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My biggest recommendation for anyone looking for a fitness coach, whether for lifestyle changes or a #competition, is to DO YOUR RESEARCH, ask them any and all questions you have, and make sure your values line up with theirs before you even make a payment. By signing up with a coach, you are signing your body and your #health to be under their guidance. This is not a light hearted subject, this is not a one size fits all, and not every coach out their has your best interests in mind. You need to make sure that you’re in good hands.

Around this time last year, I researched various coaches and corresponded with some back and forth FOR WEEKS before making a final decision. However, I knew from one of our first interactions that Adam was the coach for me. Quickly after my first email was sent, he wanted to get on the phone and ended up giving me a complete hour plus of his time to answer any questions I had. Not only was he very kind and patient but his values in coaching and training for competitions aligned with mine and I knew he cared not only about my placing in a show but my well-being leading up to it and afterwards.
I only wish to be as great and attentive a coach as @seeyoulaterleaner is now that I’m starting up my own personal training business. We talked some serious game plan this weekend for the upcoming #2018 season and you do NOT want to miss out on what we’re bringing to the stage. 😈 #seeyoulaterleaner #resultsaretypical

🎶 I would do anything for #food, oh I would do anything for food, I would do anything for food, even when I’m sick. 🎶 Seriously, a cold wasn’t holding me back from going to @queenscomfort cause this trip was a year in the making. #delicious #foodporn #queenscomfort #soulfood #astoria #queens #nyc

Today I stepped on the scale for the first time in a month and saw a number I haven’t seen in 2 years: 132lbs
I haven’t weighed this much since before I started competing. Now I could have done 1 of 2 things.
1. Get upset, cry, tear myself down, say I’m fat, I let myself go, I’m a whale.


2. Look at myself objectively in the mirror and take more than just this number into consideration. Focus on my body composition, my #strength in my lifts, my great energy, my gained musculature, my massive food intake, my #happiness.
Yes, I’ve gained 22lbs in the 7 months since my show but those 22lbs were gained with intention. Intention behind my lifts, my #goals, my happiness. This entire #offseason was completed with INTENTION.

I intended to gain weight, I intended to gain muscle, I intended to gain a higher food intake, I intended to gain mental relaxation, I intended to gain life memories that didn’t involve the #gym or my #diet.

I am an athlete with goals for my future as a competitor and that included building more mass right now before shredding down for next summer.
I am also a human being that has the right to put their foot on the brakes and not worry about every workout or every morsel of food that goes into her body.

Weight gain isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s necessary. If you’re happy with yourself at the end of the day, then that’s what matters most.

And these new @celestialbodiez High Waisted Plaid is Rad Leggings definitely contribute to my current happiness. (Along with the Heather Grey Sports Bra and Black Mesh Racer Back Tank AKA CB head 2 toe.

Bookmark this and tag a friend that might need these tips! 👉🏽 Happy #humpday! Having trouble building those #glutes? You might have 1 of these 3 issues.

1. Finding it difficult to gain muscle size? Vary your rep ranges, weight, and number of sets. Focus on progressive overload meaning increase the amount of work you do each week. Whether that’s doing a compound lift at a heavier weight or adding in a few extra reps of an accessory movement, focus on continued effort.

2. Lacking #motivation and interest during your lower body workout? Make sure you’re doing a variety of compound movements as well as accessory. Yeah, you can keep doing kickbacks but the most effective (and fun imo) lifts are total body #squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts. Structure your workouts so you’re doing a main lift first when you have the most energy and smaller lifts at the end.

3. Struggling to get that mind muscle connection to the right body part? PRE ACTIVATION. Tapping into those glute #muscles can be harder than you think. Often times your hamstrings or quads can take over the work and your glute day is not so effective anymore. By doing body weight or banded movements (donkey kicks, fire hydrants, bridges, pulse squats, etc.) first, you’ll fire up the correct muscles so your connection will be on point.

