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Sarah Moloney WBFF Pro  🏆WBFF Pro Bikini Diva ▪️19 - Ireland 🏆Team ACF ▪️Online coaching Email: ▫️Sarah@ashleycrooksfitness.com 🌟YOUTUBE


When you hit the heaviest weight ever on squats but don't record it properly🙃 but record the lightest set the best🙈
85KG for 4reps and although I was hoping for more reps I am still happy because I've never ever gone past 75kg before because squats was ALWAYS something that I was afraid to fail😬 My goal on my very first bulk (2015) was to hit 100kg squats but never had the confidence to challenge myself to work closer to that goal so this PB was more than just an extra 10kg it showed me just how much my confidence has grown in the gym🤗 This bulk I'll get to 100kg🙈
#HUMPDAY Lower body workout🍑
▪️Squats 5sets 8Reps (Heavier sets) warm up with around 3sets of 2reps increasing weight each time ▪️Stiff Leg deadlifts 4Sets 12Reps: this time I dropped the weight and focused on the tempo, time under tension. TEMPO: 3-1-1-0 3Seconds down 1second pause at the bottom 1second on the way up and 0second pause at the bottom
▪️Bulgarian split squats 4Sets 12Reps each leg (Tempo 3-1-1-1 Squeeze the glutes for the whole movement) SUPERSET Goblet Squats 4sets 12reps ▪️Lying/seated hamstring curl 5sets 15reps last set is a drop set x3 SUPERSET leg extension 5sets 15reps last set is a drop set x3
Screenshot the workout | Give it a go | Tag me and let me know how you get on 🤗

Low calories and lots of cardio didn't get me to my 'dream' body or did it grow a 🍑 for me🙅🏼.
I thought to get my dream body I was suppose to be miserable on a diet, I was not allowed to eat any carbs, eat any of the treat foods again, and my new BFF had to be the treadmill and that's what was going to get me the bikini bod I always dreamed of.. wrong. What that did was made me have a horrible relationship with food, lost all my strength and energy and didn't change how I felt about my body whatsoever. .
The right photo is doing completely the opposite of what I did above, eating over double the food, all the carbs and the focus is around lifting heavy weight in the gym WHICH I enjoy! Yes maybe I weigh less in the left photo which is what I thought I wanted and that if I reached that low weight I would all of a sudden change my mindset about my body and love it. I weigh nearly 20lbs more than the left photo and I am 1000x happier now because I feel strong AF, energy levels are through the roof and I don't feel restrictive anymore with food..plus the 🍑 has grown😂
❌You should NOT be dieting in a way that tells you NO to all the foods you enjoy, NO to social occasions, and the only way to get results is if you eat no carbs and do hours of cardio❌ That's not sustainable whatsoever.
Maybe you shouldn't be dieting at all? Maybe your following the crowd this summer and falling into the trap of dieting because all your other friends are doing it to get that 'bikini bod'.
Listen to your own body and mind and do what you feel is best not what everyone else is doing. As hard as it is to believe dieting doesn't need to be miserable and not every girl needs to diet💕 #transformationtuesday
Online coaching enquiries🍑📧sarah@ashleycrooksfitness.com

Summer cutting? Nope..getting strong instead🙈😂
Exactly what I needed to bump the motivation back up with training💃🏼
I haven't passed the 200kg hip thrust mark yet but they are getting easier and easier.
I won't bump the weight up anymore until I am happy with form and reps🍑
If you are currently in a calorie surplus and the goal is to build muscle make sure you are putting the effort into your training sessions. Lifting the same weight for the same reps week by week won't grow a big 🍑 or a nice pair of shoulders😬
Each week your training sessions SHOULD be challenging, either by increasing weight/reps or putting an emphasis on time under tension.
From this week on Write down each workout of the week that your doing include the sets,reps and weight. Record every workout this week and then next week aim to beat what you did last week even if it's just by increasing weight by 2.5kg on one exercise💪🏼
I'll leave the workout from today below to try🤗❤️.
Glute & Hamstring Workout: (Reps are on the lower end because this is usually my heaviest day)
🔑Spend 10mins on Glute activation 🔹Main Lift: Glute Hip Thrusts, warm up for 3Sets of 2reps (increasing weight each set) Working sets your aiming for a PB, 5Sets 8Reps 🔑TIP: Continue to activate your glutes between sets using BW glute hip thrusts 🔹Sumo Deadlifts 4Sets 8Reps, Common mistake here is to only squeeze your glutes at the top, At the bottom of the movement your glutes should be squeezed and they should be squeezed the whole way up🔥
🔹Stiff Leg Deadlifts 4Sets 8Reps TEMPO 3-1-1-0 (down in 3Seconds hold the stretch for 1second and shoot back up in 1second and 0second rest at the top)
🔹Glute burnout: Cable pull through Superset w/ DB goblet squats 4Sets 25reps each
🔹Finisher: Resistance band crab walks 20reps/steps to the side and then 20 glute abductor pulses 3Sets🔥😅.
Best workout yet💃🏼 SCREENSHOT / try it /Tag me and let me know how you got on🙊 @flyefit

Here's the current physique week 29 of the lean 'bulk'🍕
Current body weight: 141lbs
Which is crazy because it's nearly at the same weight 2 years ago when I was completely unhappy with my physique.. you just can't trust the scales to determine your progress🙅🏼 I feel I have come to a point where no more extra food is needed🙈 and I need to change the training around a little, hip thrusts will always be part of my training but I want to add/focus on one or two new lifts because right now it's getting harder and harder to increase lifts which is completely demotivating me and I better not hit a wall when I've another 6months left😂😂
I've gone from 122lbs in Nov to 141lbs and officially have added 10cm to the glutes🎉
fat or muscle who knows💁🏼 85cm to currently 95cm🍑.

