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I feel like now is an appropriate time to post this with all the Coachella looks I've been seeing lately. Cultural appropriation is a very real issue, the adoption or use of the elements of ones culture by another. In my opinion, the deep rooted original meaning of the bindi has been lost and distorted. For teens at music festivals it's a shiny "exotic" decoration, to brown women, it's an identity marker, religious emblem and significant cultural symbol. Its not something to be used as part of your glittery get up. Taking a symbol from a thousand year old culture solely for the purpose of lookin cute isn't cute sis, wearing a bindi to your festival definitely isn't you celebrating and appreciating the Hindu culture, it's you celebrating yourself and the appeal of disposable fashion and an "alluring exotic culture". The bindi is sacred, it's not an open opportunity for a boho-chic fashion statement, the cultural significance has been stripped and to even suggest it as a celebration of culture is embarrassing and a reach. If you don't know the spiritual and religious meaning, don't wear it. If you show up at Coachella with a deep understanding of the Hindu religion, good for you, wear one! The history behind the bindi is still evolving and the meaning varies for everyone, to me it represents the 'third eye' or ajna chakra, where we let our egos go and reach a higher level of spirituality seeing the universe through the minds eye. To me, it is so much more than a fashion accessory, and I'm proud to wear it, I'm proud to represent myself and it's cultural significance. Just because it's a trend, doesn't mean it's okay. #ReclaimTheBindi
(Shirt from @shopglo)

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