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Post holiday check in (Week 36 Lean Bulking)🍕.
My weight has surprisingly stayed almost the same as it was before I left🙈 Measurements have actually dropped and that includes my glute measurement😢😂
The entire holiday I didn't track or try to guesstimate, I made smart choices here and there but also enjoyed the many treats Toronto had to offer😂🙊, I kept up my training the best I could but they were quick sessions in the morning while I waited for everyone else to get up.
The last holiday I went on (2years ago) I was so focused on keeping my abs and making sure I stayed on track with macros the holiday turned into more of a nightmare then it did a relaxing break away🙄.
I got so worked up when I couldn't track properly and it made it pretty much hell for everyone with me because I decided where we had to eat etc which left me feeling so guilty and horrible.
So this holiday was huge for me and it showed me how much I have changed. Honestly doing this 'bulk' has done so much more for me then just increasing my lifts in the gym and getting my health back in order but, it has also allowed me to relax and not take training and being on track so seriously all the time🤗 I can very easily get caught up in being in a routine with training and tracking just because I spent nearly an entire year last year doing it for bikini shows which is why it's so SO important to take a long break from not only improve your physique for the next show but ALSO to remind yourself of the other important things in life like going on holidays and making memories🤗💕.
I haven't felt this good about how I feel, look and how I am approaching this whole idea of balance in a long time🤗 Hopefully a lot more holidays to come in the future #sundaycheckin 💃🏼

I was dreading coming back into the gym and finding out how much strength I had lost or how weak I would feel😬
But it ended up being the complete opposite😂 I was more scared about loosing my strength I had spent ages building than I was about putting on fat on holidays😂
Today Leg press went up to 270kg for 6reps (+10kg PB) 🙋🏼 and I can still hit 90kg on Romanian deadlifts (last video) Soo happy🙈🙌🏼 A break away from lifting heavy weights did me good💃🏼
I'll leave my workout down below for you to try🤗.
Glute & Hamstring Workout:
▪️Leg Press: Warmed up using 3sets of 2-4 reps until I hit my working weight (200kg) Set 1 8-10reps Set 2 (increase weight) 8reps Set 3 (increase weight) 6-8Reps Set 4 (increase weight this is your heaviest set) 6Reps. Using a high and wide stance to use more glutes and hamstrings rather then quads.
▪️Stiff Leg Deadlift: Again warmed up for around 2sets of 2-4reps until my first working set that I felt comfortable enough to get 8-10reps(70kg). Set 1 8-10reps Set 2 (increase weight) 6-8reps Set 3 (heaviest set) 6Reps Set 4 (drop weight to around Set 2's weight) 12-15Reps.
▪️Lying hamstring curl: 5Sets 12reps.
▪️Goblet squats: 5sets 15reps TEMPO: 4-1-4-2 (2seconds at the top to squeeze).
▪️Cable pull through: 4sets 25Reps🔥
If you try the workout tag me and let me know how you got on💕

Post holiday back to reality food haul😂.
Arrived back in Dublin this morning after two weeks away in Toronto, I was semi excited🙈🍕 to see my usual foods again.
People who come back from holidays after enjoying themselves with food and drink usually come back and go cold turkey to try reverse the damage so that means bye bye any fun I had with my food and hello chicken and broccoli🙄🙃 In my experience that did work BUT only for a short while until I started craving all the foods I had restricted then said f*ck it and binged on it❌
I'm cutting nothing back this time around and just getting back to what I was doing prior to my holiday🙋🏼 So that means my carbs stay and so does my few junk food👅.
😋Carb sources:
▪️Oats, wheatabix, potatoes, bread, rice, pretzels, bananas.
🍗Protein sources:
▪️Turkey mince, lean red mince, salmon, medallions, Greek yogurt, protein bars, @iconmeals protein popcorn.
🍫Fat sources:
▪️Dark chocolate, butter, some of the meat/fish sources, eggs, nuts.
All the Reece's I brought home with me😂
There is NO need to punish yourself for enjoying your holiday🍕🍫🤗 Get your food shop done, plan your next workout and you'll soon be back in the swing of things💃🏼

