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Sarah Moloney WBFF Pro  🏆WBFF Pro Bikini Diva ▪️19 - Ireland 🏆Team ACF ▪️Online coaching Email: ▫️ NEW YT VID

Just uploaded a YT video about my Bulk including my macros and training split atm🤗
Thought it would be a good idea just to speak to you about it on a YouTube video and have it all together including the progress from week 1 to week 24.
I also answered a few common questions I get asked about bulking on Instagram like how do you know when to increase food, when to know to finish your Bulk.🤔
The link to the video is in my BIO if you want to watch🤗🤗💕 Let me know if you get anything from it and if you want to see more videos like these🤗🤗💕

The happy face of someone who has their mojo back in the gym🙋🏼🤗
240KG on the leg press for 8reps PURE delighted🙈 Current PB was 230KG for 8reps and after going trough a serious dry patch of strength increases this is the bit of motivation I needed to know I am still doing something right💃🏼
This is what motivates me right now..Continually trying to feel strong AF in the gym🤗
Make a few goal lifts before the week ahead even if it's to increase by 2.5kg, better your form on one lift or just increasing an extra rep on your current PB💪🏼
I'll leave the entire workout down below in the comments if you want to try💦 Complete Lower body workout💃🏼

I thought I was at my unhappiest when I was at my heaviest weight and that if I was lighter I would magically love the skin I was in but it wasn't until I was my lightest 'goal' weight that I soon realised weight wasn't everything that I was even more unhappy. .
The scales is such a small thing..just a number yet can cause a shift in the wrong direction with our mentality.
It can cause you to see something completely different in the mirror because of a number that shows up.
So many things can change the number on the scales so it's not always what we immediately think..fat.
I hope these photos shine some light on that.
I'm only a few lbs lighter then the first photo on the far left but a completely different shape now. That's because I've spent a little over 12months in a calorie surplus building muscle🤷‍♀️ ❌Don't only rely on the scales for progress❌ For me it's photos, measurements and the progress I make in the gym those are my main forms of tracking progress NOT the scales #transformationtuesday

Back to structuring my workouts properly again💃🏼🤗 After having to put most of my energy into exams and college assignments the past two weeks workouts and lifting heavy hasn't been great but back to it this week 🤗
The training journal is out and I'm writing up my workouts to keep track of them!
I'll be posting the Glute pump workout up from today on YouTube actually🙄🔥
Excited to soon get back training glutes with @beccagillen for a bit of motivation too🤗🤗
Me and Becca have also just made our own Facebook Page (Link in my Bio) where we will be doing Live Q&As, workout videos, recipes, tips and anything else you want to see on it that we don't show on Instagram🤗 We just created an event this weekend on the Facebook Page which is the Beach Bootcamp💃🏼 Just a bit of fun and a nice way to get active on the weekend🤗 All the details are on the Facebook page so let us know if you want to come along🤗🤗

🤗Nutramino Giveaway🤗 **UPDATE CLOSED**
Thanks so much to @nutramino for this giveaway to one of my followers💕 You have all shown so much support that its only right to give even something small back🤗 .
▪️Box of Dark Chocolate & orange protein bars ▪️Box of Brownie protein bars ▪️Nutramino Preworkout Orange
▪️24pack of Orange Heat drinks
▪️12Pack Vanilla protein shakes
I'll also be adding a few extra bits to the giveaway🤗
All you have to do is:
1. Be following me
2. Like the photo & Tag a friend who you are going to share the heat drinks with😜 .
🤗I'll announce the Winner Weds night🤗

Client Kate Smashing it 🤗🌟
For online coaching enquiries Email:
#Repost @kateobrienn__ (@get_repost)
✨August 2016 🔙 vs May 2017 ✨ ▪️1st picture I was happy - cardio x eating whatever x no commitment ▪️2nd picture I'm happier - heavy lifting x tracking macros & enjoying healthy food x extreme commitment
Over the past few months I have made a huge lifestyle change, I said above I was happy in the first picture but extremely unhappy with how I looked so I made a promise to myself to do something about it. I owe a huge thanks to @sarstri & @ashleycrooksfitness for the help and guidance they've given me and showing me how to make this lifestyle change into a reality.
I go to the gym 5 times a week and I have developed a passion and love for it more than anything I've ever picked up, it's not for everyone and I get that but for me I wanted to share the progress I've made over the past few months as I am proud of the hard work and how far I've come 💪🏽

Week 24 Bulk progress💪🏼 Swipe Left
Last year I showed you my entire prep 'shredding' progress so I am making sure I document the complete reverse out of my competition physique which isn't maintainable to my current strong, healthy and maintainable physique🤗
I am completely happy with where I am currently because I am eating loads😋 Lifting heavy💪🏼 and can balance my fitness with my social and college life🤗💃🏼
Each week I take measurements, weight and photos which I am about to compare below not that measurements and weight means a whole lot at the end of the day but I thought it would just be good to show you what going from 1600cals 125g carbs training twice a day 👉🏼 2700cals 365g carbs and training once a day🤗
Week 1: 8st 10.5 Waist: 68cm Hips: 85.5cm Thighs: 49.5cm
Week 24: 9st 13.6 Waist: 73.8cm Hips: 93.4cm Thighs: 53.4cm
And because measurements and weight shouldn't be your only focus👉🏼Progress in the gym: Week 1: Hip thrusts: 80-100kg Leg Press: 150kg Pull ups unassisted: 0
Week 24👉🏼 Hip Thrusts: Current PB 190kg Leg Press: 230kg Pull ups unassisted: 8
I honestly LOVE the amount of support from showing you this transition💕 My first time reverse dieting after my first prep was very hard on my mentality just seeing everything change but to be honest this time I have been more then happy with my body at every week and every check in🤗
I'm proud of where I am and hoping that all this work and food🙊 is adding some muscle to my body🙈 #Bulk #TeamACF

