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UpperBody workout for #flexfriday 🕺🏼
Soz about some of the angles in the video🙃🍑😂.
▪️DB Shoulder press superset with arnold press - 4Sets 10reps shoulder press, 10reps Arnold press.
▪️Triset: DB Rear felt fly to DB Y Fly to DB Front Raises using the bench as shown to stabilise yourself - 4Sets 12reps of each.
▪️Bent over barbell row - 4Sets Increasing the weight each set - Set 1 15reps, Set 2 12reps, Set 3 10reps, Set 4 8reps.
▪️DB row lying on the bench as shown (LOVED this one) - 4sets 12reps - I always allow full extension of my arms to feel the full stretch of my lats👐🏼.
▪️DB Single Arm Row 5sets 15reps.
Tried adding in a few different exercises I don't usually do to spice it up🕺🏼.
If you give the workout a go make sure to tag me and let me know how you got on🤗💜 #upperbodyworkout

The AMOUNT of reps me and @edelbroderick19 did today was cruel😂😂 The glute pump was too good not to take a photo..as awkward as it is to take a selfie on the gym floor in flyefit😂😂.
I'm going to leave the workout down below that we did today in the comments for you to try...Goodluck😷😷 Completely different from my normal training🙈.
Also I'll have a big announcement to make either this weekend or early next week that I literally can't believe I'll be posting🙈🙈

Finally feeling the benefits of dropping my calories😂😂 Feeling lean🕺🏼🕺🏼.
Down another lb since last week aswell as a drop in measurements EVEN THOUGH I was out drinking and eating two days out of last week🍻😂
I also haven't change anything with calories or training the past few weeks🕺🏼.
I'm learning a lot about how to balance my fitness related goals with my college life.
Last year in college I had zero balance, I was prepping for a show so it was literally turn up for lectures then gym, eat my Tupperware box and repeat😂.
I'm taking a whole different approach this time around seen as I don't need to be as strict as last year🤗
it is possible to enjoy your night outs drinking and food out while still progressing towards your fitness goals🤗 I use to be all or nothing, I had no balance because I thought I couldn't do both but I realise now that's not a way you can live forever🤗🍻Fitness is a HUGE part of my life of course but it's not the only thing anymore.
#balance #physiqueupdate

Gaining 20lbs doesn't always have to be a bad thing🍑🕺🏼.
Jan, the start of my bulk ➡️ Oct, After 9months bulking and now into a few weeks of my mini cut✂️.
Don't be afraid to take time of dieting, to eat more and lift heavy..It does wonders for the glutes😂🍑..and the winter months is the best time to start a bulk☃️.
A lick of tan helps too🙈😂..👻➡️🍊 #transformationtuesday #gainingweightiscool #glutes

Stop listening to the opinions around you about how you should look.
Don't let others and the media define what beauty is💜.
EVERYONE is going to have an opinion about how you look now and then how you should look, I'm sure most women who weight-train or when they started weighttraining heard a few people say 'you'll start looking manly/bulky'. There is nothing wrong with women having muscle definition and there is also nothing wrong with women who don't have muscle definition either.
Everyone will have different opinions, different inputs on your physique especially when you put it on social media.
It's something I use to care about, I use to take the negative comments to heart but even if I did change how I looked to please others there would be someone else telling me I looked better before.
The negative comments of how you look shouldn't waste your time, your not trying to please others🤗💜 I love muscle definition, some won't and that's cool!🤗 #backmuscles #selflove #hunbun 😅🕺🏼 #mondaymotivation To be confident in your body image and f*ck all the other opinions🤗

🕺🏼🍑Sunday Glute Isolation Day🍑🕺🏼.
If you find it difficult to engage your glutes when training legs start adding in a glute isolation day to help with building your glute strength and focusing on JUST using your glutes so that means pulling back the weight and doing exercises that only target glutes🍑.
Glute Isolation Workout⬇️.
▪️Warm up: Banded Glute Kick Backs, Banded single leg glute abductor, BW hip thrusts - 3Rounds 25reps each.
▪️Barbell Hip Thrusts: I dropped the weight WAY back (20kg barbell in this video) and focused on slowing my tempo down and keeping my glutes engaged and squeezed throughout the entire set rather then just a squeeze at the top - 10Sets 15Reps TEMPO: 4-2-4-0.
▪️Cable glute kickbacks superset with cable glute abductors using @speedbands - 4Sets 15reps.
▪️Cable Glute Pull Through - 5Sets 25reps🍑🔥.
You can see how SLOWW I am going with the glute hip thrusts and that's to really concentrate on JUST using my glutes the whole time🍑🔥.
If you give the workout a go let me know how you get on! 🤗💜 Total workout took me 45mins.