The one question I get asked the most when going into a calorie surplus...
How do you cope with putting on weight (+19lbs in my case)? Like what I said at the beginning you can't let the scales determine your progress🙅🏼 If I feel good, feel strong, happy with what I see in the mirror and have balance between fitness and everything else it would be silly of me to let the weight gain/number on the scale change how I feel💕💪🏼 #bulkupdate

Shoulder vein is always loyal to me🙏🏻 I may not have abs for the summer BUT ATLEAST I have a shoulder vein🙃😂
I'm always harping on that I am currently on a lean 'bulk' but what does that actually mean? Basically it means don't go absolute nuts on food just because your on a 'bulk' 🙈🐷
The beginning of my bulk I increased cals by around 20% after comp and from there have slowly increased by around 100cals depending on progress/assessments.
I didn't go from 1600cals straight to 2800cals in a few weeks..it's been MONTHS🙈 You have to be careful because your metabolism is still at that diet phase calories you were on and it slowly needs to adapt to the increase.
Clients who come to me saying they want to put on muscle it's a SLOW process but they tend to actually get leaner and completely change there body composition especially if there new to weight training💪🏼
.... I am honestly DYING to see if I've built some muscle since Nov last yr🙈

#flexfriday with @beccagillen who I haven't seen since before her holidays when she was cruising around on a boat dancing🙊💃🏼
Gives me such a BOOST seeing Becca and training together🤗
Planning on getting are weekly workout in together again because it's soo needed for that extra bit of motivation👯
Tag your workout partner below and give this workout a go👯💕.
LOWER BODY WORKOUT: ▪️Squats using a band around your legs for more glute activation SUPERSET with Sumo Deadlifts 5Sets 12-15Reps
▪️Cable Glute Kick Backs SUPERSET with DB goblet squats 5Sets 12-15reps
▪️Cable pull through (try using a band like Becca has here for more glute activation) 5Sets 15Reps🔥
▪️DB Stiff leg deadlifts Superset w/ Lying leg curl 4Sets 12-15reps

I was taking these photos today before I worked out and at first I was happy with them until I looked closer and seen the cellulite and dimples on my legs I actually got a little shock when I seen it.
Now the immediate thing I thought of doing before putting them up on Instagram was smoothen them all out and hide the fact I have them (swipe left for edited version). .
I haven't been exposed to having cellulite or 'imperfections' on my legs like stretch marks before because I was so lean for so long but then I thought am I actually going to edit out these 'imperfections' and put them up on Instagram and pretend they aren't there? Falling under the pressure of social media.🙅🏼
That's the one thing that made me when I was younger think that there was something wrong with me and how my body looked because I seen these 'perfect' bodies with 0 imperfections.
That's why I rethought the decision.. I don't want to be promoting this absolute 'perfect' body because there is no such thing.🙅🏼
Now looking back at these photos I'm happy I didn't choose to edit it all out because that's not the message I want to give. My body right at this moment is the healthiest and strongest it's ever been and that's what I am proud of (Proud of the 🍑 gains too😂)
Be aware of how quick and easy it is to edit photos when your scrolling through Instagram or any social media❤️

#humpday Wednesday training legs.. what's new🙊😎🍑
Squats are starting to re-enter my program because I absolutely LOVE them and I've finally built up a lot more strength in my glutes which means my quads aren't taking over the entire movement like they use to💃🏼
I'll post the workout down below including my numbers.. First time I have hit 100kg stiff leg deadlifts for a set of 10reps!! and then a set of 8reps after.. absolutely DELIGHTED seen as I had hit a plateau & I was stuck on 100kg for 6reps. The hardest thing for me is to not get annoyed at myself when I hit a plateau just stick at it and be consistent and the weight will move🤗 .
Full Lower Body Day - Screenshot it🤗
🔑8-10Min Glute Activation FIRST.
▫️Squats: 4Sets: Set 1 8reps 60kg Set 2 8reps 70kg Set 3 70kg 8reps Set 4 75kg 6reps 🌟 Keep knees pushed out don't let them fall in, use your hands on the bar to help bring the bar up with you, breathing technique is super important here don't hold your breath for the entire set❌, at the bottom engage your glutes (squeeze) before you come back up
▫️Stiff leg Deadlifts: 5Sets: Set 1 12Reps 60kg Set 2 12Reps 70kg Set 3 12reps 90kg Set 4 100kg 10reps Set 5 100kg 8reps.
◽️Sumo Deadlifts 4sets 12reps at 60kg (Tempo: 3-1-1-0) SUPERSET w/ Glute Ham raise 4sets 15reps (4-1-3-0).
▫️Lying Leg Curl 4Sets 12reps (Tempo: 3-1-1-0) superset w/ cable Glute kick backs 4sets 15reps
. 🔑If your grip is giving up first before your legs USE chalk makes all the difference especially when it's so hot out atm and your hands are sweating😅
If you try the workout tag me and let me know🤗

