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Ilze S 

There is wine tasting and then there is Coca Cola tasting.Some sticky and syrupy business, I tell ya. Turns out it tastes different in different countries but the original one still tastes like a cough syrup. Also found out that I am 15 and 1/10th coke cans tall.

When you go out on a Friday night, just make sure your sneakers match your pocket square #FridaySillies

#13andsomemorereasonstolovebangkok Not in any particular order but here is one - never ending supply of freshly prepared pad Thai

Let us all walk in the Garden of Love and Luck this year! Happy New Lunar Year!

Sunday afternoon is for some hearty Indian food. Can't go wrong with some samosas, shahi paneer and mango lassi. Yuminess all around!

When in Pattaya, check out this foodie gem - restaurant "Ukraina" . Getting all sentimental with familiar flavours. Fantastic decor to top it all!

'Waterparking' is serious business, you better warm up😐

Today's forecast - lots of water fun!!!

Come to me, and escape that bad Bangkok Air, said Neptune, or maybe it was Poseidon (I couldn't quite hear) And we all went to Pattaya for some air, borsch and water slides.

We present you a new version of Monopoly - this is Mollypoly edition and no rules apply as long as the cat gets to sit in the box.

Not sure which monkey they were talking about but just to be sure I didn't feed any.

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