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▪️1) Banded Reverse Hypers: 3Sets 20reps.
▪️2) Narrow Stance Leg Press: 4Sets 10-12reps.
▪️3) Banded Hip Thrusts: 4Sets 12reps 1-2sec hold at the top (Make sure your driving your knees against the band here).
▪️4) Banded burnout after hip thrusts: 3Sets of Banded hip thrusts 30reps to Banded seated abduction 30reps.
▪️5) Banded smith machine squat: 4Sets 10-12reps focusing on driving my knees against the band for glutes.
▪️6) Smith machine stiff leg deadlift: 4Sets 12reps.
▪️7) Single leg hamstring curl: 3Sets 15reps each side.
Hit the save button so you can give this workout a go and if you do make sure to let me know how it goes!🕺🏼.
Leggings @alphalete Revival. #humpday

▪️TRAIN IT😆 I made the mistake starting off following a typical ‘bro split’ and trained my legs 1-2 times per week: Lowery body training is now 3-4 times a week.
▪️TRACK IT: If your not keeping some sort of account of where your lifts are at you end up doing the same weight every workout. Get a notebook write your sessions down so that when you go to train again you won’t be wasting time trying to remember what you did last week and it will also give you the push to try for more if it felt fine last week.
▪️ENGAGEMENT: There is no point doing hip thrusts to grow your 🍑 if your getting zero glute engagement while doing them - Things like doing band work before or adding resistance bands to certain exercises can help here.
▪️PROGRESSION: If your fluffing about each month doing the same weight you need to re-evaluate how much you want to grow your lower body😂 You need to be progressing your lifts and have the confidence to do so, if you fail or don’t get the set number of reps you aimed for that’s OK just log what you did do and aim to beat it next time!
▪️EAT: I hope by now you know you need to eat in a surplus to add some lean muscle tissue (Just start with a slight surplus and see how Progress goes).
▪️TIME: Only doing the above for 8 weeks isn’t going to do a whole pile, either commit to the gain train or don’t do it at all🙈 .
Summer is over so it’s a perfect time to give something like a growth phase a go!
Anybody have any questions with regards to lower body training or a lean gaining phase let me know below and I’ll try help!⬇️. #lollipophead 😂

Just got @dennismcruz stage photos this morning which has me SUPER excited for @wbff_official in November to give it a go again🤗👙

Feeling strong & healthy🤗 the way we went about my prep this time around meant my period has stayed throughout🤗 I have mentioned it before that when I prepped the first time around I lost my period pretty quick and then spent just over a year to recover from it! I feel I look strong and I feel strong too💪🏼 This morning I tested to see where my strength was at as I haven’t lifted heavy in a while (Due to my back and then getting close to the show etc) you can see my story to see that training!
I am still able hip thrust over double my bodyweight and the 2 bikerowski classes I done last week I felt I had loads of energy.
This is the first time I actually felt like myself throughout a prep (You wouldn’t have wanted to be around me the other preps🙈) which is why I feel ready to do one more show this year in Nov.
It can be hard sometimes to accept when your body is under pressure and that you need to pull back this applies to those who aren’t competing too! I ignored the signs during my first prep and it took a long time to recover from that but valuing your health is more important and if there was signs my body needed a break I would give it as I am very aware that competing in shows isn’t the ‘healthiest’ thing for your body but all sports have there risks and I feel I have gone about the last one the best possible way I could!
The plan now is to pretty much maintain current condition until Nov!Which feels very weird 😂. #bikiniprep #wbffshow #physiqueupdate

FULL DAY OF EATING ~ 1800cals🍴.
Couple of snacks are missing from this because there isn’t enough space & I love to snack so it would be a complicated looking layout if I did😂.
▪️Preworkout: Starbucks iced almond milk latte & 2squares of 85% dark chocolate (if I’m training early I prefer a small snack).
▪️Breakfast: Egg whites, smoked salmon & 2 slices of toast.
▪️Snack: Green tea & @foodsofathenry cookie shots + 3 Carmel rice cakes.
▪️Lunch: Tuna, asparagus & 2 salt and vinegar rice cakes (can you tell I like rice cakes😂).
▪️Protein smoothie bowl: 150cals 13c 4f 12p (swipe across for the recipe) I topped it with all bran afterwards.
▪️Dinner: Lean beef strips, green beans, salad, butternut squash (steamed and then pan fried with coconut spray) topped with salsa.
▪️Desserts: (not pictured) Greek yogurt, frozen raspberries, 85%dark choc + Oats mixed with toffee flav drops.
If you try the protein smoothie bowl out let me know what you think! Super low carb (Add some crunch on top it’s key🙊) #fdoe