Last day in Toronto..couldn't leave without trying a S'mores donut 🙋🏼👅

How do you go on holidays and not pile on the weight?🙊🍕.
I haven't tracked whatsoever and I haven't restricted myself from any foods I wanted.
Many girls diet REALLY hard before a holiday..go on super low calories and loads of cardio to try shift as much weight as possible before the holiday.
Then they go on holidays eat what they want and gain it all back and usually a little extra on top of that. .
I've gone on holidays with my calories worked all the way up to 2600 and I haven't restricted my food before the holiday. Meaning my metabolism is a lot more capable of handling the food I am eating over here and I don't feel this need to binge.
My step count is usually higher aswell which helps💃🏼.
If you are dieting before a holiday make sure you do it right! Give yourself sufficient time before a holiday and slow it down, do it gradually so your not just eating leaves before you go and then your bodyweight in food on holidays😅
We all deserve a break away from our usual routine and if you do come back and have gained a few lbs you shouldn't be regretting what you ate on holidays.. We tend to stress way too much over a week or two holiday and how it 'will ruin our progress'. 1 or 2 weeks won't out weight all the hard work you did before hand🤗
Two more days left and I'll be flying home😭

What a way to spend a Monday😎😍
I've always wanted to see Niagara Falls and it was even better then I thought it would be😍
Ticking things off my list one by one✅🌞..
Going to be on that boat next (swipe left)🙈🌟

Blaze pizza did not disappoint yesterday👅🍕
It's literally like Chopped but instead of a bowl your filling with salad your filling a dough base with cheese and meat😂🙏🏻

Ripped jeans and nude.. yes please🙈💕
Quick glute & hamstring isolation workout done this morning (post it up tomorrow🔥) , croissant brunch😋 and now off to hunt for Sephora💅🏼💄😍

The holiday bloat😳😳 Swipe left🙃.
I wanted to share these two photos with you to show that it isn't just you who bloats on holidays or any day for that matter😬. I haven't bloated out this bad in a while and I had serious issues with bloating just after my competition, I cut out a lot of foods during comp prep just because I was afraid to bloat so no gluten or dairy ( Won't do that again) Then when I reintroduced it after my prep the bloat was really bad, I know I wasn't intolerant to any of the foods so I just put a small amount of dairy or gluten back into my diet weekly until it was fine to eat again on a regular basis with no bloat. .
Bloating on holidays for me is usually down to all of the diet drinks I drink when it's hot outside, unusual foods I wouldn't have at home and especially the salt they put on the food. If a food contains a major amount of salt I'll be bloated for nearly the entire day.
What do I do to combat it?🤔.
✅First of all I don't stress over it, I know it's there and I know it will go down and I'll be back to normal in the morning. Stressing over it just makes things worse..
✅I will drink lots of water especially if the meal is loaded in salt..
✅Peppermint tea is also a great option. .
Bloating happens to us all and it's nothing to be embarrassed about!.
💡If it's a regular daily occurrence then it would be a good idea to keep a food diary and note how you feel after each meal to see what's causing it.
Does anybody else experience this whole you are away? 🤔

First ever baseball game last night💃🏼....All 4 and a half hours of it😂😴😂 #deckedout 🤣
1 week left on the holiers✈️

Toronto Island😍✅🤗
Another thing ticked off the list🤓

Toronto food does wonders for the 🍑.. 😂.
Seriously enjoying time away from my usual gym and macro tracking routine at home, it's so so important to take a step back from tracking macros and the perfect gym routine.
We overlook the importance of balance and I certainly did when I was away before, Macro tracking and brilliant gym workouts are great for changing your body but don't forget the importance of balance which is is NEEDED and JUST as important for a mental break and just to RELAX 🤗💕

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