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Sarthak‼️  Only lies have details ! ☘⛰⛴ ❣📼🎥🕶 07/08

Don't change on me. Don't extort me unless you intend to do it forever.
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I am always obsessed with camera . Since I got my first camera back in 2010 , photography is one and only hobby I got except from being savage.
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Blessed !🚼😇

People will burn you and walk on the same grave.
The world is a real game , with time start at birth and end on the same note. My point is that you can only live in fictions when you are a writter .
I only want a stopwatch or some sort of time machine i remove all sorrows just be nomad and do want i love to do.
The society will always talk About you , ask yourself are they paying your rent.
And on a serious note be savage!


Starring your Dreams !

We are not friends ,we are high functioning psychopaths !😂🤓
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Homies ! 😍

Train ×Music ×window

Legache/pose ?

Oh Hellistic !

I am just ahead of curve .

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