SWIPE ACROSS to see my Upperbody workout from today💪🏼.
I am getting very handy with my little phone tripod😂.
A1) Military Press 3Sets 8reps (I focused mainly on my tempo here and slowing things down).
A2)Straight into DB lateral raises 3Sets 10reps (Again focusing on controlling the weight throughout).
B1) Bent over barbell row 3sets 10-12reps (I aimed to increase the weight with each set).
B2)Straight into rear delt flys 3sets 20reps.
C1) Lat Pull Down 4Sets 15/12/10/15reps (adjusting weight to suit reps).
D1)Cable lateral raises 4Sets 15reps each side.
Hit the save button to save the details of the workout to give it a go yourself!
Leggings are @alphalete Revival leggings🔥💦

3 Weeks Post Vegas Show & now 7 Weeks until @wbff_official European Pro/Am👀.
▪️I’ve pretty much maintained this week which I’m super happy to see how my body has bounced back after the show! Which I think was due to having the time to reverse into the show, bringing calories up and training volume down (6-4 weeks out from the show).
▪️Cals still at 1800-2000 as I’m just aiming to maintain for the moment.
▪️Training x5days.
▪️Steps 10-12k.
▪️Cardio: aiming for x2 30min sessions, one of which this week was a BikeRowSki class 😅.
▪️This is probably the first week I’ve felt my energy is back to normal, the weeks after Vegas I felt exhausted and zero want to train.
I had ZERO intentions of doing another show after Vegas but I felt and still feel quite disappointed with my stage presence on the day so I really want to do this final show this year to come away from it knowing I couldn’t have done much more on stage. I’ve a busy time ahead after Nov which means I don’t know when I’ll be able to compete again so it’s last chance to try pull a bit of Sass out of me on stage and hide how awkward and shy I really am 😂😂

YAY for a bit of an upper body workout to try😆 Swipe across💪🏼.
I performed this as a circuit (6rounds) but you can also just separate the exercises. 💪🏼As a circuit: Complete the following exercises one after another then take a 1.30-2min rest before starting the circuit again⬇️.
▪️Kettlebell single arm arnold press 10reps each side.
▪️DB row with rotation: 15reps.
▪️Lateral raises with an isometric hold: 8reps & hold, other side 8reps & hold then both together 10-12reps.
▪️Hanging knee raises (Do leg raises if you can..I can’t 😂) 25reps.
▪️DB kickbacks 20reps.
I’m getting bored doing the same sort of exercises for upper body so did things I normally wouldn’t do for a bit of variety!
Hit save so you can give the workout a go and tag your friend who you might try this with🤗
🔥Leggings @alphalete Revival Size Small

I was pretty much loosing who I was in the left photo, my confidence and my body image was rock bottom low. I could only ever say bad things about myself.
It’s weird to stand in the same spot in my room back home where I took that left photo and literally feel like a completely different person.
I never EVER thought I would be able to be confident with who I was and my body image (wether I’m shredded for a show or not) and that has changed NOT because I’ve added glute size or more muscle definition that’s come from working on my mindset and how I speak to myself.
A lot of people think that if they just improve a certain body part or loose X amount of lbs it’s going to lead to a positive body image and I thought that too! I dieted so hard to get to that left photo because I felt if I was lighter on the scales I would be happier with how I looked and it ended up being the complete opposite. #transformationtuesday

▪️Sumo Stance DB Squat: 4Sets 20reps drive knees outward to help engage glutes.
▪️Cable pull through: 3sets 15reps.
▪️Split Squat: 4Sets 12reps (Leaning forward more here to help engage more of my glutes, driving into my heel each rep).
▪️Banded DB Hip Thrust: 4Sets 20reps.
▪️ DB Stiff leg deadlifts: 4Sets 12reps.
▪️Seated leg curl: 3sets 15reps Superset with banded abduction 3sets 20reps each side.
I did most of this workout with my mam so kept it mainly dumbbell focused!
Click save and give the workout a go next week🤗 If you do try it make sure to let me know how you get on by tagging me!
Leggings are @alphalete Revival

SERIOUS motivation from 1-1 Online Client Claire who has SMASHED her prep for a photoshoot next week🔥.
We’ve done 6months lean ‘bulk’ previous to this where we got cals high, got strong AF and added muscle tissue to give her a solid foundation before dieting for this shoot💪🏼.
At the end of her lean gaining phase I had a Skype with her to discuss her goals etc and what she wanted to do going forward where she told me she was loosing motivation or the want to train anymore so we put the idea forward of a new fresh goal of a photoshoot to see what we’ve built💪🏼 This seriously lit a fire under her and now she’s about to showcase all that work she’s put in next week📸 Mum of 3 showing what can be done once you put your mind to it 👏🏻 @simplycinders .
For Online Coaching Details hit the email button in my bio

Finally makes it back home🙈 Prep for Vegas took over all Summer so this is well overdue🤗 #Family #Home

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