SORTED when I have a bit of sun and food😎
PWO meal😋 @cleancutmeals style Chicken Goujons mixed with salad👅
Clean Cut Meals orders are closing tonight for next week due to the amount of orders they are getting in so if you want to have your meal prep sorted for next week you have to order before tonight🤗
They have 15% off this week so perfect time if you want to try the meals out!
I'm currently on the Muscle building plan💪🏼 Fuelling the glute gains😂🙊
I'll have my full workout posted tonight for you's to try (Full Lower body workout)🤗 Sweated about a bucket during it😅 #humpday 🍑

HOW do I drop body fat?
I have struggled during a LOT of my teens with feeling uncomfortable in my body and feeling fat. I took my diet to extremes by cutting out an entire food group and ate barely a 1000cals (unknowing to myself) to try and get this bikini bod that I was dreaming about..but instead I ended up more miserable then ever, horrible relationship with food that led to serious binge eating on the weekend but luckily YOU DO NOT have to follow the same path I did and be miserable while dieting and missing out on social occasions.
After that awful first experience with dieting I learned my lessons and since dieted down and got leaner in a more enjoyable way (including carbs and chocolate🙊)... so how do you drop body fat without being miserable? 🔑A small calorie deficit: don't go from eating 2000 calories straight to 1000 cals because what are you going to do when your body adjusts and fat loss stalls? Start off by dropping cals by 200cals each day and then reassess after a week or 2
🔑Don't go balls deep the first week of dieting, cals dropped by half and an hour cardio a day❌ Drop cals slightly leave cardio out and use it as an extra tool you have if you plateau. Going cold turkey from your normal diet to chicken salads will usually lead to disaster.
🔑Consistency: Hate to say it but 2 weeks of dieting isn't going to reveal abs, Be consistent for at least 12weeks
🔑Dieting doesn't mean you have to be a hermit and never see your night life again. Telling yourself you can't do this and that because you are on a diet leads to you hating the journey and makes it unsustainable
🔑Assessing: Are you progressing? Is your clothes getting looser, are your measurements coming down, are your photos changing, I suppose what's the scales doing too but don't let the scales be your only assessment. Pick a day you are going to take measurements and photos every week this will help with accountability and will let you know if you need to adjust.
BEFORE starting any diet/lifestyle change ask yourself if you could see yourself doing this LONGTERM and Don't compare your progress to someone elses❤️

PT/Online coaching enquiries: 📧sarah@ashleycrooksfitness.com

Who else was out of their minds to train legs in this heat🙈🙈🙋🏼
I'll post the workout down below for you to screenshot and try yourself🤗💕
I was over the moon to see so many people tag me when they were trying the last workout🤗🤗
ALSO who else on here is on a bulk??🙋🏼Let me know where you are currently or what your struggling with down below.. LOVE to hear who else is on the same boat as me💕
Glute & Hamstring Workout🔥. .
▪️Glute hip thrusts (ovbs🙊) 4Sets 8reps but this time focus on using a tempo of 4seconds up 2second hold 4second back down(holding the squeeze) 0second rest at the bottom (Tempo: 4240)..THE BURNN
▪️Squats with a wide stance 4sets 12reps again focusing on a tempo: 3seconds down 1second hold at the bottom 1seconds on the way up(power up) 0second rest. 🔑Push knees outward which helps with engaging glutes (you can use resistance bands to help)
▪️Stiff Leg deadlifts 4sets 12reps: 🔑 Tip DON'T at the top bring your hips forward to squeeze.. it puts all the weight onto your lower back that's why some people experience lower back pain here, you'll see from the video I don't come all the way up so it keeps constant tension on my hamstrings and keeps me from putting pressure on my back
▪️Goblet Squats using a plate 5Sets 15reps last rep on each set pulse for 15reps.
▪️Glute Finisher: Goblet Squats to stiff leg deadlift (last video) 4Sets 12reps (1rep is one goblet squat & deadlift) SUPERSET w/ frog pumps 4sets 30reps.
If you try the workout tag me and let me know what you thought of it😝 Hello Glute pump💃🏼 #mondaymotivation

SOAKING up the sunshine😎😎
Iced coffees are on the menu and this was so so good🌞
☀️Loads of Ice In a blender & pour one coffee pod on top (or just make instant coffee shot size).
☀️200ml Almond milk.
☀️Toffee drops @myproteinuk or some sort of sweetener.
Super creamy😋😋
So many things you could add to this to mix it up, half a scoop of protein powder (salted carnel🙊), Coco powder/option hot choc for a mocha style coffee😋, get some squirty cream on top😛, blend it with a scoop of @oppoicecream (38cals for a scoop) #icedcoffee

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