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Sarita Valdes  •Dancer • Artist • Mother • Creatrix • Owner of Herb&Myth Skincare and Essential Oils • SHOP: 💥 @herbandmyth

Blueberries & Bay Leaves 💙🍃 #harvest #bounty #farmlife

Morning tea with one of my favorite neighbors, the majestic & adept fisher, the Great Blue Heron (speed x2).

There and back again #ahobbitstale
Feels like I'm always leaving this beautiful place, when all I want to do is stay. Then I get to Portland and feel exactly the same way... So all I can say for myself is that I'm twice as blessed as a half-grateful person could ever hope to be #salmonbeach #geminiduality

Yoga o'clock on the beach 🌊

A little wilted a little sweaty it's ok✌🏽#sunsetyoga #salmonbeach

When I ask my son to mark the hard-boiled eggs #fart #kboom

I came home yesterday after being gone from the beach a few days to discover a crow had pecked my poor little papa Peyote so bad, I'm not sure he's gonna make it. The crow had pulled him out of his pot to get to his seeds and threw him onto the balcony below. Thankfully there was a balcony, otherwise he'd be lost at sea forever. I rescued him from the balcony during high tide (no small feat) and planted him back in his little home.
So so sad and angry... he loves it here at the beach; he's been waiting over 5 years to flower and was in the early stages of the process when this happened... but he's a tough lil papa, already been in a fight with a pitbull and made it through. Hoping he makes it through this one too.
And got my slingshot ready for that nasty crow. I feed them all the time, and this is how they re-pay.. so... slingshots up baby 🎯 They also destroyed one of my altars and broke one of my gourd birdhouses #menace

I know it seems like all I do is watch sunsets.
I also lie around in hammocks.
Sometimes I watch sunsets while I lie around in hammocks.
It's an easy job I know, but surprisingly one very few people have. I, for one, am making a difference one empty hammock at a time.

Learning to take the time to L I S T E N
To feel into another's heart
To expand the richness of my experience here on this Earth in this lifetime
With the Wisdom that comes from Understanding another
Learning to walk the footsteps of others
Seeing what life looks like from where they're standing
What I look like
From where they're standing
Can you see my heart?
Can you feel the love I have for you?
B E H U M B L E | S I T D O W N
S I T D O W N | B E H U M B L E
These things take time. Be open. Listen. Listen listen listen
Do you hear the Mother speaking yet?

Blueberry sunset #nevermissasunset

I have decided to send every thing to hell, and scram from this rotten Paris before I get nuts myself. You have no idea the kind of bitches these people are. They make me vomit. They are so damn “intelectual” and rotten that I can’t stand them any more. It is realy too much for my character. I rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas than to have anything to do with those “artistic” bitches of Paris. They sit for hours on the “cafes” warming their precious behinds, and talk without stopping about “culture” “art” “revolution” and so on and so forth, thinking themselves the gods of the world, dreaming the most fantastic nonsenses, and poisoning the air with stories and theories that never come true. Next morning, they dont have anything to eat in their houses because none of them work and they live as parasites of the bunch of rich bitches who admire their “genius” of “artists”. Shit and only shit is what they are. I never seen Diego or you, wasting their time on stupid gossip and “intelectual” discussions. that is why you are real men and not lousy “artists”. Gee weez!

July 6, 1907- July 13, 1954

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