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Sarah Moloney WBFF Pro  🏆WBFF Pro Bikini Diva ▪️19 🍀 Ireland 🏆Team ACF ▪️Online coaching Email: ▫️ ▫️💪🏼 Tag #SarstriWorkouts 🎥YOUTUBE VID

SUCH a class start to the Bank holiday weekend🤗🤗
Nutramino Athlete day with @beccagillen @markodwyer23 @zoewhelan_
Can't wait to see the final videos from @aidanbroletti 🤗
This today and then RIBBF Sunday😍 Serious motivating weekend💃🏼⭐️
@nutramino @oisinman
Swipe left for BTS🤗

I am around 5 months into my Bulk and it's only really now that I am seeing small improvements in my legs. The one thing that is tough with a Bulk is that it takes a LONG time to see your body change shape. People hop on and off bulks, bulking for a month or two then cutting the next month.
You have to be so so patient when trying to build muscle that's why it's crazy when you hear people say they are afraid to get 'bulky' when weight training.
Over the past 5months I have slowly increased calories (+1000 more than what I was eating in Nov) and each week stayed consistent training and pushed myself in the gym to hit a new PB either by weight or by an extra rep or two than I did last week and I am currently 15lbs up from my lowest weight during peak week. I have no problem in showing my 'softer' physique because I am proud of the work I put in if I am 'soft' or shredded.
Muscle growth is such a slow process and that's why it's so important that when you do start a Bulk that you ENJOY it, that you enjoy your training,food and the balance because otherwise it will feel like the longest 5 or 6 months🙈😂 I am thoroughly enjoying it atm and I am proud of the improvements I am making even if they are small ones..those small improvements add up🤗. I am doing this Bulk not only to improve my physique and see how much food I can push up before cutting again BUT ALSO to regulate my hormones and let my body recover from a stressful year I put it through last year.
Although the XFS show last weekend and the RIBBF show this weekend will have me ITCHING to prep again I feckin know it😂😂😂 that's why the heels from the @wbff_official came out this morning😂
Personally I feel it's a little harder to stay motivated and to stay on track when there's no set date put in front of you that your working towards so what I ALWAYS do is make small goals each week, say if it's to leg press even 2.5kg more this week or to drink more water hitting those small goals keeps me on track🤗.. Going to shows like the RIBBF or Bodypower are HUGEE motivating boosters and luckily I am going to both😍😍🤗 #wbff #teamacf Tanned bod but white head🤷‍♀️🙈

Took a trip to @strengthandfitnesswestside with @edelbroderick19 and OH MY GOD filled with CLASS equipment
If your ever close by you NEED to take a trip and then go to @thelo_calkitchen afterwards😍 Ill have to come back to try the rest of the equipment🙊
Today's Leg Workout: ▫️Glute activation: kick backs, frog pumps and bodyweight hipthrusts
▫️Glute hipthrusts 4Sets 8-10Reps (Set 2&3 were heavier for 8reps) ▫️Stiff leg deadlifts 4Sets 12Reps ▫️Reverse Hack Squat 4Sets 12Reps SUPERSET with Cable pull throughs 4Sets 15Reps
▫️Squat machine (in the video)4Sets 12Reps SUPERSET Machine glute kickbacks 4Sets 15Reps ▫️Standing Leg curls 4Sets 12Reps each leg (coming up small bit of the way holding then half way holding for a second then full way and holding for another second then coming slowly back down you can do this on any leg curl either)
I've also hashtagged all my workouts with #sarstriworkouts so you can find them all there🤗 If you try any of the workouts tag me and use the hashtag too so I can see how you got on with them🤗🤗💕