Here, who is this one getting all dressed up again?😂🕺🏼💅🏼
Off to @chickennwafflesdublin Hip Hop Brunch🕺🏼😋😋 #yestodenim

Looking a lot worse this morning😅🕺🏼 #lastnight 💅🏼 #getthelegsout 💃🏼

I've neglected my own training since starting back to college but the past two weeks I've made sure I fit in my own training sessions and have time for them🕺🏼.
With cutting my calories and earlier mornings for PT I thought my strength would come down quite a bit butttt it's still holding strong😍🕺🏼 Right now I would be happier to have my lifts stay strong then see myself leaner🙈.
🌟Today's Glute & Hamstring Session Below Including my numbers⬇️.
▪️15min Glute activation..
▪️Glute Hip Thrusts: Warm up 70kg, 110kg.
Set 1- 130kg 8Reps; Set 2- 150kg 8Reps; Set 3-170kg (Rest pause used on last two reps); Set 4- 180kg 7Reps (Rest Pause on last two reps).. DELIGHTED 🕺🏼🤗.
▪️Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 4Sets 12Reps; SLOW TEMPO, 4Seconds down-1second hold-1-2Seconds up-0seconds on the top🍑.
▪️Goblet Squats 4Sets 15Reps, Last set dropset x2.
▪️Glute Kick Backs 5Sets 25Reps.
▪️Seated Leg Curl 4Sets 12reps, last set drop set x2. With the leg curl I drive down in about a second, then slowly let the weight bring be back up about 4Seconds then drive down again. 🌟On the two dropsets Change Your tempo to a faster pace and feel the burn😂🔥🔥🔥.
Hipthrusts for #humpday 🕺🏼🕺🏼💜

Getting back to college and starting up Personal Training has taken up a lot of my time so I find it hard to make time to cook. So @cleancutmeals comes to the rescue🙈 I'm shit at cooking, I eat the same stuff each day because I haven't the creativity in the kitchen😂 Each meal from the plan is different so it means your not eating the same stuff day in day out😍
I literally wake up in the morning throw a clean cut meal into my bag and head off to college🕺🏼.
If your interested in trying the meals yourself, My plan is the Lean & Green plan and orders are closing TONIGHT.
I can't thank the guys enough for the meals because it honestly makes my life a lot easier🤗 .
I also have a Discount Code if you wanna save some 💶💶 Code: Sarstri10
P.s I also have Two training plans on there website to if you need to add some structure to you training🕺🏼

Positive mental health day💜.
Physical progress is what most of us base are goals on but mental progress is the one we should all strive for.
I've come a long way with my body image and how I feel about it since I first started my fitness journey and it wasn't because I weigh less in the first photo to now because I don't❌. I can't describe the feelings you go through when you're unhappy with how you look💔.
It becomes an everyday thought, every time I passed the mirror I would see what I didn't want to see, get upset most nights and just retreat into this little world where my body image consumed me🌑.
Aiming to Weigh less, have abs, have huge glutes doesn't always mean when you achieve those things you will see a different person in the mirror.
I discovered that in the middle picture when I dieted so hard to see abs, see the scales show a certain number and I was more consumed with how I looked then ever, I achieved what I thought was my goal to begin with but it didn't bring me any happiness. .
I have worked so much on my body image last year and this year, I'm lucky to say I was happy with how I looked shredded lean on stage and happy with how I look 20lbs heavier now because I appreciate what my body can do, what it's capable of rather then always how it looks. .
I do strive to improve on my physique but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be happy with where I am and still want to progress.
Positive Body image is a huge thing I want to promote because it has such an affect on our mental well being.
Being on Instagram and seeing fantastic flawless looking bodies was a massive contributor to how badly I felt about how I looked.
We should all be proud with what we see in the mirror no matter what the number on the scales is and no matter what someone else looks like on Instagram 💜.
🌟Instead of waking up every morning and pulling and grabbing at all the 'negative flaws' start pointing out the positives🌟. .
It's okay to talk about how your feeling, I never did and I bottled it up and it consumed me so I'm talking to you's all now that it's okay and nobody will think differently of you💜🌈 #positivementalhealth #positive #transformationtuesday

Sunday Check in/accountability day🕺🏼.
Still chipping away dieting for now, Finallyyyyy things are starting to move🕺🏼
This week another 1lb down and measurements slowly following😍.
Current bodyweight now: 10st 2.8 (Start of cut 10st 5.5)..
▪️Training x6 days, 3Lower🍑 2Upper💪🏼 1 Glute isolation day🍑.
▪️20mins cardio after each training day.
▪️Current Cals 1900, An extra 100cals compared to last week🤔.
Kind of in limbo of what I'm doing atm😂 But I think the Plan is to drop a little more before increasing back up, especially before going into Christmas😂 Pair things back a bit before it's all undone during the festive month😂😂.
It's been weird dieting for no specific date, no pressure to reach a certain standard each check in compared to being in prep. It's been a long time since I've ever dieted where I wasn't under pressure with a show date and I love it🤗 It also saves me a bit more 💶💶compared to when I'm bulking😂 Can not believe the difference my shopping bill comes to now compared to 2800cals a day😂😂.
If I could JUST reveal some cheek bones that would be great🙊Onto another week, but feeling really good at the moment🤗💜.
Who's bulking and who's cutting atm?⬇️💃🏼 #checkin #accountability

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