Class upperbody workout with @edelbroderick19 tonight🤗
Working my way up with Rack Pulls (110Kg for 8reps) and it's nice to see there's still a FEW lines left on my back and arms🙊🙄
College exams and assignments finished up today and it feels good😎☀️
Tonight's Upper Body workout is defiantly worth a try💃🏼
WORKOUT: ▪️Pull Ups: 2Sets assisted pull ups 8Reps 2Sets Negative pull ups 5Reps ▪️Rack Pulls: 4Sets 8-12Reps Set 1 10Reps Set2 10Reps Set 3 (heaviest set) 8reps Set 4 12Reps ▪️Cable Vbar row 4Sets 12Reps SUPERSET Cable facepulls 4Sets 15Reps ▪️Lat Pull down 4Sets 12Reps SUPERSET Straight arm lat pull down 4Sets 15Reps (This combo is unreal for burning the lats🔥) ▪️Dumbbell single arm row 4Sets 10Reps SUPERSET Dumbbell flys 4Sets 15Reps ▪️Right angle lateral raise 4Sets 12Reps SUPERSET Front raise + lateral raise combo (video at the end) 4Sets 15Reps
If you try the workout let me know how you get one 🤗💕 #sarstriworkouts #teamacf

Celebrating finishing college exams with a #tbt to the fleeky outfit at Bodypower💅🏼😂 Velvet backpack for the win😎
Pretty much finished up my main college course and now onto the next few assignments and exams due for my part time course..but kind of looking forward to doing them🙈
I'll be on my insta story tomorrow (Running around all day today so couldn't do it today) on how I go about balancing exercise and healthy eating with college/school I kept up my gym during the Leaving Cert aswell as my first Bikini prep (Which 😂😂😂 isn't for the faint hearted) ANYWAYS I'll be on it tomorrow giving my few tips and just what I did and what I found worked best for me🤗
I'm trying to keep answering a few questions on my insta story to make it more beneficial to can DM me any question you want answered 💕

There's no better feeling then lifting a bit of heavy weight😍😎 NEVER do rack pulls but I was starting to get bored of my upperbody days because I couldn't get any pbs..still stuck on the 17kg dumbbells for shoulder press😫
After yesterday's session I will defiantly be adding these in again..anything to feel like I'm lifting a good bit of weight I'm all up for🙈🙈 I posted the full upper body session on my insta story but if you missed it I'll post down below🤗
New goal is to get these rack pulls up to some serious weight💃🏼(Highest weight yesterday was 100kg for Set of 10 and a set of 8)
▪️5Sets Shoulder press: Set 1&5 12Reps Set 2-4 10-12Reps ▪️4Sets 12Reps DB lateral raises SUPERSET DB right and left lateral raises ▪️4Sets 12Reps Seated Arnold press
▪️4Sets 15Reps rear delt DB fly
▪️5Sets of rack pulls 10Reps on my first 3Sets then 8Reps last two sets..increasing my weight each time
▪️4Sets 12Reps Cable Face Pulls SUPERSET Cable Tricep extension
Give it a go and let me know how you get on🤗 #sarstriworkouts

2Year Glute progress which I tried to show in the best way I could with no posing..Swipe Left too💃🏼
After reading @ashleycrooksfitness post last night (if you haven't read it you should) about women who actually might not need fatloss it sparked a memory from what I was doing in the left photo. .
I dieted down thinking I was going to reveal this goal of a toned athletic body and kept dieting because I wasn't seeing this body and thought that I needed to drop more body fat to see the lines and definition but in fact there was actually NO muscle there to reveal. I was only 17years old and was just led down the wrong path because of what I red on magazines and social media being influenced to 'loose body fat'. .
I quickly realised I was doing it all wrong when I was told by a doctor that I was underweight..completely no idea thats what I had done and it defiantly wasn't something I was aiming to do.
12months worth of 'bulking' during those 2years and this is the progress I have may be small for some but I am proud of what I have built in two years🤗 I'm leaner in the left photo but it just goes to show that being super lean isn't necessarily going to show this 'toned' strong physique.
Build a solid foundation FIRST and then look to dieting down if you want..I just WISH I had become more aware of this 2years ago. #bulking #transformationtuesday

Set up for another week of food with @cleancutmeals 💕
I'm following the muscle building plan and if your putting in an order for next week you can use 'Sarstri10' for a discount🤗
Swipe left to see what the meals look like💃🏼 I usually Bulk mine out with salad because I have a stupid appetite😂🐷There is a fat loss plan and a student plan and all the details are on there website🤗
BEYOND grateful to have these when I am under pressure with exams and assignments 🌟

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