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Sara Tepes | 18  Black is my happy colorπŸ’€ Christian😊 ❀ tea+bunnies Tumblr & Twitter: sarucatepes Youtube: Sara Tepes Business inquiries:

Hey I'm back! Gonna be answering emails and checking up on all my socials tomorrow, but for now, goodnight-- super sleepy 😡

So tomorrow's video will be an arty vlog of my trip this week?! It's gonna be super awkward, but I got some pretty waterfall action so it sort of balances out. We shall see how it goes 😦

A bunch of new original sketches and paintings are up in my shop! The link is in my bio. I've been in a doodly mood recently. (I especially love the creepy ghost painting) πŸ‘»

Visited Toronto today, and we are heading back home tomorrow morning!😴

Late night sketching from last night with my Viviva Colorsheets. I'm traveling at the moment, and these fit perfectly in my pencil case. Only downside is all the STAINING AHHHH! My fingers are bright red just from flipping through the book choosing colors. Apart from that, I love how bright the colors are (and the slate black is glorious).
Going to Niagara today whoop whoop!

Been all sorts of busy lately, but here's a funky princess sketch :-)

I have my Lilac painting up in my Society6 as well! Pillows and phone cases are 20% off right now, so if you wanna grab one, the link is in my bio! Which other paintings would you like me to put up in the shop?

2 in the morning and this is the first sketch I've made in... weeks? (p.s. Strathmore marker paper is AMAZING for pencil sketching; it's so smooth and allows for super thin, faint lines as well as really dark shading. Oh, and graphite erases so easily/quickly with no marks left in the paper?! It's my new favorite!)
Used a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, no reference

Thank you for all the wonderful orders! I will have them out by Wednesday! Only a couple hours left to get any prints from my shop at , so be sure to use the code PRINTCLOSEOUT for 20% off prints and ORIGINALSALE for 10% off original drawings and paintings. (last time I'm bugging you about this, I promise πŸ™ˆ)

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