Something very hard for me to post ESPECIALLY when I am deep in a Bulk🙈😂 but I think it's SO SO SOO important to post these things on Instagram and I applaud ANYONE who has the courage to post them.
A lot of my followers are quite young and I think it's wrong of me not to make it aware on my Instagram that in fact nearly all of my photos are posed.
Instagram is usually photos of us looking our best because in reality who puts up a photo they don't like?
I am not saying the left photo is bad in ANYWAY because it's not...It's just the realty of how I actually walk around the place.
I wanted to make it AWARE for those young girls scrolling through Instagram seeing photo after photo of these posed photos because I know how it feels to put yourself down about not looking as good as them on insta which in honesty made me cry over my body and made me more conscious of it which then led to me going on harsh diets that made me underweight and brought on binging habits. So this is your reminder that my photos are posed and that in reality I don't walk around like the posed photos🤷‍♀️ #30seconds #transformationtuesday

Sometimes I make an effort🙆🏼
Such an amazing experience to be part of the judging panel at XFS especially seen as this was my first show ever last year and how from that show everything just unraveled from there🤗
XFS is such a well run show, great atmosphere, great people and the staff that work behind the scenes for the show are out of this WORLD. They made me feel so relaxed backstage when I competed and they were fantastic again last night💕
XFS need to travel down to Dublin next😉 @Noel_smyth_wbff_pro
Well done to ALL the competitors last night it takes serious dedication and guts to get up on that stage🏆 Some serious competitors for the @wbff_official 💃🏼

Yesterday's hotel gym workout💃🏼
It's good to be able to challenge yourself in changing up your gym workout to suit the equipment🍑
▫️4Sets 15Reps Goblet Squats (Elevated on two steps for a deeper range of motion TIP: at the bottom squeeze your glutes before you come up so that you use them to bring yourself back up and continue to squeeze them the whole way up and DO NOT let them go until the 15Reps are done so no rest at the top🔥) SUPERSET w/ DB stiff Leg deadlifts 4Sets 12Reps ▫️4Sets 12Reps each leg Split squats SUPERSET w/ Frog pumps 4Sets 30reps (TIP: Fast with this movement so the minute you feel your glutes touch the floor come straight back up with your glutes squeezed the whole way up) ▫️4Sets 15 reps Cable pull through SUPERSET w/ hipthrust using the leg extension ▫️4Sets 12Reps seated leg curl SUPERSET w/ leg extension
screenshot the workout and give it a go SERIOUS glute pump🍑🔥 Frog pumps actually KILL ME🙈 #sarstriworkouts

Current physique🙆🏼 Still hanging on to a few leg lines..which I'll take🙈😂 Current Macros: 2700cals 150p 60f 365c (+1100cals since the start of my Bulk) and rest day calories are small bit lower
Training 5days a week with 20mins cardio on training days.
This weeks training I felt weak and just exhausted apart from the Monday I trained with the #TeamACF girls. With just the stress of college exams coming up and a few assignments due it's exhausting and it's defiantly affecting my performance in the gym. If your in the same situation don't beat yourself up about a few shitty workouts or missing one or two for college work we can't ALL have perfect weeks with training and sometimes we need to prioritise other things🤗
I haven't looked or gone near a calliper to get my skinfolds/bodyfat done since I started my Bulk because there was no real need for me to be focusing on my bodyfat when it's going to be going up. I am aiming to get it done next week or that to see where I am at now 20weeks into my Bulk😳
Once I get them all done I'll update you's all on where I am sitting and compare it to week 1 to show you realistically in a reverse diet/post diet phase some fat is going to be put on which is necessary especially if you've been in stage condition because GUESS WHAT the bodyfat on stage isn't healthy where I am now is healthier and more sustainable 🤷‍♀️
Some days I do have the odd 'fat' feeling day🙈😂 but more days then not I feel good with how I look and happy with how the 🍑 is coming along.. NOW whether those are muscle gains or fat gains I won't know till I prep again😂
My body is enjoying the break from dieting and so is my mind which is something very important to me. Body,mind,strength and energy all feeing good💕🌞 I have no real plans when I'll finish bulking just yet so we'll just see what happens☺️ #teamacf @ashleycrooksfitness
If you want to ask me any questions about bulking/post diet phase you can leave them down below or DM and I'll try help answer them🤗💕

