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Sabs Food Diary  ✨Food n stuff 🥟🍜🍣

[Not in Order]
1. Maradona pizza
2. Italian job pizza
3. Lamb pizza
4. Queen Margarita
5. Pumpkin ravioli ✔️
6. Halloumi bites
7. Polenta chips ✔️
8. Sticky date pudding
9. Tiramisu

你存在 我深深的脑海里
我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里 ~

Beetroot Latte & Match Latte

Japanese fusion kind of

If u don’t post night market pics did you really even go?🧐
#queenvictoriamarket #winternightmarket #nightmarket

Sigh 😔
Disappointment central, but I guess it looks pretty
Food alright, service hmmmmm
Kinda like an Indian/fusion cafe

Andddd I’m back

The only sushi train place that explicitly sells $3.80 dishes the expensive one require you to order, love this place can’t wait to go back @makotosushitrain
#sushislut #sushi #mochiicecream #topfoodmelbourne

1. Pick ingredients
2. Weigh and pay
3. Choose spicy soup level ~3.80 per 100g
Out dish costed around $30 something

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