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Who better to turn to for advice when you're expecting than other mama's who have been through it all. I've leaned on these amazing mom's (including my own) for advice on everything from perineal massage, skin-to-skin knowledge, midwives vs doctors, breast feeding to even helping me choose @Huggies diapers and wipes
Check out some of my favourite advice from each of these women and shop the @Huggies products we're stocking up at home for the Bean through the link in my bio #Partner
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Leilan's finally discovered there's life growing inside this big belly and his first reaction to feeling Bean's kicks was about 80% fear and 20% intrigue. Now he's giving me non-stop belly rubs and running around the house pointing to his tummy saying "!" Also we achieved his first man bun so today was a big success! 👶🏽 @huggies ⠀
#NoBabyUnhugged #FirstHug #Partner

Gonna stop calling my workouts with @allyszeman_ "modified" from now on because moving around with an extra 25+ lbs is starting to feel like I'm exercising with a weighted vest on. The struggle is written all over my face 😝
We've switched things up a bit and replaced free weights with these dope ViPR tubes at varying weights to work on my retaining my upper body strength and safely engaging my core. @Equinox 🤰🏾🏋🏾‍♀️
#EQXAmbassador #CommitToSomething

First day of my third trimester - holy shit, I'm in the home stretch! Feeling heavier, hungrier and more tired than ever before. At this point, I'm just barely making it through each day by sneaking in a nap and a workout. And for those who send the nicest comments and DM's saying I make pregnancy look easy - trust me, it's been anything but. Most days my patience is about as short as Beyoncé's bangs were in 2015. My hormones are RAGING, the struggle still continues with migraines and (occasional) nausea and truth be told, I've had a bit of difficulty dealing with the changes happening to my body - feeling unsexy at times.
It ain't easy but it's a blessing and soooo worth it. Bean, the countdown is officially on. Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you! 🤰🏾#28Weeks #PregnantStyle

May have ditched my croissant filled diet since I've been home from France but I'm still starting every morning with a bit of Paris in my skincare routine. Currently in the rotation - @YvesRocher's 'Pure Calmille' range of products made from organically grown Chamomile from the brand's land in La Gacilly. The scent transports me right back to my days spent @LaGreesDesLandesYvesRocher #BotanicalBeauty

Cherishing our pre-Bean date nights 🤰🏾

I've fought it as long as possible but the time has finally come where my workouts must be modified because of this baby bump. Not easy to scale back when you're used to going HAM all the time, so I have decided to eat some humble pie and get a prenatal personal trainer for the rest of my pregnancy to safely keep me in check.
Oh and for all the pregnant ladies in my DM's this AM, thanks for all your messages. I will be sure to share more of my workouts and tips from @allyszeman_ my IG stories in the upcoming weeks @equinox 🤰🏾🏋🏾‍♀️
#CommitToSomething #EXQAmbassador

Paris, France circa early 90's. If you look closely you'll see the Eiffel Tower in the background on the left. It was my first visit to the city that I just spent the last week in because Mom wanted us to be to well traveled, well cultured and well mannered from an early age. A short trip because she thought it would be "cool" to pop over for a few days while we were visiting London. I swear, I probably traveled to more countries as a child than I have in my adult life because of her willingness to share the world with us - and her effortless style is something that I still admire to this day - I meaaaaan, look at her outfit!!!!!!!
Mom, you have set a pretty solid foundation for us and have set the bar damn high for motherhood. You were and will always be my best friend and I only can hope to have the same bond with my child when the Bean arrives. #HappyMothersDay @felecia_fierce

Ok France, it's been real but I am beyond rinsed. Over 50km's of walking the Paris streets and excessive pastry eating over the last 7 days. Time to switch things up with a driver and more healthier options my body will thank me for later #ActiveOnTheGo @OasisCanada

Ha, who knew a $30 jumpsuit would give me so much life. It's literally been the gift that keeps on giving during my pregnancy - and it's not even maternity! Thank you for all your DM's on my pregnancy style...check out my latest post on for outfit details including the oversized denim jacket you've all been asking me about ⠀
#26Weeks #pregnantstyle ⠀
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I've always dreamed of a place that really gets the concept of wellness and understands it's much more than integrating the word "spa" into their property name. A place that could anticipate my every need, before I could ever think of it. A truly Eco-friendly establishment built without causing any harm to the environment that can feed you using only locally sourced products and ingredients from their land; creating a gastronomy experience that would blow your mind. A little slice of heaven that made sure to include all four elements ensure a harmonious balance on their grounds. A vision of Monsieur Yves Rocher decades ago and way ahead of its time, @LaGreeDesLandesYvesRocher exists in a teeny, tiny village called La Gacilly, France; where I'm happy to call home for two days
#BotancialBeauty #YvesRocherCanada

PC: @jessbaumung

The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time. To be in a position where almost nothing is so familiar it's taken for granted
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