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Down the stream past strangler figs, bangalow palms and old staghorns, over lichen covered rocks to hundred metre high rhyolite cliffs. A good Saturday.

Winter swims/DIY cold water immersion therapy 🐳💪🏼💦

Saltwater: the only salve (aside from double dumping coffee 😂) for an unrequited love called Sleep! Mums/dads: did your bubs start spontaneously sleeping through the night or was sleep training the only way? #help 🙏🏼 #sixmonthsold

Six months of making life, and chronic sleep deprivation, so much sweeter! Such a strong personality since day dot, but as raw and amorphous as hot spun glass, so we’ll shape with tender hands: ‘Most mammals emerge from the womb like glazed earthenware emerging from a kiln – any attempt at remoulding will scratch or break them. Humans emerge from the womb like molten glass from a furnace. They can be spun, stretched and shaped with a surprising degree of freedom. This is why today we can educate our children to become Christian or Buddhist, capitalist or socialist, warlike or peace-loving.’ #YuvalNoahHarari #sapiens #raffirose #sixmonthsold #lovethiskid

Fresh off the alps, as we say whenever the temperature drops below 20 ❄️

Cliffhangers 🍃

Whales, walks, winter swims, a massage, Bolly, pizza, gelato, a movie and cuddles with the clan - it was a bloody good one... now just for more than two hours sleep in a row 🙏🏼🙋🏼‍♀️😴

My first birthday with her and she has been the birth of me ✨(... in birthday suits with our other darling creeping in the reflection 🙌🏼)

Phillips Brooks’ version of humility is too easy on days like these: ‘The true way to be humble is not to stoop until you are smaller than yourself but to stand at your real height against some higher nature that will show you what the real smallness of your greatest greatness is.’

Sunday night band and stand practice 🎸

Weirdly tend to see more of my mates living in a ‘holiday destination’ than I did in Sydney... perfect company, perfectly paired with @roadhousebyronbay pizza and @jillywineco tempranillo 🍷🍕- so good that Raf is literally trying to crawl out of her pram to join the party 🎉

A delightful day, not a dull one... but a little ennui ain’t so bad -
boredom isn’t a particularly comfortable or joyful experience, but it can be an interesting one that leads to more joy and comfort in life if it triggers reflection and a redefinition of our sense of purpose... enjoyed exploring the idea in today’s @sundaylifemag 🙌🏼 link in bio

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