Let me know what YOUR favorite #booty move is in the comments below, don’t forget to tag a friend, and feel free to ask any questions!

Post show, super #tan, and mega lean 👉🏽 end of #offseason, pale af, and 20+ lbs
My worth is no different between then and now. My appearance, the number on the scale, and my body fat percentage don’t define me. This goes out to women in particular. Do NOT be afraid to gain the #healthy weight necessary after a show or a strict dieting period. You must bring your body (and your mind!) back to a stable level after the stress you’ve put it under. And if you’re a competitor, you need to gain weight if you want to make any physique changes for the next season. I’ve done what I had to do. I’ve made #gains, built my metabolism, healed my body, and relaxed my mind from the strict dieting and competition mindset. This lifestyle is not a quick fix, it’s a LIFESTYLE. And if you want longevity, you must go through periods in which you reset and focus on #health and overall wellness. #transformationtuesday
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I didn’t forget about posting my third and final tip for keeping at those New Years resolutions! It’s now into the second week of #2018 and I hope you’re not losing steam yet. But if you are, maybe changing your outlook might help pick it back up.

3️⃣ Make short terms goals to get to your long term goal. There is nothing more daunting than saying “for my resolution, I’m going to lose 30lbs” or “I’m going to start my own business”. Those are HUGE tasks to take on which could lead to anxiety, procrastination, and failure. Instead, set small #goals that will help you achieve that bigger goal in the end. Start off with “this week I will hit the gym 4 times” or “this week I will start logo design”. By dividing up your tasks, they become easier to manage and your goal will build itself until it all adds up to your desired end result. Don’t get overwhelmed by taking it one step at a time! #mondaymotivation

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This #Friday is spent at the squat rack with a creatine #cocktail. (Cause let’s be honest, last weekend was totally a different kind of bar 😂) I know I’ve made posts about my view on #alcohol and fitness in the past but in case you’re new to my page, I’m gonna dive a bit into it.
You do NOT have to give up alcohol to get to your physique goals. I always always always preach a non restrictive #diet and everything in moderation. However, it’s important to understand how alcohol affects the body if you do choose to drink. While it can be counted into your #macros as either carbs or fats (not recommended to use in place of protein grams), it is not digested the same way.
It’s said that alcohol has about 7 calories per gram but most of it doesn’t even go through your digestive system but instead travels straight to your liver and kidneys. Once there, the majority of it is excreted as a waste product and never fully metabolized because it’s technically a toxin to the body (meaning it wants to get rid of it). In short, the #calories in alcohol don’t necessarily “count” because it’s either used up as energy or excreted by the body.
So why do I choose to track it anyway? Because unless you’re drinking hard liquor completely straight, you’ll be getting calories from the sugars mixed with it (ex: the natural sugars in wine, most beers, and the soda you’re mixing with your rum). THOSE calories definitely add up so most of the time I’ll just count it all together. Say I’m drinking a beer: I’ll just multiply the weight of the beer in grams by 7 and divvy that result up between my carbs and fats.
Most of the time, I track cause I have 1-2 drinks but special occasions like #newyearseve is a lost cause. 😂 Just being honest! I’m half Polish so drinking is in my blood and sometimes you deserve to #yolo a bit. So the next time you want a glass of wine, don’t be restrictive, just be smart!

Feeling extra beefy these past couple weeks from the #holidays but I’ve been keeping up that gym #grind so here’s hoping it’s all going to the right places! If you’ve overate, drank a little too much, or indulged beyond what you planned, do NOT beat yourself up about it. You’re not expected to be perfect and what’s in the past is past. The best thing to do is pick yourself back up and get back on track. This brings me to tip number 2 for keeping at those New Years #resolutions.
2️⃣ Have a plan but be flexible. So you wrote down your goal? Do you know how you’re going to achieve it? If you’re not 100% sure, that’s fine. Striving for perfection will only come back to bite you. Yes, you need a plan but take it step by step. One thing at a time or else it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And if everything doesn’t pan out the way you thought or if you fall off course, do NOT dwell on it, just roll with the punches! Time spent worrying is time wasted. Use that time instead to access the situation and reroute your course. There’s multiple ways to get to your goal.

