enough? 🌿 @jadoremodelsmcr



fun fact?


cousin day out 🙏🏼 Sash: k you have to stunt now
Tito: du yuh want chuklett? 🍫

BLESS UP 2018 & MORE BLESSINGS FOR 2019!! ‘18 you’ve been a weird one m8 😂
The start of the year God gave me the word FAITH.. i didn’t know why, but I sure dang found out soon enough 😂💕
But with it all, I found out the true meaning of the word j o y ✨

So grateful of the friends I’ve made, new and the ones I rekindled with and of course ALLLLL the amazing creatives I’ve worked with!
I worked with companies I NEVER thought I’d work for, asos, new look, reebok to name a few?! LIKE, are you mad?! A small asian chick from manny working with big boy brands? ARE YOU ACTUALLY ON GAS 😭🙏🏼 It’s all God, I swear, I don’t have the face, the physique, the brains, but yo, God made the miracles happen 😂 💫

So, cheers to all of you celebrating new years with friends and family! Declare 2019 to be more than great, and claim it!
Thank you Lord for another year filled with wisdom, knowledge, lessons, experiences.. but above everything else thank you, for Your Grace 💫

thanks ate @kvillab_ for spotting me 😂
even i’ve forgotten the clothes i wear

you placed the stars in the sky, and you know them by name 💫

Isaiah 9:6
Without Him, we’d be nothing; thank you for the best gift, Lord 💝

Merry Christmas y’all!

wake up mr west, mr west, mr fresh, mr.. by himself he’s so impressed.. good morning 🐻

two steak bakes and a bottle of water pls
also, if you scroll down, you’ll see when i had an obsession with greggs; i tagged them and they liked my pic.. not much has changed 🥴

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