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I generally love @deepellumbrewing’s beers, but this one just wasn’t for me. It was very piney and had a certain sweetness that just didn’t sit right. Have you tried it? What did you think?

@santafebrew’s 7K #IPA is a sweet and mild version of the popular brew. The hops are turned way down, leaving a citrusy, sweet and smooth brew. What are you drinking today?

Man I love #oktoberfest season. This collaboration between @sierranevada and @weihenstephanusa is a delicious, yet somewhat unusual take on the style. The malt is present and tasty, but the beer itself is quite dry compared to many others. This is a great #craftbeer and well worth a try! What are you drinking today?

An apt #craftbeer to round out the week, @nocoastbeerco’s Take a Chill #pilsner is clean and light, with slight grassy notes that are typical of the style. An easy drinker to bring in the #weekend. What are you drinking today?

@oasistxbrewing’s El Grito #gose was a surprisingly mild take on the style. The sour-factor and saltiness was low, making it a fairly inoffensive beer. While you won’t get a tremendously powerful experience, it’s a decent starting point for those looking to try the style for the first time. What are you drinking today?

Go Play #IPA by @averybrewingco is quite sweet and very mild compared to a lot of other IPAs. The toned down hops make for an easy drinker, but will disappoint you if you’re a #hophead. That said, it’s a good low-key #craftbeer for kicking back and chilling. What are you drinking today?

@loreleibrewing, out of Corpus Christi TX, makes a mean #IPA. Ephyra is sweet on the front end, bitter at the back and full of citrusy flavors. Clocking in at 9% ABV, this #DIPA is a lot of fun to drink! What are you drinking today?

If you’re a fan of #sourbeer you need to check out @noblereybrewingcompany’s 30k Millionaire. It’s super tart and very sour, without the sickly sweet or damp flavors you find elsewhere. If you’re not into sour beer, you won’t enjoy this, but I thought it was great! What are you drinking today?

@sierranevada’s BFD (Beer For Drinking) is a slightly sweet golden #ale that is incredibly easy to drink. If you’re looking for a smooth beer that can compliment almost any situation, reach for a BFD. What are you drinking today?

I love the #oktoberfest season of beer, especially when they’re as good as @rahrbrewing’s version. The typical malty #marzen flavors are kicked into high gear, resulting in a particularly delicious #craftbeer. Do yourself a favor and check this one out! What are you drinking today?

I was surprised by the depth of bitterness in @abitabeer’s Umbrella Drink. That said, it seemed to be a fruity bitterness (citrusy) instead of hoppy. I enjoyed the flavor of the passion fruit, which was fairly mild and complimentary. What are you drinking to kick off the #weekend?

I found @roughtailbrewingco’s #IPA to be a smooth and fairly mild take on the style, followed up by a slightly bitter aftertaste. A great #craftbeer experience and something I will happily drink again soon! What are you drinking today?

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