I’m really not one to make New Years #resolutions. I believe that if you want to make a #change, now is the time to start. But sometimes a new year is a great catalyst to push you if you’re being held back in any way. I know I’ve been held back from a few things due to fear but I will no longer live in fear! I will no longer spoil my potential and hinder myself from living the best #life I can. I know what I want and now it’s time to go after it. Want to know my top 3 tips on how to choose a goal, stick with it, and see it through successfully? Then stay connected and turn on post notifications because I’ll be rolling out those tips in my posts this week starting now with tip number 1! 👇🏽 1️⃣ REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! Create your goal in your mind and then write it down, say it out loud, tell everyone. By making these words physical, the goal becomes more tangible, more realistic, and taken seriously. How can you expect to accomplish something that you don’t believe in enough to tell others? Make it a part of your everyday. Write it on the fridge, set it as your screensaver on your phone and give it a physical manifestation in the universe.

Am I too late to post a #2017bestnine or no?I’ve definitely taken this last week away from my phone to focus early on one of my biggest #resolutions and that’s to be more PRESENT. I’ve spent more uninterrupted time with my friends and family recently than I have in a while due to work and school and social media and it’s felt so nice to not have to worry about what I’m going to post on a given day. I’m very #grateful for the awesome IG community I’ve connected with but sometimes it’s necessary to unplug. I’m #motivated now though to create more and better content for the new year but first, I have to make a formal goodbye to what a great year 2017 was to me.
I feel I really hit my competing stride with @seeyoulaterleaner, cracking a top placement at a national show. I connected with @martygottlieb and got some incredible professional photos that blew up my page. I truly lived the accept yourself at all stages virtue, reverse dieted the best I could, and built up my metabolism to better suit me for the next competition season. I got #stronger and made mad #gains both mental and physical. I graduated college. Did a good amount of traveling. Went on adventures with #friends, new and old. And made a ton of new, special relationships. Yes, there was some bad but the good always outweighs the bad.
I’m going into #2018 hopeful and with a lot of opportunities ahead. I have a feeling that it will be even better and full of more growth than 2017 was. I hope y’all continue to follow along this #journey with me. Wishing much #love, #happiness, and #success to everyone. Comment below what YOUR best accomplishment this past year was!

One single pair of shorts cause apparently my most liked posts are when I’m wearing no clothes 🙄: @celestialbodiez High Waist Heather Grey Shorts

Mainly because I haven’t posted a stage shot in a while and I’ve been getting the itch to get back up there. Coached by the best @seeyoulaterleaner, dressed by the best @angelcompetitionbikinis, and makeup by the best @kirsty.flo. #throwback #throwbackthursday #seeyoulaterleaner

All I wanted for #christmas was ginormous #delts and I think I miiiight have gotten that but we gotta wait till it’s shredding season to really see the difference. Speaking about shredding season, I still have another month of #bulking before it’s prep time. I’ve made it clear that I recently haven’t been the most comfortable in my body (although my workouts have been LIT). A common reaction would be to just jump into prep early in an effort to get back that coveted stage body but that’s the worst thing you could do. Prep won’t make you love yourself any more than you already do; you have to find that love and #respect within yourself first. Don’t get me wrong, I love my body and what it can do but I also want to improve it (and want to lose a bit of this winter fluff already). But I know this is all just a part of the process, I still have one more month to go before @seeyoulaterleaner and I crush the 2018 prep, and I’ve made a lot more than just physical #gains this #offseason. Mental gains, strength gains, and memories I’ll always cherish. (Also, new gyms and new lighting make for a fab #selfie). #seeyoulaterleaner
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