FEELING fresh again🤗 2 assignments out of the way today.. 3more to go🙈 Full rest day from the gym and then a trip to the @thehairloungeswords to sort out my head🙈 I haven't trusted any hairdresser yet up in Dublin to do my hair I usually travel back to Carlow to get it done but I've heard great things and they didn't disappoint🤗
Tomorrow heading off to Belfast to be a part of the judging panel for XFS in Derry on Sunday which I am SO excited to experience the other side of the stage. XFS was the first ever show I competed at last year and it was such an amazing show to be apart of🤗 It's going to bring back so many feelings I had last year when I was FILLED with nerves and excitement the night before and the day of the show🙊 I know it's going to have me itching again to compete🙊👙 #fridayfeeling

Training day-Goal Macros: 150p 365c 60f
B: Egg whites, smoked salmon, toast
S: Oats + frozen raspberries
L: @cleancutmeals Chicken, egg noodles
S: Carmel Rice cakes
PW: Greek yogurt, cocopops
D: @kerrigansfoods4fitness turkey burger, white potato, green beans
S: Jug of oats(it no longer fits in a bowl😂), dark choc + diet hot choc😋
I don't do very elaborate meals but if you want to see more of what I eat during my Bulk let me know🤗

Have to sacrifice the waist for a 🍑 for awhile🙈😂#happyhumpday #bulking

Sometimes you forget just how shredded you were😂 I am COMPLETELY happy in both body's because both body's were for two different reasons.
I wanted to compare these two photos to show you the reality of increasing calories and reducing training post competition or post any diet phase. Obviously I am hoping I have put on SOME muscle between these photos probably not a huge amount because it takes a LOT of time to put on muscle.
I am up around 14lbs now since that left photo and probably a lot of it is fat🤷‍♀️ Do I care? Nope because my body CAN NOT stay in that condition on the left for very long it doesn't like to be in that condition.
We see all these shredded people on Instagram with veins and abs and make that our goal physique but you have to realise unless your doing a show or some other competitive sport that requires that level of leanness we shouldn't aim for that body. We actually shouldn't aim for anybody's body.
Right photo is from this weeks check in photos up another lb this week and coming close to the heaviest weight I was during my first Bulk.
Considering I am putting away 2700cals on a daily basis I am happy enough😂🐷 Right now I am happy feeling strong, buzzing with energy and having the balance between training hard and a few nights out💃🏼
There's no difference with how hard I am working between these two photos.. BOTH photos I am working my ASS off to improve..left I was working towards being lean and right I am working towards putting on muscle🍑
Summer is coming around and a lot of people are cutting for that which I suppose does make you question bulking at this time🙊 but however I'm happy enough to keep on going💃🏼
This weeks check in resulted in weight up, few measurements up (Some 🍑 went up which I ain't complaining about🙋🏼) but no food up. As much as I would LOVE to be horsing away 3000cals I think we're coming close to the end of my calorie increasing days😂😂
365g carbs should be enough but I'm greedy what can I say🤷‍♀️ #transformationtuesday
Prepping for a show is fine but it's important to take a step back from it and allow your body to recover before jumping into another prep🤗💕

SERIOUS Monday to start the week off🤗
#TeamACF girls in full force today @edelbroderick19 @lornawilson_
Surround yourself with people who SUPPORT whatever fitness goal you have and whatever stage you are on with your fitness🤗 and it's always a plus when they both hip thrust too😎#3girlsonabulk 🍑😂
Today's workout: ▪️Glute hip thrusts: 2Warm up sets 4Working sets (For me: S1 160kg 10Reps S2 180KG 8reps S3 180KG 8reps S4 160KG 12reps)
FINISHER🍑😝 100reps I did 60 at 120kg and had to drop it for the last 40😂😂
▪️Tri Set 3Sets 12reps each: Stiff leg deadlifts, lying leg curl and leg extension
▪️Tri Set 3Sets 15Reps each: Frog pumps (20reps for these), sumo deadlifts and cable pull throughs
Successful day to say the least🤗
Get a gym buddy or two and try this workout💃🏼
#teamacf @ashleycrooksfitness #sarstriworkouts

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